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Pat and Mo was a one off special that aired on 1 April 2004.


Pat and Mo meet at the grave of Pat's brother and Mo's husband, Jimmy Harris, and reminisce about old times. Through a series of flashbacks, it is revealed how their feud was caused.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]


  • This spin-off episode focused on the past of characters Pat Evans and Mo Harris. Flashbacks to the 1960s are featured.
  • This spin-off episode does not include an opening title sequence and there is no 'doof-doof' at the end of the episode. Credits appear on the left over a shot of George Street. Who's Sorry Now? by Connie Francis plays over the credits.
  • Denise Ryan was credited as the stunt arranger for this episode.
  • A man named Mr Roscoe is uncredited.
  • The cemetery manager and a garden appear but are uncredited.