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Michael "Mick" Carter is the son of Shirley Carter and Buster Briggs, brother of Dean, Carly and Jimbo, the husband of Janine Carter and the ex-husband of Linda Carter and father of Frankie, Lee, Nancy, Johnny, Ollie and Baby Carter and adoptive father of Annie Carter. He made his first appearance on 25 December 2013 and his last on 25 December 2022.


When Mick was twelve he was sexually abused by Katy Lewis who was twenty, he later found out in September 2020 that she had a daughter called Frankie Lewis. When Frankie finds out his age, she is disgusted by it.

Mick and Tina went into care as Shirley could not look after them. Katy Lewis was a care worker who looked after them. Mick once had a fight with a kid called Martin Flynn, hea was a thief that always stole from Mick. He got in trouble and went back to his room and there was a note from Katy and it said "Here if you want to talk". Mick went to see her and she said she wanted to help him. She gave him advice in how not to get into fights but he still got hit by the other kids. Katy gave Mick information about the other kids in care that they didn't know about themselves to give Mick the upper hand. Katy watch Mick when his team was playing football and when they lost she bought them a trophy a Jekyll replica of the World Cup.

Mick recalls it was raining and he had been playing football and he twisted his ankle. Mick was crying and he felt stupid. Katy told Mick that she would drive him home so he didn't have to get on the bus with the other boys. But she didn't, she took Mick back to her house and there was a towel upstairs, he recalls that he felt shy because he had not been in her bedroom before. Katy patted the bed and she told him to come and sit down. She told him to lift up his arms, she took of his shirt, put her hand up his back and just held it there. She told him she could sleep in her bed, if he wanted, Mick said he wanted to and that how Mick said it started.

When Mick was twelve him and the other lads spent all day making a campfire. Kevin Grimes chased Mick with a firework. Katy found him round the side of the wimpy with a hole in his shirt. He gone after him with a lit sparkler. It was Mick's favourite shirt. Mick went back to Katy's place and Kevin came over later and stamped crisps into her carpet. Mick then cried himself to sleep.

When Mick was at school, there was an old plot behind the Scouts hut, and while other students were in lessons, Mick and his friends would be skiving. They played chicken, and when friend Nathan Charles lost his little finger, they ran to the school with it, then the school put it straight on ice and did not wrap it, which caused frostbite, and it couldn't be re-attached.

Mick came in one night, and Mick had been at the football pitch and was drunk. Linda was annoyed and was already in bed, Mick goes into the kitchen, and it was a mess with papers everywhere. Mick had an idea tidying it all up, so there was less aggravation in the morning. Mick cleared the table and took the bins out. Mick then went to bed. Mick found out the next morning it didn't mess it was paperwork insurance forms, bank statements, receipts. Linda had been sort all the paperwork out all of the previous day so she could file it all the next morning. Amongst all the paperwork was a card that Nancy Carter had made Linda in school that week. Linda was annoyed at Mick and got him outside not to look for the paperwork but Nancy's card. It took Mick an hour and a half to find the card as he had to go through a week's worth of pub waste.


2013-2016: Arrival, Linda's rape ordeal and birth of Ollie[]

