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Nita Mistry (previously Jackson) made her first appearance 5 November 2001. She is the ex-wife of Zack and Robbie Jackson, and the mother of Anish Mistry and Sami Jackson. She is portrayed by Bindya Solanki.


Nita was born in Mumbai, India. She is a widow.


Nita arrives in Walford in November 2001, with her son Anish. She gets a job at the Minute Mart and becomes involved in the Community Theatre. While at the Community Theatre, she meets Robbie Jackson, whom she later has a relationship with.

In 2003, Nita gets an offer from her family in India, asking her to return home and they will support her and Anish. Nita takes up her parents offer to return to Mumbai and leaves Walford with her partner Robbie and son Anish.

Robbie returns to Walford in 2010, for his sister Bianca Jackson's wedding to Ricky Butcher. Robbie reveals that Nita cannot make the ceremony because she's 6 months pregnant. Nita gives birth to a boy, Sami. Robbie returns again in 2015 with Sami and announces that he and Nita have separated.

In 2019, Robbie visits Nita and Sami, and returns to Walford with Sami. After not answering his phone, Nita worries and so goes to Walford to collect Sami, however Robbie barricades himself and Sami inside his flat. Nita threatens to call the police, but Sonia Fowler stops her. Eventually, Robbie unlocks the door and gives Sami to back to Nita, and they leave. Three months later, Nita calls Robbie to tell him that Sami has been injured in an accident, leading to him leaving to look after him.

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