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Murat Osman made his first appearance 26 February 1987. He is portrayed by Eddie Izzet.


He is first seen on 26 February 1987 after his father Mehmet gambles away their home and then disappears, so Murat, his mother, sister Emine and brother Rayif, are forced to move in with Mehmet's brother Ali and his wife Sue.

Murat and his siblings play pranks and get into trouble, often letting their pet boa constrictor loose to scare the residents of the Square. The Osman children later become friendly with Luke and Sophie Willmott-Brown. They move out of the Square in May that year when their father returns, but occasionally show up on the Square to cause more trouble for their parents.

Murat's last appearance is in March 1988, but after his parents have an argument, Murat and the rest of his family move to Northern Cyprus in March 1989.

List of appearances[]


  1. 26 February 1987
  2. 3 March 1987
  3. 12 March 1987
  4. 31 March 1987
  5. 2 April 1987
  6. 9 April 1987
  7. 16 April 1987
  8. 28 April 1987
  9. 5 May 1987
  10. 12 May 1987
  11. 14 May 1987


  1. 29 March 1988