Janine Butcher was initially going to buy The Queen Victoria off Phil Mitchell. Still, she couldn't get the cash after David Wicks taped her confessing to murdering Michael Moon and David took her money for Carol Jackson, who could have cancer. Phil calls Mick to ask if he's still interested in buying the pub and if so if he can get the money to him within fifteen minutes, he's got himself a deal. Mick says that's a push, but he'll try. However, he's already in The Vic. Mick meets up with Phil and gives him the cash and Phil gives him the keys to the pub. On Boxing Day 2013, Mick along with Linda, Johnny and Lady Di arrive in Walford after they bought Queen Vic. When Phil is kicking everyone out, Phil is confused to how Mick knows Shirley and Shirley reveals to Phil that Mick is her brother. The following morning, the day when Mick and Linda are supposed to open for the first time, Linda looks out of the window. She sees Tina and Shirley at the door with their belongings, and Mick tells her they're moving in, and Linda has objections to Shirley moving in but is okay with Tina. Mick explains to Linda that his sisters are important to him and Linda says the deal is that the minute things go wrong, he needs to step up. Mick and Linda encounter a problem when Mick realises they haven't got any beer and Tina says they are almost out of snacks and spirits. Shirley informs them that Kat and Alfie Moon had a deal on, which was a £1 a drink and Mick and Linda wonder if Shirley can get stuff from the soup kitchen on tick, but Shirley packed in the job. Linda isn't pleased with Shirley, and she tells Mick to step up. Mick tells Linda to go and speak to Lee whilst he and Shirley sort the situation out. Mick heads to the cafe with Shirley to talk to Kat and Alfie to see if they can get some stock or have contacts, but they say they are out of all that now.

When the Carter's discover that The Vic has a problem with rising damp, Tina convinces Mick and Shirley to visit their father, Stan Carter, who they have a less than amicable relationship with after he left the Carter children in care. After Stan suffers a fall, Linda persuades Mick to check on Stan. Mick discovers there has been a break-in and disturbs the thief, who punches him and flees. Mick suspects that it was his son Lee Carter, who may have run away from serving in the army in Afghanistan. Mick visits Stan in the hospital and enquires about Lee, and Stan assures him that he has not seen Lee. Mick leaves the hospital angry after Stan asks to stay at The Vic, but Tina is furious to find out that Stan is in hospital and Mick has not told her. Tina brings Stan to The Vic to stay for three weeks. Mick reluctantly agrees and is further angered when Stan makes derogatory comments about both Tina and Johnny's homosexuality and the dangers faced by Lee in the army. Stan also tells Mick about a time when his mother tried to drown him in the bath when he was an infant.

Mick and Stan's relationship starts to thaw, annoying Shirley. Mick attempts to reunite Shirley with her estranged son, Dean Wicks, with little success. Tina refers to the incident involving a young Mick in the bathtub, citing the event as happening after their mother left. This confuses Mick, and he concludes that it was Stan who tried to kill him and attacks him, prompting Shirley to admit that she had attempted to drown him. Phil Mitchell finds out from Shirley that Mick is her son, his father is a man named Andy and her mother Sylvie Carter concealed the pregnancy and brought Mick up as her and Stan's son. Shirley warns Phil not to tell Mick. Despite not being able to swim and having a phobia of water, Mick signs up to a sponsored swim in aid of his friend Billy Mitchell's young daughter, Janet Mitchell, who has Down's syndrome. He starts to learn at the local swimming pool and confesses his fear to his friend, Ian Beale. Ian helps him overcome this fear, and he makes progress. Linda tells Mick she wants another baby after she realises her children are too old to require her constant attention. Mick convinces Linda that this is not a good idea, but proposes to her, as they are not married, though their families think they are. Linda turns down the proposal, liking things as they are, and then she finds out that Dean has overheard this conversation.

Mick completes his swim for charity, but on his way home, he sees Ian talking to Rainie Cross through the window of Ian's car. Mick pulls up behind them, èbut Ian drives away, so Rainie, a prostitute, propositions Mick. He says he is not interested, and then the police arrive. Rainie claims Mick is a regular punter, so he is arrested for soliciting. Later, Ian explains that he had sex with Rainie on the night his daughter Lucy Beale was murdered, so Mick agrees not to tell anyone, though he is forced to disclose Linda when she receives a call from his solicitor. Cora Cross overhears this and supports Linda at the court. Mick pleads guilty, and Cora discovers that the prostitute is her daughter. She reveals Mick's alleged crime to everyone in The Vic. Linda hates that Mick has put Ian before his own family, so Mick resolves to make Ian tell the truth to his partner Denise Fox.

