The Arches is a vehicle repairing business, and a filling station, previously owned by Phil Mitchell, and managed by Jay Mitchell. Until January 2015 when Max Branning cons Ben Mitchell into signing the Arches over to him, he then renames it Branning Autos. In April 2015, Phil cons Max into selling the Arches and Deals on Wheels to Phil, making him the owner of both businesses. In 2017, Phil gifted the Arches to Ben making him owner.





Before 1990, the old railway arch was used as an overnight storeroom for stalls on the Bridge Street Market.

Name Changes

  • Mitchell's Autos (1990-2004, 2004–15, 2015- )
  • Branning's Autos (2015)
  • Beale's Wheels (2004)


There has been one death within the premises.

  • Carl White was murdered by Ronnie Mitchell using a car boot lid, in January 2014.
  • Arthur Chubb died from suffocation/a claustrophobic attack of sorts in a car, following a case of mistaken identity.


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