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Nurse Rowan Kennedy made her first appearance on 11 August 2004. She is portrayed by Natasha Williams.


Rowan is a nurse who treats Dot Branning after she is diagnosed with kidney cancer.

In 2008 she treats Max Branning after he is run over by a car.

In 2009 treats Stacey Slater after a fall, and Max again when he gets his finger stuck in a bowling ball.

In 2010, she treats Ryan Malloy when he is hospitalised after being poisoned by his wife Janine Butcher.

In 2011, she appears when Connor Stanley is in hospital after being assaulted by Bianca Butcher.

In 2016, she tends to Amy Mitchell when her father Jack Branning suspects she may have eaten cocaine. Amy says her pet rabbit had eaten her mother's "sherbert", and nurse Kennedy asks if she ate any of it herself, to which Amy says no. She then tells Jack that social services will want to speak to them.

List of appearances[]


  1. 11 August 2004


  1. 31 October 2008


  1. 21 July 2009
  2. 24 July 2009


  1. 20 December 2010


  1. 20 January 2011


  1. 27 June 2016