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Michael "Mike" Swann made his first appearance on 26 September 2005, and his last appearance on 10 March 2006. He is portrayed by Mark Wingett. He is the father of Dawn Swann and Mickey Miller.


Mike is the ex-husband of Rosie Miller and father of Mickey Miller and Dawn Swann. Mike deserted his family when Dawn was six and Mickey was three.

Dawn tracked her father down and went to live with him in France years later.


In September 2005, Dawn sends Mickey a postcard from Paris and invites Mickey to visit. She does not tell him about Mike.

Mickey takes Gus Smith, Juley Smith, Garry Hobbs and Minty Peterson to France with him.

Mike exposes Juley as a conman, as he is one himself. He cons Minty out of his life savings and then flees. He feels guilty and returns the money to Mickey and sends Dawn back to Walford with Mickey, then drives away on the lookout for his next scam.

He arrives in Walford on Christmas Day 2005, following the illness of his mother Nora Swann. He is then persuaded to stay at the Millers' house by Dawn after he reveals that he is penniless and has nowhere to stay. Keith Miller doesn't like that Mike is staying and constantly tries to get him out. Mike stays on the Millers' sofa, where Darren Miller has hidden a large sum of money he has found. Mike discovers the money and steals it, suggesting to Keith that he buys a new sofa as the old one is in poor condition. The old sofa is then burnt on a bonfire and the family believe the money has been destroyed.

Mike eventually finds a job as a manager of Johnny Allen's nightclub Scarlet. After spending some time with Rosie, he admits that he wants to get back together with her. Rosie too starts to realise her feelings for Mike have returned. Mike tells her to leave Keith behind and go with him and take her children Darren and Demi Miller with her too, but Rosie backs out and Mike leaves the Square on his own, once again abandoning his son and daughter.

After his mother dies, Mike returns, and gets Dawn involved in a scam to get Nora's money. Nora has left £5000 to Rosie, but Mike gets Dawn to pose as Rosie to get the money from Nora's carer. Mike had told Dawn that he is going to start a new life in Spain for himself and Rosie - but in reality he has only booked a one-way ticket to Spain for himself. Dawn, Rosie and Mickey discover this just before he is about to leave, but Rosie gives the money to Mike anyway, on the condition that he never comes back.

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