Here you can view a full Mitchell family tree.

Family tree

Family timeline

Here you can view a Mitchell family timeline.

20th February 1990 Phil Mitchell arrives

22nd February 1990 Grant Mitchell arrives

12 July 1990 Sam Mitchell arrives

30 April 1991 Peggy Mitchell arrives

June 1991 Peggy Mitchell departs

4th February 1993 Sam Mitchell departs

29 June 1993 Nadia Mitchell arrives

29 August 1994 Nadia Mitchell departs

November 1994 Peggy Mitchell arrives

January 1995 Tiffany Mitchell arrives

25th July 1995 Sam Mitchell arrives

21 March 1996 Ben Mitchell is born

26 March 1996 Sam Mitchell departs

March 1997 Courtney Mitchell is born

9 November 1998 Jamie Mitchell arrives

4 January 1999 Tiffany Mitchell departs

22 July 1999 Sam Mitchell arrives

25 October 1999 Grant Mitchell departs

18 September 2000 Little Mo Mitchell arrives

6 November 2001 Louise Mitchell is born

25th December 2002 Jamie Mitchell departs

2003 Louise Mitchell departs

2004 Little Mo Mitchell departs

4 January 2008 Louise Mitchell appears for one episode

16 March 2010 Louise Mitchell appears for a few episodes

15 January 2016 Louise Mitchell arrives


Originally Phil's paternal grandfather was called Robert Mitchell, as told in 2006 by Phil. In 2007 however, Phil said his grandfather was Philip Mitchell, and he was named after him. A theory is that Robert was his middle name and used this as his common name.

In 2006 it was hinted that the Mitchell's originated in Scotland. Phil wore a kilt at a party at the Vic. The Scottish connection is at least 3 or 4 generations back.

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