Mick is upset when Shirley leaves Walford after accidentally shooting Phil. Linda becomes cold towards him and refuses to have sex, Mick deduces that she is pregnant. She denies this, but he discovers Linda is pregnant and is planning to have a secret abortion. After a discussion, they agree to keep the baby. Stan reveals he has terminal prostate cancer, leading Mick to enlist Dean's help in tracking down Shirley to try and convince her to return. They find her staying in a caravan with Buster Briggs, and she soon returns. Mick and Shirley find that Shirley and Tina's mother, Sylvie, is staying with her sister Babe Smith. Babe reveals that Sylvie has Alzheimer's disease.

Mick plans to propose to Linda, but Linda reveals to Mick that Dean raped her. Dean claims that he and Linda had an affair, so Mick attacks Dean. To stop the attack, Shirley reveals that Dean and Mick are brothers and she is Mick's mother, and it emerges that Buster is Mick's father. Linda claims that their relationship can survive as long as nobody else finds out that she was raped. She eavesdrops while Mick, Tina, Shirley, Babe and Stan argue, only to hear Mick deny that Dean is part of the family. Mick tells Stan and Tina that Dean raped Linda. When he realises Linda has left, a despairing and devastated Mick smashes up the bar. Mick and Linda later report the rape to the police. When Mick learns that Shirley was forced to keep the secret of being his mother out of fear that she would never see him again, he decides to give her another chance, as long as Dean keeps his distance from him. He is shocked to learn that Stan wants him and Tina to help him die and stops Tina from doing so. The next week, Dean is arrested and released on bail. He refuses to leave Walford on Shirley's insistence until Mick orders him to.

Dean returns and sneaks into the pub's cellar, intending to set fire to it, and taking Nancy hostage. Mick stops him and chokes him until he is unconscious, but Dean goes missing after this. Linda proposes to Mick, and he accepts. Nancy believes Mick has killed Dean, until Dean returns on 3 April (Good Friday). Linda gives birth prematurely to Ollie Carter after falling down the stairs. Dean believes the baby is his until Mick discovers he, Linda and Ollie share the same blood group, but Dean's is different, meaning Dean cannot be Ollie's father. Mick and Buster then start to bond. Mick and Linda bring Ollie home, where Mick ejects Dean after he attempts to shake Linda's hand.

In September 2015, Mick arranges with Elaine to take Linda away from Walford as it was coming up to one year since Dean raped her and he wanted her away at the difficult time, Linda came home early just as Mick was going to go on holiday with them as Nancy had a seizure. Elaine comes back a few days later with her fiancé Jason where he has to explain to Mick and Linda what he sees in Elaine. That same night Mick and Linda heard a bang from downstairs as they go down they see Jason with nothing on as they say that Elaine can come out as they turned their back as they spin round it wasn't Elaine in the kitchen with him as it was Babe.

2017-2020: feuds with Aidan Maguire and Stuart Highway, the boat crash and Linda's alcoholism[]

In August 2017, when Linda was away in Watford caring for her ill mother, Mick kisses Whitney. Upon Linda's return, Mick confesses, and Linda throws Whitney out. This kicks off a back and forth series of arguments between the pair, which dies down in November 2017.

In December 2017, Linda talked to Sharon after she flees her and Mick's pub, The Queen Victoria, after she witnesses Mick hugging Whitney, a girl he formerly cheated with her on, after his fiancee jilted her at the railway station before they were due to leave for Spain. Later, when Mick comes knocking, Linda hides in the living room. Mick tells Sharon everything and how much he loves Linda whilst she is listening from next door. He rings her phone and discovers her in the next room. He presents her with an engraved bracelet and asks her if they can renew their wedding vows. She says yes, but only if he fixes a spelling error on the bracelet in which he spelt "flamingo", "flamingoe".

