Matt Clarkson made his first appearance 8 October 2018. He is portrayed by Mitchell Hunt.


Matt is the old school friend of Martin Fowler.


In October 2018, along with his other school friend Ross Swinden, Matt set up a school reunion party with Martin, which was held at E20. At the party, Martin's wife Stacey, brought along her friend Ruby Allen. Ruby seemed to be very interested in the boys, specifically Ross and continuously flirted with them throughout the night.

Ruby went home with both Ross and Matt. She then had sex with Ross without consent and woke up with Matt by her side the next morning, whom he had to had had sex with her. Ruby explained the situation to Stacey, in which Stacey opened her eyes that she was raped because they had sex with her without her permission.

When the two boys discovered from Martin that Ruby was claiming that they had raped her, they almost immediately persuaded Martin to back them. Situations then rose when Kush Kazemi discovered a picture on his phone with Ruby and Matt kissing, and Martin jumped to the conclusion that Ruby was lying.

Ruby later decided to report the rape to the police and Stacey, and Martin gave witness statements, and though Martin agreed with Stacey he would not tell them about the photo of Ruby and Matt, he did so anyway.

A few months later, Ruby pretended to be another person on a dating website and tried to lure both Matt and Ross to her house to her kind of revenge. Matt bottled going at the last minute, however, Ross still went. Matt then encountered Martin, who was not impressed to see him at first. The two boys later share a drink in The Vic and the atmosphere had calmed down until Martin discovered dirty text messages on Matt's phone between Matt and Ross. Martin then believed the allegations and punched Matt. Ross and Matt both get ten years in prison.

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