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Rosie Spraggan is the daughter of Terry and Nikki Spraggan and the younger sister of TJ. Like a ray of sunshine brightening up a room, Rosie views the world through optimistic eyes. She loves her family, even more than Zayn from One Direction – now that’s a lot of love!


Rosie is the apple of her parents’ eyes and has been lavished with love from both of them. So whilst other kids fight for their parents’ love and attention, Rosie has never had to. With her mum, Nikki, constantly working away, Rosie can’t hide her disappointment when Nikki cancels a visit of turns up late. But Rosie never lets it bother her for too long and just puts it down to her mum being really disorganised. But don’t let Rosie’s positive attitude and infectious laugh fool you; she can put up a fight when she has to! She’ll be the first to step in and defend her family if someone even dares upset or insult them. Rosie thinks she’s a bit of a dancer and enjoys making up her own dance routines – despite the fact that she has no rhythm. But what she lacks in skill, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm, something her dad, Terry, assures her is all that matters. After an initial clash with the Butcher kids, Rosie is, unsurprisingly, adapting well to her new household.


She arrives with her brother, TJ, on 7 November 2013. He scares her about a murder next door and she runs out clashing into Liam Butcher which causes a misunderstanding. They soon get along but on Christmas Day, Bianca thinks that Terry still loves his ex-wife Nikki so she kicks them out. But after a talk, they reconcile and are happily living. Rosie is an aunt to Beth Williams because her brother TJ got Cindy Williams Jnr pregnant.

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  1. 7 November 2013
  2. 8 November 2013
  3. 11 November 2013
  4. 2 December 2013
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  6. 12 December 2013
  7. 23 December 2013
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  9. 25 December 2013


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