Roger Cann was the fourth designer to work on EastEnders and was responsible for the production design of 8 episodes between September and October 1985.

Roger's first credit as a designer came in 1978, when he designed six episodes of the television series The Moon Stallion. Immediately after this, Roger was hired by Top of the Pops to design nineteen episodes of the show. Roger continued to work on BBC One after his stint on Top of the Pops, going on to design four episodes of Doctor Who, six episodes of Blake's 7 and seven episodes of By the Sword Divided. Roger then worked on EastEnders before moving on to Last of the Summer Wine. He later went on to design episodes of Silent Witness and Foyle's War, before retiring from production designing in 2007.

Episodes designed by Roger Cann


1985 (8 episodes)

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