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Nadia Mitchell (née Boravac) first appeared on 29 June 1993. She was a Romanian refugee, and the first wife of Phil Mitchell. Nadia married him as she wanted a visa to stay in England. The character was portrayed by Anna Barkan.


Phil Mitchell meets Nadia Boravac in a bar in Southampton when Phil gave Hattie Tavernier a lift to catch up with her boyfriend Steve Elliot to stop him leaving the country. Nadia has come over to England to be with her boyfriend Marku - another immigrant who has been able to stay in the UK due to a marriage of convenience with an English woman. Nadia worries that she will be deported. Feeling sorry for her, Phil agrees to marry her so that she can stay in England. He brings her to Walford and they marry on 8 July 1993. Nadia then returns to her boyfriend.

Nadia returns in November 1993, needing Phil to play her husband in more realistic ways to prevent her from being deported. While she has been away, Phil has started a relationship with Kathy Beale. Phil doesn't help matters by failing to tell Kathy about Nadia initially and she takes an instant dislike to her. Nadia persuades Phil to allow her to move in with him while the Home Office carry out their investigations. Nadia manages to convince the representative that the relationship is legitimate but she neglects to tell this to Phil and he has no choice but to let her remain living with him. Feeling jealous of her husband's real girlfriend, Nadia makes things as difficult as possible for them and finally seduces a drunken Phil at Christmas 1993 and sleeps with him. Phil regrets it instantly but Nadia refuses to give up and, after getting drunk, she informs Kathy about their tryst. Phil denies it. He throws Nadia out in January 1994 and she then disappears after Phil's brother Grant Mitchell threatens her that he will kill her if she does not leave Phil.

Phil decides to marry Kathy later in the year, but in order to do this, he must divorce Nadia. In August 1994 he attempts to find her but is unsuccessful. However, later in the day Phil pays Marku another impromptu visit and finds Nadia with him. She is still furious about the way Phil and Grant had treated her and when Phil asks her for a divorce, she refuses. Phil threatens to report her to the authorities but she promises that if he does then she will disappear and he will then be forced to wait until two years of separation have passed before he could be granted a divorce without her consent. However, the following week Nadia shows up in Walford and tells Phil that she will divorce him and move to Germany but only if he gives her £1,000. Phil is angry that he is being blackmailed but has no other alternative so he gives her the money after which Nadia departs and is not seen again.

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