In December 2017, the entirety of the Willmot-Brown family entered the Queen Victoria, and reveal to everyone that Weyland & Co own Grafton Hill, and as a result the pub, much to Kathy's horror. They serve the Carters with an eviction notice for the Queen Victoria pub. The following day, Mick calls James in for a word in the Queen Victoria. The Carters tell him they want the money they paid Weyland&Co back. Johnny tells him he won't have a leg to stand on if it agoes to court. James tells him his legal team have been working overtime to figure out why some of the signatures on the Weyland & Co documents differ and says it suggests forgery.

Aidan Maguire, a crime organiser, suggests Mick gets involved in one of his jobs. Aidan then gives Mick a Christmas present and tells him to open it in private. It is a gun so that Mick can be prepared for the big job. The following day, after Linda finds the gun, Mick returns the weapon to Aidan and says he is out of the job, Aidan is furious.

On the day of Mick and Linda's vow renewal, Mick is seen attempting to practice his lines in the bathroom, unsuccessfully. He appears hugely nervous about the renewal. Later, Billy comes up to Mick and asks for the use of the upstairs bathroom, as the pub's public restroom has a "dodgy ballcock". Mick allows him to.

Mick overhears Aidan shouting "Yes, that's the Queen Victoria pub in Albert Square" down the phone. Aidan says that he has bought Mick a present, to Mick's mocking. Aidan shouts to Whitney and asks her if he gave her a present to give to Mick yesterday. Whitney says yes, and explains she placed it under the Christmas tree upstairs. Aidan tells Mick it is a gun and that he "felt duty-bound to report it to the police". He explains he has around ten minutes to get rid of it. Mick runs upstairs to find it, but can't. He asks Aidan desperately to tell him where it is. Aidan gives him a clue, and he finds it just as the police arrive. He hands it to Billy, who is returning from his toilet trip, and tells him to leave and give it to Phil. Billy does so. When Mick tells Linda that they should get the vows "over with", Linda begins to think he is having second thoughts. The renewal commences, and Linda fluffs her lines. However, they eventually get through their vows, and a party begins in the pub. Later that day, after Lauren and Abi Branning falls from the roof of the Queen Victoria, Karen, Sharon, Linda, Shirley and Tina can be seen in the stairwell laughing as Mick walks in. He appears angry and asks if they heard the sirens. Mick tells them that he better make an announcement. He proclaims that there has been an accident, as the police and Keegan Baker walks in.

Mick desperate for the money to save the Vic goes to do a robbery orchestrated by Aidan with Phil, Keanu and Vincent, they plan to rob a Van carrying a lot of money that they redirect to the Arches after Mick and Keanu pretend to be road workers. When the Van arrives at the Arches things begin to go wrong immediately and Mick ends up getting shot by Callum Highway an old friend of Mick's son Lee, Callum only shot Mick in a panic and regretted it immediately after, Linda and Shirley take Mick back to the Vic and Mick is stitched up and his life is saved by doctor Mariam Ahmed.

After the heist the crew meet up again at the funeral parlour but are furious to discover the money has been stolen and Aidan immediately scapegoats Mick and Vincent. As a result Mick and Aidan get into a bitter feud which reaches breaking point when Aidan begins getting his henchman to deal drugs in Mick's pub. Mick tells Aidan to stop dealing drugs on his property but in response Aidan threatens Mick's family, Mick then contacts a hitman to kill Aidan for his constant torment on his family however Linda calls off the hit. Aidan tells Mick he's got until Thursday to pay him the stolen money back and let his henchman back in the pub or that he will kill Mick.

On that Thursday Aidan confronts Mick beating him to a pulp when Mick's family return to the Pub against Mick's wishes Aidan threatens to set the pub on fire with everyone inside, left with no choice Mick agrees to let Aidan's men back in the pub however Phil saves the Carters by forcing Aidan out of Walford blackmailing Aidan with evidence that he'd killed Luke Browning.

