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Marsden's Video Diaries: Who Killed Archie Mitchell? was a video dairy of DCI Jill Marsden as she attempted to find out Who Killed Archie Mitchell?. A new section ("Marsden's Video Diaries") was launched, encompassing events on the show from 25 December 2009 onwards in diary style from Marsden's point of view. Insight was provided on the character's thoughts and feelings on the events surrounding her each week.


Video Dairy  Synopsis Duration Release date
1 Marsden reveals who she'd like to have wrapped up in Walford nick by New Year... 0:53 25 December 2009
2 Marsden discovers a killer clue... but who does it belong to? 0:48 1 January 2010
3 Marsden has a catfighting Sam and Peggy in the interrogation room. But it's another Mitchell that she wants. Unknown 7 January 2010
4 Marsden's had a tip-off on who Archie's killer might be. 1:06 8 January 2010
5 "Answer the question, Beale!" Has Marsden caught Archie's murderer?< 1:07 18 January 2010
6 Marsden's at Archie's funeral - where she reckons somebody's going to crack. 0:50 28 January 2010
7 The pressure's on. If Marsden doesn't get someone banged up behind bars soon, she's off the case... 0:50 8 February 2010
8 A stellar piece of evidence has come to light. And Marsden reckons it's game over for Archie's killer. 0:42 11 February 2010
9 Case Closed - Don't tell us you didn't see the chemistry between these pairs. Marsden thinks about the one that got away... 1:05 19 February 2010