Paul Annett (born February 1937 in London, died 11th December 2017) was responsible for directing 86 episodes and producing many episodes of EastEnders from 1998 to 2009. He also directed and produced the spin-off programme Ricky & Bianca in 2002.

He had vast experience in directing and worked on many high profile shows. He was responsible for directing ten episodes of Emmerdale and eight episodes of Grange Hill. He adaptively wrote two episodes of Partners in Crime in 1983 and one episode of Secret Army in 1978. He appeared on the documentary The Story of the Costume Drama and was married to Margo Andrew and the father of actress Chloe Annett.

Episodes directed by Paul Annett


1998 (5 episodes)

1999 (9 episodes)


2000 (4 episodes)

2001 (6 episodes)

2002 (4 episodes)

2005 (4 episodes)

2006 (19 episodes)

2007 (4 episodes)

2008 (20 episodes)

2009 (11 episodes)

Other EastEnders related works

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