A few months later Mick is grabbed by an unknown assailant in the Queen Vic cellar who he thinks is Aidan at first but it turns out to be his childhood friend Stuart Highway, Mick is delighted to see him, however it is short lived after Mick discovers that Stuart had kidnapped his Aunt Tina Carter and bundles her into a car years prior. Mick disowns Stuart as a result.

Stuart gets his revenge by framing Mick for shooting Stuart when Stuart had in fact shot himself, while Mick is in prison Stuart uses his contacts to have Mick constantly tormented. Mick is released in December after Linda had managed to get a confession video where Stuart admitted Mick never shot him. When Mick is released he kidnaps Stuart and bundles him in to a car similar to what Stuart had done Tina all them years earlier, Mick takes Stuart to a warehouse and beats him almost to death before returning to the Square. Stuart also returns days later bruised and battered from the encounter, Mick tells him he is barred from the pub and he is to never come near him or his family again.

In 2019 Mick begins to suffer panic attacks although he believes he is suffering mini heart attacks, after suffering one whilst refereeing a children's football match, Mitch Baker calls an ambulance and Mick discovers he is suffering from panic attacks. After a year of avoiding each other Start Highway attempts to make peace with Mick, Mick suffers a panic attack during an argument with Stuart, Stuart saves Mick by taking him to the hospital. Mick thanks Stuart for saving him but still refuses to forgive Stuart.

Linda begins to drink heavily, which over months Linda's family, Mick in particular realise Linda is an alcoholic, during a row, Linda blames Mick for her being an alcoholic. Linda passes out after the argument and her and Mick's infant son, Ollie climbs onto the Queen Vic roof but is saved by Shirley and Mick. Shirley wakes a drunk Linda up and screams at Linda and tells her what Ollie had just done while Linda was supposed to be watching him. Linda promises to stop drinking but she doesn't and instead gives Mick signed divorce papers.

Mick and Linda attend the boat party on Smith-Holland boat on the River Thames, to celebrate the Queen Vic winning pub of the year, a drunk Linda accuses Mick of having an affair with Whitney (which was untrue), Mick responds by saying the reason their marriage is ending is because of Linda's alcoholism. Linda runs off and attempts to take a bottle of wine from the ships kitchen, however Phil Mitchell causes the boat to crash during a fight with Keanu Taylor. The crash causes Linda to fall trapping her leg under a table. While everyone was getting off the sinking ship, Mick realises that Linda is no where to be seen and goes back inside the boat locker room, with the water up to waist height, Mick finds Linda and she awakes and begins to panic, Mick desperately tries to free Linda's leg, Mick and Linda end up underneath the water drowning, Mick realises the only way he can free Linda's leg is by breaking it, which he does, causing Linda to pass out. Mick then swims to the surface with an unconscious Linda on his shoulder, Mick and Linda are pulled onto a life boat by Stuart, Linda is then successfully revived by a rescue team officer using CPR. Mick takes Linda back to the Vic and she finally admits she is an alcoholic and that she'll get help, Linda then stops drinking and her and Mick move out of the Vic to keep Linda away from alcohol, they sell the Vic to Ian Beale and Sharon Mitchell.

2021-2022: Lockdown struggles, historic sexual assault and exit[]

Mick and Linda spend Lockdown (Covid-19 Pandemic) living in 29 Albert Square, Linda almost relapses on alcohol but is stopped by Max Branning. After a conversation Linda and Max kiss, Linda stops the kiss moments after and is horrified to have cheated on Mick. Linda tells Mick about the kiss and he threatens Max with a bottle. Linda and Max kiss again after Linda and Mick have an argument but they are caught by Ian, who blackmails Max. Ian is attacked by an unknown assailant (later revealed to be Phil Mitchell on orders from Sharon Watts), Tina is subsequently blamed for the attack, Mick helps Tina pack her bags to go on the run, however she is later killed by Gray Atkins after she confronted him about killing Chantelle Atkins. Mick finds out that Phil was responsible for Ian's attack and threatens to go to the police, however Phil agrees to pay for Tina to be found, which is ultimately unsuccessful.

