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Nancy Michaela Carter (previously Masood) is the daughter of Mick and Linda Carter, sister of Lee, Johnny and Ollie Carter and half-sister of Frankie Carter and Annie Carter, as well as the ex-wife of Tamwar Masood, she is portrayed by Maddy Hill.

She made her first appearance on 1 January 2014 and last appearance on 23 June 2022.


The first time Nancy went swimming, she jumped straight in with no armband on with no fear and this caused Linda to nearly had a heart attack. Lee and Johnny were scared of the water, like Mick at the time.

When Nancy was 13, she went out on a date to the cinema with Liam Hickey, Nancy took an epileptic fit during the film. The film was stopped, he told her he didn't want to be with her and called her a spaz. Nancy thought she couldn't be dumped because she was blonde.



Nancy appears when she is about to marry Wayne Ladlow in Watford. Wayne is instantly disliked by her father Mick Carter who carries the intended bride over his shoulder to their family-owned pub, The Queen Victoria where Nancy will live. Nancy continues to see Wayne in Walford. After punching Dexter Hartman publicly, Nancy reveals during a family argument that her younger brother Johnny Carter is gay.

Nancy realises that Wayne is showing private pictures of her to his friends and ends their relationship. Nancy collapses in the park with an epileptic fit when she is with Dexter and during her recuperation under Dexter's care he declares that he finds Nancy attractive. Dexter follows Nancy when she goes down in to The Queen Vic cellar to change the barrel, she is impressed when he removes his T-shirt and they are interrupted before they start having sex when they hear groaning—Masood Ahmed is on the floor of the pub's alleyway after being mugged.

Nancy befriends Tamwar Masood including providing him with a bed in the pub after his father, Masood, punches him. In May 2014, Dexter kisses Nancy, but she is unsure how to respond. Later on, Nancy walks in on her grandmother Shirley and great-grandfather Stan Carter arguing and collapses and suffers a second epileptic fit, but is helped by Stan and Shirley.

Nancy continues working behind the bar. When Mick is accused of soliciting a prostitute, he convinces Nancy of his innocence and Nancy fights Lauren Branning over the accusations. Mick is revealed to have been covering for Ian Beale, and he publicly humiliates the prostitute involved, Rainie Cross, who Nancy gave money to when she was begging earlier in the day. Nancy accuses Mick of hating women for the way he spoke to Rainie. She also demands that in the future she is included in big decisions like covering for Ian, and he agrees.

Nancy later discovers that her uncle (though believed to be her cousin) Dean Wicks has been making advances against her mother Linda Carter, but fears that Linda is leading him on. However, Dean denies this and apologises to her and Linda. Nancy and Tamwar host "musical bingo" together at The Queen Vic, and she briefly reignites her fling with Dexter. Nancy is upset when her older brother Lee Carter attacks Ben Mitchell, after he makes homophobic comments about Johnny, and fears his volatile behaviour after his service in the army.

She is upset when Johnny leaves, but distracted by family issues as Mick attacks Dean, seemingly out of the blue, on Christmas Day 2014, and then leaves Nancy in charge as he takes some time away with Linda. As Dexter does not understand her family situation, she ends things with him but they later part on good terms after he gives her some heartfelt advice before he leaves. When her parents return, Linda confesses to Nancy that Dean raped her, which devastates her. She threatens Dean to stay away from her family.

During a wedding reception at The Queen Vic, Nancy is taken hostage by Dean in the barrel store, as he tries to burn down the pub as revenge against the Carters. Mick gains the upper hand and stands on Dean's throat, and although Nancy stops him, they believe Dean is dead. However, when Nancy returns, Dean is gone, and although Mick claims Dean got up and left, she becomes fearful that her father killed Dean. Her suspicions worsen when a body is found matching Dean's description, and she nearly tells Shirley, although it is not Dean. Due to the stress of the situation, she suffers a grand mal seizure.

After, she becomes distant with her parents, and breaks down to Tamwar about her family problems. They kiss, but Tamwar freaks out and she leaves, believing he does not like her. When she and Tamwar discover that market inspector Aleks Shirovs has been stealing money from the market traders, Nancy encourages him to report Aleks to the authorities. Once he has done that, he nervously kisses her again in full view of the patrons in the pub. Although Tamwar is again flustered by it, this time, Nancy is grateful and they kiss again and begin dating.

After Nancy discovers an attraction between Stacey Branning and Kush Kazemi, despite him being engaged to Tamwar's sister Shabnam Masood, she becomes distant from Tamwar and he assumes she has met someone else. She admits she is fine with the fact they do not have sex, but assumes it is because of his religion. Tamwar worries about bad scarring he received from a house fire, so suddenly walks out, and Nancy suffers a seizure. They agree to be open and honest with each other, so Tamwar shows her the scars, stating this is the reason they have not had sex. They then have sex for the first time, and afterwards, Tamwar discovers Nancy is recording every seizure she has and they are becoming more frequent, and tells her to get help.

