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Robbie Jackson (née Branning) is the son of Carol Jackson and Gary Bolton and is half-brother to Bianca, Sonia, Billie Jackson and Kevin Bolton. He has a son named Sami Jackson. He first appears on 16 December 1993.


1993-1997: Teenage antics, Wellard and jobs[]

Robbie arrives in Albert Square in December 1993 with the rest of the Jackson clan. Initially a troublesome teen, Robbie has little success at school and is frequently in trouble for his behaviour, along with his friend Kevin.

In November 1994, the pair find a dog which Robbie names Wellard. Robbie manages to persuade the dog's owner, Mr Hammond, to relinquish care to him, after he discovers that Wellard was being neglected. As he ages, Robbie becomes more responsible but has little success in anything he chooses to do. He tries several jobs, including radio control for the Evans' mini cab company, waiter, manager of the local video rental store and a market road sweeper.

Robbie is generally unsuccessful with women. He has a crush on Sarah Hills and is responsible for taking her virginity in 1997. Although Sarah initiated the intercourse, she is unable to cope with what has occurred and runs away, leaving her father Ted Hills to assume that Robbie has raped his daughter. Ted assaults Robbie and he is hospitalised and has to undergo a splenectomy. Sarah returns and reveals the truth.

After younger brother Billie is kidnapped (as he was a witness in a bank robbery), Carol, Alan and Billie are put into witness protection and they leave the Square in October 1997. Robbie initially leaves with them, but returns after the criminals' trial is over and Robbie wasn't keen on the new place they were living at.

1998-2001: Paris World Cup, relationship with Kerry and meeting his dad[]

In July 1998, Robbie goes to Paris to watch the World Cup with friends Lenny Wallace, Huw Edwards and Barry Evans.

Robbie forms a more serious relationship with Kerry Skinner in 2000. They get engaged but Robbie discovers that Kerry has cheated on him and ends the engagement.

Robbie decides to track down his birth father, Gary Bolton, in 2001. He finds him in Portsmouth and discovers that he has a half brother, Kevin. The meeting ends up being a disappointment for Robbie, when he discovers Gary had left his own mother to be with his half-brother's mother. He leaves angrily, but Gary later traces Robbie to Walford and gives him a large cheque which allows him to travel around India and pay for sister Sonia's nursing training.

2002-2004: Relationship with Nita, moving to India and brief return[]

When Robbie returns to Walford and meets young widow Nita Mistry, they begin a slow-burning relationship, despite Nita's initial reticence. Eventually they move in together with Nita's son Anish Mistry, but Nita decides to return to India in 2003 to live with her parents, who can provide for Anish better than she can. Robbie goes with her and Anish to live in Mumbai, and he leaves Wellard in the care of his friend, Gus Smith.

Robbie returns briefly for Sonia and Martin Fowler's wedding in June 2004.

2010-2015: Bianca's wedding and Carol's cancer[]

He returns again for Bianca's wedding to Ricky Butcher in February 2010 and is upset to hear that Wellard has died. When asked about Nita, he reveals that she cannot attend the wedding as she is six months pregnant. Robbie walks Bianca down the aisle on her wedding day and returns to India after the wedding.

When Robbie's half brother Billie suddenly dies several months later, Robbie, Nita and Sonia (who is visiting Robbie and Nita in Mumbai) are unable to attend his funeral due to the flight costs and the birth of Robbie and Nita's son, Sami Jackson.

In 2014, Carol finds out that she has the BRCA2 gene mutation and Robbie and his siblings need to be tested. In April 2014, Robbie's test results come back negative.

Robbie returns to Walford with Sami in September 2015, surprising Carol. He reveals that he and Nita have split up and he is moving to Milton Keynes and offers Carol the chance to move with him there. Although she agrees, she later decides that she wants an adventure and plans to travel the world on Jim Branning's motorbike, but not before buying Robbie and Sami a puppy, Wellard II, for their move to Milton Keynes.

2017-2019: Market inspector, relationship with Donna and return to Mumbai[]

In June 2017, market inspector Carmel Kazemi decides to work part-time. Robbie arrives at the café and reveals to the market traders that he is the new market inspector. Robbie runs a training session for the market traders, but they end up walking out. Martin, Kush Kazemi and Donna Yates become increasingly irritated by Robbie's way of running the market, so much that Kush and Martin throw him into a bin as a prank. Robbie then removes Donna's stall from her pitch, giving it to a young hipster named Felix Moore, until she can pay her fees. However, after a talk from Sonia, Robbie decides to change his tactics and give Donna her pitch back - earning him thanks from Donna and Martin. Mr Lister orders Robbie to reinstate Felix, demanding modernisation of the market by Christmas. When the deadline is up, Mr Lister is unimpressed, but organises for an independent visitor to shop at the market as a shopper without the date announced. Mr Lister is not happy when Felix quits his stall due to a breakage and Robbie did not make the person responsible pay and Robbie decides to quit his job as it saves the council money.

Robbie starts a relationship with Donna after being set up by Whitney Carter. However, Robbie and Donna later split.

After visiting Nita and Sami in Mumbai, Robbie returns with his son. He ignores phone calls and messages from Nita, so she returns to Walford to collect Sami. Robbie barricades himself and Sami inside his flat and Nita threatens to call the police, but Sonia persuades her not to. Robbie then unlocks the door and returns Sami to Nita. After saying goodbye, they leave again. Several months later, Robbie receives a call from Nita who tells him Sami has been injured in an accident and he leaves to join them.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Student at Walford High School 1990-1995
Paperboy 1995
Radio controller at Evans Executive Cars 1997
Shop assistant; Acting Manager of Walford Video 1998
Shop assistant at Minute Mart 1998-1999
Employee at Kathy's Café 1999-2000
Street sweeper 2000-2001, 2018-2019
Inspector for the Walford Market Office 2017-2019


Address Years
25 Albert Square 1994-1997, 1999-2003, 2017-2019
47A Albert Square 1997-1999
55 Victoria Road 1999

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