Nancy Masood (nee Carter) is the daughter of Mick and Linda Carter and sister of Lee, Johnny and Ollie. Nancy is married to Tamwar Masood. She is also the granddaughter of Shirley Carter and Buster Briggs.


The first time Nancy went swimming, she jumped straight in with no armband on with no fear, Linda nearly had a heart attack. Lee and Johnny were scared of the water, like Mick at the time.

When Nancy was 13, she went out on a date to the cinema with Liam Hickey, Nancy took an epileptic fit during the film. The film was stopped, he told her he didn't want to be with her and called her a spaz. Nancy thought she couldn't be dumped because she was blonde.


Nancy Carter is the daughter of Mick and Linda Carter. She first appeared, when about to marry Wayne Ladlow in Watford. Wayne's attitude towards Nancy at the wedding disgusts Mick, who carries her away over his shoulder before they are married. She is taken by her parents to live with them in their new pub, The Queen Victoria, but Nancy continues to see Wayne in Walford. After punching Dexter Hartman publicly after he accidentally gropes her, Nancy accidentally reveals that her younger brother Johnny Carter is gay during a family argument, which she attempts to cover up, and apologises to Johnny.  Nancy brings Wayne round for dinner with her parents where they are overly polite in an attempt to put him off, which works until Nancy argues with him for being rude to Mick and Linda. Mick and Linda hire Wayne to do work at the Vic, when Linda overhears Wayne laughing with his friends about pictures of Nancy, which they hide as Linda enters the room. Nancy ends her relationship with Wayne when she realizes that he has been showing his friends private pictures of her on his phone. In retaliation, she brings her computer out to the bar, and shows a set of pictures Wayne posed for and sent to her whilst nude, prompting her parents to remember she's capable of handling herself.  Taking Lady Di for a walk, Nancy talks with Dexter, and tells him she want to join the army, but is unable to. While in the park with Dexter and Lady Di, Nancy collapses and suffers an epileptic fit. Dexter takes care of her, commenting that he used to play on a football team with someone who had epilepsy, and makes it clear that he finds Nancy attractive. She tells him not to tell anyone what happened, pretending that she simply got distracted at the park when asked why she and Lady Di are covered in mud. However, Dexter later comes to return Nancy's Oyster card, which leads to Mick to assume something happened between the two, and Nancy has to come clean about her fit. Later, Mick explains that he and Linda always have to freak out about her episodes because she's still their 'little girl', and that had she been in the army she would've made a 'top soldier'. When she is down in The Queen Vic cellar changing the barrels, Dexter joins her and attempts to seduce her by removing his shirt. She is impressed and as they are about to kiss, they hear groaning from the alleyway and find a shaken Masood Ahmed lying on the ground, having just been mugged in the street. Nancy also provides a place for Tamwar Masood to stay after his father Masood punches him in the brink of a heated argument. It is made apparent that due to Nancy's epilepsy, she was previously unable to join the British army and serve like her brother Lee Carter.

On 23 March 2017 Mick Carter tells Whitney to book a flight to Sofia in Bulgaria as and Johnny tells her that Tamwar called and that Nancy has been hit by a car and is in hospital.

Other information

  • Nancy is scared of squirrels, which was revealed in Episode 4900 (4 August 2014).
  • At first, she believed that Linda and Dean had an affair, until Linda directly told her and Lee what had happened to her.
  • She is the only one of the original 3 Carter siblings not to make a reappearance since departing, with Johnny returning recast, and Lee returning multiple times since his original departure.
  • On Mick and Linda's wedding day, she abandonned her typical clothing style and wore a dress to please Linda, after pretending for weeks that she'd bought a suit.
  • Nancy blamed Linda for 'ruining Christmas' of 2014, blaming her for what happened between Mick and Dean, not knowing the truth.
  • When she discovered that Dean had raped Linda, she blamed herself at first, saying that she'd yelled at Dean for kissing Linda, and that that could've made him angry, which Linda assures her is untrue.


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