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Reg Sparrow made his first appearance on 14 April 1987. He is portrayed by Richard Ireson.


Reg is the area manager for Luxford & Copley brewery following the retirement of James Willmott-Brown. He oversees the running of The Queen Victoria public house, which is being managed by Den Watts. The Vic's profits are floundering following Den's separation from his wife Angie. Reg comes to Walford to assess the problem. He wants the money that Den owes the brewery and demands to see the pub's invoices.

Den tries to avoid this by steering clear of the pub all day and leaving his bar staff to put Reg off. This plan fails due to Angie, who happily informed Reg where Den keeps all the pub's bookwork, just to spite her husband. Den is forced to sell his car to pay off some of his debt.

Later in the year Sparrow joins Den in one of the Osmans' notorious card games. Den fleeces him and manages to win a vast sum of his money, although he later gives him back half in return for a future favour. Sparrow is partial to monetary bribes and often turns a blind eye to Den's dodgy dealings.

In 1988 Pat Wicks and Frank Butcher are forced to bribe Sparrow in order to get him to grant them tenancy at the Vic. After they are instated Sparrow continues to exert his influence over Frank, by persuading him to throw an exuberant birthday party at the Vic in his honour, and then disappearing without paying the bill.

In April 1990 a new and very straight-laced area manager, Lesley Fisher, turns up in the Vic for a meeting with Frank. She explains that she is the replacement for Reg Sparrow, who has been sacked 'for obvious reasons', inferring his various corrupt practices had finally caught up with him.

List of appearances[]


  1. 14 April 1987
  2. 23 April 1987
  3. 27 August 1987
  4. 8 September 1987
  5. 10 September 1987
  6. 15 September 1987
  7. 29 December 1987


  1. 24 March 1988
  2. 29 March 1988
  3. 5 April 1988
  4. 7 April 1988
  5. 26 April 1988
  6. 10 May 1988
  7. 18 October 1988
  8. 20 October 1988
  9. 25 October 1988
  10. 27 October 1988