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Mr Vinnicombe was an unseen character in EastEnders.


Mr Vinnicombe was the boss of the local crime organisation The Firm (Walford Investments).


When Den Watts burned down the Dagmar after being told by the Firm not to do so as it would put Police eyes on them, The Firm then start to believe Den to be a threat, thinking he will tell the Police about their crimes so Mr Vinnicombe and his ruthless henchman Jack Dalton put a hit on Den in 1988, Den was shot by a firm member in 1989 but survived and went on the run to Spain.


Mr Vinnicombe was killed in 1989 by Jack Dalton or his henchman after Jack blamed Vinnicombe for the failed murder attempt on Den Watts, Vinnicombe's teeth were bricked so as to avoid identification.


Vinnicombe's body was discovered in May 1990 after a young boy fishing had found Den Watts ring, the police then done a search in the Canal and found his body however they believed the body to belong to Den Watts and Vinnicombe was then buried in Den Watts grave in his place.

Post death[]

After Vinnicombe's death his former henchman and the man who betrayed and killed Vinnicombe, Jack Dalton went on to rule the Firm for nearly 15 years before he was murdered himself being shot by his own former henchman Dennis Rickman.

Kill count[]

Attempted murder victims[]

  1. Den Watts (23 February 1989) (on the orders of Jack Dalton and Vinnicombe) - Agreed to the hit on Den proposed by Jack and helped orchestrate the shooting, Den was shot by a firm member but survived the hit.