Nancy becomes interested in Tamwar's religion and reads the Quran. Learning it would be against his beliefs to run a pub, Nancy suggests they set up a different business, and they trial a curry restaurant night at the laundrette. However, Tamwar abandons her and in her stress Nancy has a severe seizure. After, Nancy breaks up with Tamwar, believing his interest in their plan is not strong enough. Mick and Linda worry about Nancy's health, and refuse to give her more shifts at The Queen Vic, so she applies for a job at another pub, The Rat. However, Lee goes behind her back and gets it instead. This causes explosive arguments between them, and feeling she has lost her independence, Nancy quits her job at The Queen Vic and begins working and living with Donna Yates.

Mick convinces her to come to Mother's Day lunch to build bridges, but when she finds out Lee has quit his job at The Rat and has essentially taken her job at The Queen Vic, they argue and she pushes Lee, knocking their baby brother Ollie Carter out of his highchair. Ollie appears to be fine but the argument continues, so Mick physically throws Nancy and Lee out through the public bar. Ollie suffers a seizure shortly after the fall and is admitted to hospital where the family learns that he may have brain damage. Mick and Linda advise Nancy and Lee to tell them what happened during their argument after the doctors call Social Services. Nancy is crushed when Mick admits he blames her and that he cannot forgive her.

She plans an Easter egg hunt to bring the family together, but Mick and Linda do not attend. When Janet Mitchell goes missing, Nancy finds her. Her father, Billy Mitchell, thanks her and compliments her to Mick, but Mick still refuses to talk to her. Nancy has sex with Kush, who has also been rejected. She has a seizure in Kush's bed, so Kush calls Tamwar for help. Tamwar is disgusted with Kush, and Nancy asks Tamwar not to tell anyone what happened. Tamwar tells Mick to call Nancy and to stop blaming her for the incident with Ollie.

After Johnny returns to Walford and decides not to return to Italy, Nancy offers to take his ticket, wanting to use the trip to discover who she really is as a person. She asks Tamwar to come with her, and although he initially declines, he later accepts and they decide to travel the world instead. After seeing Nancy saying her goodbyes to Ollie, Mick forgives her and tells her she was not to blame for his accident. Masood decides to accompany Nancy and Tamwar on their journey, but he changes his mind at the last minute, and after emotional goodbyes to their families, Nancy and Tamwar leave Walford.

In March 2017, Mick receives a phonecall from Tamwar revealing that Nancy has been critically injured after being struck by a car while backpacking in Bulgaria. He immediately leaves Walford and flies over to Bulgaria to be with her. In February 2019, the Carters learn that Nancy and Tamwar have got engaged in Australia. They get married there and later settle down in New Zealand.


In April 2021, Nancy returns to Walford to visit Mick and Linda and meets her half-sister Frankie Lewis. While out of earshot, she calls Tamwar, asking him to move some money into her account. When Linda asks about the secret calls, Nancy reveals that she and Tamwar are getting divorced; mutually realising that they want different things in life. When Frankie sees Nancy going to a doctor's appointment and Linda confronts her upon finding CBD oil in her bag, Nancy reveals that she is taking the oil to control her seizures. She also stuns Linda by revealing that she wants to undergo sterilisation, having decided that she does not want to have children.

When Linda continuously interferes with her decision, a frustrated Nancy moves in with Sharon Watts and her half-brother Zack Hudson. While babysitting Sharon's son Albie Watts, Nancy suffers another seizure but manages to calmly put Albie in his crib and call Mick for help before collapsing. When Mick arrives, she breaks down and admits sorrow that her long-time decision to never have children has destroyed her marriage with Tamwar. Mick accompanies Nancy to her next hospital appointment, where she is told that she has to wait a year to undergo sterilisation. Though Nancy is disappointed with the outcome, Mick advises her to wait a year to decide whether she still wants to go through with never having children; he will support her no matter what she decides.

Nancy enters a relationship with Zack Hudson, and prepares to enter business with him, however they are scammed out of their money by Janine Butcher following this, he cheats on her with Sam Mitchell, she leaves after this as she cannot trust Zack and can’t bring herself to deal with alcoholic mother.


Last line: “I love you too” (said to Mick and Frankie before she leaves in a cab)

Employment History[]

Occupation Years active
Barmaid Unknown start date-2022
Fitness instructor at Crunch Time gym 2021-2022


Address Years
46 Albert Square 2014-2016, 2021-2022
New Zealand 2016-2020
Australia 2020-2021
29B Albert Square 2021
43 Albert Square 2022
Manchester 2022 to present

Background information[]

  • Nancy is scared of squirrels, which was revealed in Episode 4900 (4 August 2014).
  • In 2022, Nancy had a plaster cast around her leg for the first few months. This is said to be because of a treadmill accident, however it is actually due to Maddy Hill injuring herself in real life.


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