In October 2020 Mick catches newcomer Frankie Lewis taking photos of his family, he questions Frankie on this but is shocked when Frankie claims to be his daughter. Mick insists she is mistaken, however Frankie tells him her mother is Katy Lewis and Mick realises she is indeed his his daughter. Frankie later prepares to tell everyone she is Mick's daughter, however Tina inadvertently tells Frankie that Katy was Mick's child carer and that he was twelve years old, Frankie realises that her mother raped him.

Mick goes on a downward spiral when Katy arrives in Walford trying to track Frankie down, after Frankie stopped talking to her after finding out she raped Mick. Katy successfully manipulates Mick into thinking that she never raped him, Mick begins to distance himself from Linda and eventually she has a one-night-stand with Max, despite the one-night-stand Linda is determined to make things right with Mick, but he continues to reject her. Max gives Linda a choice leave Walford with him or stay with Mick, Linda chooses to stay with Mick and after Mick had attempted to commit suicide he finally realises Katy raped him.

Mick finally tells Linda he was raped by Katy when he was twelve and that Frankie is his daughter, Linda is shocked but vows to support Mick. Mick goes to the Vic and warns Max to stay away from Linda and punches Max when Max says Linda is only with him out of pity because he was raped by Katy, before leaving Max reveals to Linda that he blackmailed Phil Mitchell into convincing Sharon to sign the Vic back to Mick after Max got hold of evidence of Phil's crimes from Jack Branning's laptop. Mick and Linda move back into the Vic with Ollie, Frankie and a returning Nancy. On 21 May 2021 Katy is sentenced to ten years in prison for raping Mick after he reported her to the police.

Nancy begins a relationship with Zack Hudson, Zack agrees to take Frankie for a driving lesson, during the lesson Frankie accidentally runs Nancy over. Zack tells Frankie to leave and calls an ambulance after disposing the car and lies to the police about what happened, Frankie eventually tells Mick that she ran over Nancy and that Zack covered it up. Mick confronts Zack and tells him to end things with Nancy, Zack instead plans to go into business with Nancy, Mick confronts Zack again and punches him when he refuses to end things with Nancy, Zack then tells Nancy the truth about her accident, she dumps Zack and disowns Mick and Frankie, although she does eventually forgive both of them and gets back with Zack.

Linda reveals to Mick that she is pregnant, Mick is delighted until Linda reveales she is five months pregnant and the father of her baby is Max after they had a breif relationship during Mick's depression, Mick vows to stay with Linda and she gives birth to Annie Carter. Mick and Linda leave Walford after Rainie Highway discovers Max is the baby's father and threatens to tell everyone.

Mick returns alone and reveals to his family he can't bond with Annie and he can't get over Linda's affair with Max, Janine Butcher begins to develop a crush on Mick after the two kiss under a mistletoe on christmas day 2021. Mick gets punched in the face by Stuart when Stuart believes Mick is sleeping with his wife Rainie, however Janine reveals that her and Mick were pretending to be in a relationship so Janine could get custody of her young daughter Scarlett Butcher. Janine visits Linda in order to destroy Linda and Mick's marriage, Janine uses a fake name she and Linda talk about Mick and Janine manages to convince Linda to have a glass of wine, which Linda accepts causing her to relapse. Mick is horrified when Janine appears naked in front of him and when Janine brings up their kiss under the mistletoe Mick tells her it was only banter. Mick goes to visit Linda with Ollie but Linda doesn't show up, Mick realises Linda is drinking again.

