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Nikki Spraggan is the ex-wife of Terry Spraggan and mother of TJ and Rosie. She made her first appearance on 2 December 2013. She is portrayed by Rachel Wilde.


Nikki enjoys being the centre of attention and makes her ex, Terry's life intermittently hell. Nikki doesn't want Terry, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him either. She doesn't want him to have a happy family life with some other woman. And with Bianca Butcher now on the scene, Nikki is going out of her way to make sure the happiness is disrupted.

Nikki loves her kids but struggles with the responsibility of being a mum. Now, as she's getting older, she's feeling guilty about not being there for her children… but easily sorts that guilt with a showy present or a gadget bought in Duty Free.


She arrives at Bianca's house after TJ phones her, and Bianca begrudgingly invites her to lunch. However, Bianca is surprised when they bond, until Nikki reveals that Terry has met and moved in with several women since they divorced. Nikki returns a while later after TJ calls her, unhappy about living at Bianca's house. She insists that her children should live with her, but TJ says he is happy to stay. Terry then says the children will stay with him for a family Christmas, and Nikki invites herself. She arrives two days before Christmas with presents for TJ and Rosie, and Terry says the children can stay with Nikki for Christmas because she will be alone. David Wicks invites Nikki back to the square to talk to her son when she finds out he has impregnated Cindy Williams. After a heart-to-heart with TJ and advice from David, she decides to stay in Walford for her children's sake. She continues to interfere in Terry and Bianca's relationship, and is wooed by David whom she eventually kisses. Nikki subsequently departs for Acapulco before returning to the square at Easter. She is heartbroken when she is transferred to the check-in desk at work and confides in David. She attempts to kiss him again but he rebuffs her advances. When Bianca discovers this, she attacks her in the street, pushing her into a pile of rubbish. David does this as well when Nikki again tries to tempt him on the day of his wedding to Carol Jackson.

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