Richard Davidson has currently written 88 scripts for EastEnders, including two double episodes and two co-written episodes with Nicholas Hicks-Beach and Matt Evans since June 2004 and was a core writer for the series until 2010 when he took a four-year break from the show and returned in January 2014, although he also made a break in 2018 before returning the following year.

He's worked closely with the BBC over the years, having made contributions to shows Holby Blue, Vanity Fair and three episodes of Silent Witness. He also wrote an episode for the ITV/BBC Scotland series Shetland in 2013 and has more recently worked on the Channel 4 series Ackley Bridge.

Aside from television, Richard also has credits in theatre productions and has worked for various theatre companies including Made of Clay Theatre Company and Nottingham New Theatre Company. His first production Storybook in 1993 was the winner of a Fringe First and was nominated for the Independent Theatre Award. Other theatre credits are Conventional Demons, Plastic Madonna, The Glass Ceiling, Canary Wharf, Badnuff and Dreadnought.

Episodes written by Richard Davidson


2004 (5 episodes)

2005 (10 episodes)

2006 (12 episodes)

2007 (8 episodes)

2008 (7 episodes)

2009 (9 episodes)


2010 (8 episodes)

2014 (6 episodes)

2015 (6 episodes)

2016 (7 episodes)

2017 (8 episodes)

2019 (2 episodes)

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