On 4 March 2022, DCI Peter Arthurs informs Mick and the rest of the Carter's that Tina's body has been found on The Argee Bhajee and Whitney later tells them that Tina was murdered by Gray. Gray accidentally stumbles into the Vic after being chased by the police but is caught by Shirley and Mick. Mick and Shirley beat Gray up and Shirley attempts to kill Gray, however Mick stops her, telling her he can't let her do twenty years in prison for killing Gray. When Shirley's back is turned Gray knock her out with a beer keg stool leg and escapes, however Gray is later caught and arrested for his crimes. Zack later tells the Carter's when and how Tina was killed and Mick realises he seen Gray that night, Mick briefly feels guilty and blames himself for Tina's death. Mick and Janine grow close while planning Tina's funeral, on the day of Tina's funeral Linda returns drunk and recognises Janine. Linda then attempts to fight Janine but falls over. Mick and Janine later become a couple and Mick tells Linda, however Linda is not suprised. Linda continues to heavily drink over the coming months, when over the limit Linda phones the Vic to get picked up. Janine answers the phone and goes to pick Linda and Annie up, however Janine crashes the car. Janine then puts Linda in the driving seat knowing Linda is over the limit, Annie is taken away from Linda and put into care. Linda eventually manages to get Annie back when she gives up alcohol.

Mick has another run in with Stuart when he makes Linda cry during an alcoholic's Anonymous meeting, Mick and Janine decide to take Scarlett away for a holiday. When Mick and Janine return, Janine publicly reveals that her and Mick have gotten engaged and Janine is pregnant, leaving Linda heartbroken. Mick still stays close with Linda and Janine begins to become paronid when Mick lies about where he is when he is going to see Linda, Janine briefly calls off the engagement due to her paranoia but takes Mick back when he proposes a second time infront of the whole square.

Mick and Janine get married on 23 December 2022, however on christmas day 2022 Jada Lennox tells Mick, Linda and the rest of the Carter family that Janine framed Linda for the drink driving that got Annie taken away from her. Mick then leaves Janine and goes back to Linda admitting he has never stopped loving her, Mick and Linda attempt to take Janine to the police, however Janine gets in a car and drives off. Mick and Linda follow Janine to a cliff, Mick grabs Janine and attempts to take her back with him. Janine knees Mick in the groin and hits him with a rock, Janine then attempts to drive off the cliff. However, Linda gets in the car and Janine drives the car off the cliff. Mick jumps into the sea in an attempt to save them, Mick manages to save Janine and then goes back into the sea to save Linda. However, Mick disappears and is not seen again. Police think Mick was pulled out by a tide to his death, the residents of Walford believe Mick to be dead and Linda and Shirley leave Walford to grieve for Mick. Since this, Linda has returned and put his picture behind the bar in memory.

Kill count[]

Connected murders and deaths[]

  1. Leo King (14 February 2020) (association) - Attempted to cover up the crime after Whitney Dean killed Leo but Whitney confesses to the murder.

Attempted murder victims[]

  1. Dean Wicks (25 December 2014) - Beat Dean almost to death, after finding out Dean had raped his wife Linda Carter.
  2. Dean Wicks (19 February 2015) - Knocks Dean out after catching him attacking his daughter Nancy and prepares to suffocate him but Nancy stops him.
  3. Dean Wicks (1 January 2016) (defence) - Knocks Dean out during a fight after catching Dean trying to kill their mother Shirley via drowning and leaves him to drown In the river, but later goes back and saves him.
  4. Aidan Maguire (6 March 2018) (by proxy) - Hires a hitman named Victor to kill Aidan for tormenting his family, however Linda calls off the hit.
  5. Stuart Highway (4 September 2018) - After finding Stuart laying unconscious after being shot, Mick contemplates suffocating Stuart after Stuart had spent months targeting the his family.
  6. Stuart Highway (21 December 2018) (unconfirmed) - Kidnapped Stuart and took him to an abandoned warehouse where he beat him up off-screen, unknown if Mick intended to actually kill Stuart.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Bartender Unknown start date to 2022
Bartender/Owner of The Queen Victoria 2013-2020, 2021-2022


Address Years
46 Albert Square 2013-2020, 2021-2022
29B Albert Square 2020-2021

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