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Mitchell’s Autos, Informally known as The Arches, is a vehicle repairing business, and a filling station, owned by Phil Mitchell. Phil Mitchell owned the business from 1990 to 2003. When he went to jail in 2003, Sam Mitchell took control of the Mitchell empire, which included Mitchell's Autos, but she later sold it to Ian Beale in 2004. When Phil returned to the Square in late 2005, he bought back the business. After getting into financial issues in 2009, he had no choice but to sell to Pat Evans. In late 2010, Phil bought back the business once again.

In January 2015, Max Branning cons Ben Mitchell into signing the Arches over to him, he then renames it 'Branning's Autos'. In April 2015, Phil cons Max into selling the Arches and Deals on Wheels to Phil, making him the owner of both businesses. In 2017, Phil gifted the Arches to Ben making him owner.

On 16 August 2021, Ben reveals he borrowed money from the violent loan shark, Patsy Sully, and asks Phil for some money to pay it back. When Phil doesn't help, Kheerat Panesar approaches Ben in The Queen Vic and offers to become a partner with a 50/50 split. Ben agrees to the partnership with the condition that he is a silent partner, although Kheerat goes against this when he erects a sign from his dad's first shop onto the Arches below the 'Mitchell's Auto' sign and then becomes involved with the business decisions. When Kheerat discovers Ben's role in his brother's death, Kheerat forces Ben to him out of his share of the Arches. To which Ben does, giving him full ownership of The Arches again.

On 5 June 2023 Ben sells the Arches to Sharon Watts to clear his debts after his financial trouble, Sharon later tells a furious Phil that she has brought the Arches for Keanu Taylor.





Before 1990, the old railway arch was used as an overnight storeroom for stalls on the Bridge Street Market.

Name Changes[]

  • Mitchell's Autos (1990-2004, 2004–2015, 2015-2021, 2022-2023, 2024-)
  • Beale's Wheels (2004)
  • Branning's Autos (2015)
  • Mitchell & Panesar Autos (2021-2022)
  • Taylor’s Autos (2023-2024)


There has been one death within the premises.