PC Gifford made his first appearance on 13 November 1986, he is portrayed by Albert Welling.


PC Gifford was a police officer who is present while Arthur Fowler waits at the police station to talk to D.S. West about a burglary at his home. Arthur makes small talk with a largely silent Gifford who notices Arthur becoming increasingly stressed during the interview. Several weeks later, Gifford arrives at The Queen Vic and warns Den Watts about people pedalling dodgy merchandise on the market at the precise moment when Mandy, a contact of Den's, is about to bring boxes of cassette tapes into the pub to be sold. Den and Simon Wicks fabricate a story that the side door is stuck when Mandy knocks the door and Den asks Gifford to help him open it and they exit through the front door, buying enough time for Simon to let Mandy into the pub. Den tells Gifford the door has a habit of sticking and unsticking. Gifford leaves but before he does he tells Den to tell Mandy he will catch up with her later and that she ought to get herself a new van.

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