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This is a list of EastEnders episodes considered non-canonical, such as Children in Need specials.

Dimensions in Time[]

Released in 1993, Dimensions in Time was a special two part Doctor Who mini-episode for Children in Need that crossed over with EastEnders.

The story is unique for several reasons: it was only broadcast once, with part one being released during the 1993 Children in Need programme, and part two being released within Noel's House Party; and it was also broadcast in a form of 3D.

Dimensions in Time is non-canonical to EastEnders. However, it is impossible to definitively define its place within the Doctor Who universe; the BBC has virtually never made statements on the canonicity of any DWU product, nor do they have the legal right to in many cases as they do not own the rights to many characters and concepts. Dimensions in Time has often being ignored in later Doctor Who stories, with even instances of EastEnders being explicitly shown to be a television series within Doctor Who, but this is hardly evidence of canonicity as Doctor Who is well known for its lax view on continuity between even previous television stories.

Notably, the later television story Dermot and the Doctor does directly acknowledge the fact that the Doctor has been to Albert Square before, a clear reference to Dimensions in Time. Other stories, such as the short story Storm in a Tikka, also is in continuity with Dimensions in Time. Conversely, the novel First Frontier relegates the events of Dimensions in Time to merely a bad dream of the Doctor's.


Broadcast on Children in Need 2008, this features the cast of EastEnders paroding various famous songs from the West End. The episode is still available at [1]

The Wedding[]

This was a teaser trailer for the episode broadcast on Thursday 2nd April 2009, when Peggy and Archie get married. The trailer featured a machine putting make-up onto Peggy against a black backdrop, with Archie watching. This is Non-Canon because of the black backdrop and the fact that technology like make-up machines would either not exist or be very expensive. It was presented in anamorphonic widescreen, like most BBC teaser trailers.

The Full Monty

has now got its own series includes Eastenders full monty and Neighbours full monty and of course ready steady full monty all in aid of chairty and to raise a smile