Ricky Butcher
Ricky Butcher1
Portrayed by Sid Owen
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 12 May 1988
Last Appearance 29 June 2012
Duration 1988 - 2012
Episode Count 1444
Age 45
Date of Birth 21st February 1973
Occupation Mechanic
WifeSam Mitchell (1991-1993)
Bianca Butcher (1997-2000, 2010-2012)
SonsLiam Butcher
Morgan Butcher (acts as his dad)
DaughtersKira Salter
Natasha Butcher
Tiffany Butcher
Whitney Dean (acts as her dad)
FatherFrank Butcher
MotherJune Butcher
Pat Butcher (step-mother)
SistersClare Butcher
Diane Butcher
Janine Butcher
Half-BrothersDanny Butcher
GrandfathersChike Butcher
GrandmothersMo Butcher
Lydia Simmonds
UnclesNorman Simmonds
AuntsJoan Garwood
NephewsJacques Butcher
NiecesScarlett Moon

Ricky Butcher is the son of June Butcher and Frank Butcher, the step-son of Pat Butcher, the brother of Janine Butcher and the ex-husband of Bianca Butcher who is the mother of his children Liam Butcher and Tiffany Butcher.

Amongst London's most iconic sounds are the chime of Bow Bells... and the sound of Bianca screaming "RICCKKKAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!" at her hapless, downtrodden husband.

After failing all his GCSEs he became a mechanic, taking stick from bullying boss Phil at The Arches by day, and coming home for more of the same with on-again-off-again girlfriend/wife Bianca by night.

However, Sam Mitchell was his first love. They tied the knot in Gretna Green but like all Mitchell - Butcher romances (his dad Frank was married to, and cheated on, her mum Peggy) their marriage was fraught with family feuds and betrayals.

They got together, split up, got together again, and though their chemistry always remained, it was always Bianca that he went back to.

Life with Bianca left him then pecked but that didn't stop him from maturing into a responsible father of Liam and Tiffany, and indeed, all of Bianca's brood. However, when Bianca discovered that he'd fathered Mandy Salter's child (who tragically died), she kicked him out for the last time. Or so she says.


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