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Matt Steele made his first appearance on 1 April 2010. He is portrayed by Simon Wilson.


Steele is the consultant who tells Jack Branning's family that he could end up severely brain damaged after being shot. He looks after Jack and explains to the family that he is paralysed down one side of his body. When Ronnie Mitchell drops some paperwork at the hospital, he returns it to her and when she thinks he is coming onto her, she orders him out. He later returns to apologise and they end up dancing together and later, kissing. When Jack's brother Max Branning tells Jack he saw Ronnie and Steele kissing, Steele makes a comment about Ronnie's lips so Jack punches him in the face. When Ronnie finds out, she breaks up with Steele as she realises Jack still has feelings for her.

List of appearances[]

  1. 1 April 2010
  2. 5 April 2010
  3. 12 April 2010
  4. 15 April 2010
  5. 16 April 2010
  6. 19 April 2010
  7. 20 April 2010
  8. 22 April 2010