Ricky Mitchell
Portrayed by Uncredited (2010)
Henri Charles (2016-18)
Frankie Day (2018-)
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood (2010)
Dominic Treadwell-Collins (2016)
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 2 September 2010
Duration 2010, 2016-
Address 27 Albert Square
Status Alive
Age 8
Date of Birth 2nd September 2010
Occupation Student (Year 3 at Walford Primary School)
Classification Present; regular
FatherJack Branning
MotherSam Mitchell
Half-BrothersJames Branning
Half-SistersPenny Branning
Amy Mitchell
GrandfathersEric Mitchell
Jim Branning
GrandmothersPeggy Mitchell
Reenie Branning
Great-grandfathersJack Martin
Phillip Mitchell
Great-grandmothersLily Martin
Sandra Mitchell
UnclesPhil Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
Derek Branning
Max Branning
AuntsCarol Jackson
Suzy Branning
April Branning
Great-unclesArchie Mitchell
Clive Mitchell
Great-auntsSal Martin
First cousinsBen Mitchell
Courtney Mitchell
Louise Mitchell
Mark Fowler Jr
Robbie Jackson
Billie Jackson
Bradley Branning
Oscar Branning
Joey Branning
Bianca Jackson
Alice Branning
Sonia Fowler
Lauren Branning
Abi Branning
Other relativesHarry Mitchell
Charlie Mitchell
Ronnie Mitchell
Roxy Mitchell
Amy Mitchell
Danielle Jones
James Branning
Matthew Mitchell-Cotton
Liam Butcher
Tiffany Butcher
Morgan Butcher
Billy Mitchell
Janet Mitchell
William Mitchell
Lola Pearce
Dan Pearce
Stephen Mitchell
Madge Mitchell
Kenneth Mitchell
Gordon Branning
Lexi Pearce
Jamie Mitchell

Richard "Ricky" Mitchell born the 2nd September 2010, is the son of Sam Mitchell and Jack Branning. Ricky lives with Jack and his half-sister Amy after Sam left him in Jack's care and returned to Portugal.


In late 2009, while in a relationship with Ricky Butcher, Sam had an affair with Jack Branning before being arrested and sent to prison for her role in the death of Den Watts. It was during this time frame when the baby was conceived, leading Sam to believe he was Ricky's son. When Sam discovered she was pregnant, she did not tell anyone except for close friend Minty Peterson. Sam insisted Ricky was the father as she was mad at Jack for getting back together with his ex Ronnie Mitchell - who is Sam's cousin.

In late August, Sam's mother Peggy Mitchell visited Sam in prison and it was not until the end of the visit until Peggy realised Sam was pregnant. Sam was still angry that her mother tried to frame her for Archie Mitchell's murder and insisted that she did not want to see Peggy but after being rushed to hospital, Peggy ignored Sam's demands and rushed to the hospital and it is during an argument between them when Sam goes into labour. Despite insisting that Ricky is the father of her baby, both Ricky and Jack being the father. Ronnie goes to the hospital along with Ricky's ex and mother of his children, Bianca Jackson.

After the baby boy is born, Sam announces that she is putting him up for adoption. Despite her mothers and Ricky's desperate pleas she continues to insist that it is the right thing. It is only when Peggy points out that Ricky would never forgive her if she gave up his baby up for adoption that she changes her mind and returns home to the Vic with Peggy and the baby. Despite insisting that the baby is Ricky's and even naming him Richard after him, Jack, Ricky, Bianca and Ronnie still insist on a DNA test. It is carried out and Sam receives a phone call with the results which she claims confirmed Ricky was the father. However a suspicious Bianca contacts the DNA testing clinic and is shocked to discover that Sam lied and Jack is the father of the baby - not Ricky. After confronting her about it publicly, Sam admits she lied because Ronnie persuaded her too. Ricky is then introduced to his sister Amy Mitchell who is Jack and Sam's cousin Roxy Mitchell's daughter.

A short while later after a tragic fire in the Queen Vic, Ricky's grandmother Peggy leaves Albert Square leaving Sam feeling alone and vulnerable. After a mishap where Sam mistakes the colour of baby feces for a serious illness, Sam realises how inexperienced she is and says she wants Ronnie and Jack to have the baby but when she is supposed to drop the baby off she does not turn up. Ronnie goes to Sam's and tries to persuade her not to give Ricky up saying that it will be the biggest mistake of her life. She offers Sam money to run away and take Ricky but later on Sam gives Jack the baby but after the breakdown of her relationship with Minty, she leaves with Ricky and goes to Portugal to live with her brother Grant Mitchell. Ricky was mentioned a few months later when Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter visited Grant, Sam and Ricky in Portugal. When they got back, Shirley showed Jack some photos of his son and Ronnie asked Jack if he missed Ricky and Jack claimed that he didn't and that Ricky was happy.

In early 2016, Sam returns and leaves Ricky with Jack after finding it hard to cope. Jack finds it hard to cope with his son as Ricky is now five-years-old. After moving in with Jack, Ronnie, Amy and Ronnie's son Matthew, Ricky doesn't ask about his mother once and just wants to eat junk food and play video games. It was obvious that Sam gave her son no attention at all. Jack manages to get Ricky a place at Walford Primary School. He gets on well with his sister after Amy shows Ricky her hamster, that he keeps calling a rat, but soon Jack and Ronnie get him out of his shell. Ricky manages to find a hobby that he likes and goes to beavers.

On Jack and Ronnie's wedding day, Ronnie and Roxy mess around in the hotel swimming pool. Roxy jumps in and her dress gets court, therefore Ronnie goes in to save her but her's also gets stuck and the pair drown. Their body's were never discovered till the next day. Jack then breaks the news to Amy and Ricky who are left heartbroken. On the day of their funeral, a rave song is played in church which was Ronnie and Roxy's favorite - leaving Amy really happy as she hugs her dad. Everyone lights up glow sticks and listens to the song. Matthew then leaves to live in Ireland with his biological father Charlie Cotton, leaving the whole family even more upset. A few months later, Jack hires a nanny, Ingrid Solberg to look after the children. Amy and Ricky spray her with a water gun and later Ricky accidentally gets gum in Amy's hair, but the nanny gets it out with peanut butter.

When Jack starts dating Mel Owen in 2018, he goes on a date with her to Ian Beale's restaurant. However, Ian only invited Mel as he hopes to tell her that he still has feelings but instead, Ian is left to look after a hyper Amy while Jack and Mel go on their date. Amy is then left with Mel while Jack goes to pick up Ricky from his football class as he has twisted his ankle. Mel and Amy do each other's makeup and Amy tells Mel that her daddy doesn't like her wearing makeup. Mel replies telling Amy that her daddy doesn't know girls, and Amy laughs. Amy then tells Mel that her mother Roxy used to do her makeup before she died. Mel then starts to get uncomfortable when Amy asks her if she loves Jack like her Ronnie did, Mel is left speechless when Amy then asks her if she will replace Roxy. Mel then stops playing with Amy and tells her that her dad is right, she's too young for makeup. When Jack returns with Ricky to pick up Amy, he can tell that something is not right with Mel and asks her if Amy has been misbehaving but Mel just tells Jack to take the children home as Ricky needs to rest his foot.

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