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Margaret Midhurst (née Sullivan) was the daughter of Ivy Sullivan, sister of Gavin and Sally and aunt of Sharon Watts. made her first appearance on 24 March 2015, and died on 8 July 2016. She was portrayed by Jan Harvey.


Margaret is the solicitor who handled Sharon Mitchell's adoption. Sharon visits Margaret in a bid to find her biological father. Margaret tells Sharon that all the paperwork in connection with her case had been destroyed. She later visits Sharon at home after Sharon calls her, and asks Margaret if her adoptive father, Den Watts, was her biological father, fearing that her son Dennis Rickman could be a product of incest. Margaret assures Sharon that Den was not her biological father but reveals that Den had not wanted the adoption discussed at The Queen Victoria public house, making Sharon conclude that her biological father was someone Den knew.

Sharon later arranges for Carol Jackson to meet Margaret and she offers to represent Carol's brother Max Branning when he is charged with the murder of Lucy Beale. Before Margaret goes to the prison to meet Max, Sharon informs her she has decided not to find her father, insisting that she needs to move on from her past. When Carol starts to believe Max is guilty, she relieves Margaret of her duties. Sharon offers to pay her for her services and Margaret reveals that she will inform Max that she is dropping the case and that he needs to find another lawyer to represent him.

When Sharon visits Margaret to file for divorce from Phil, it is clear that Margaret is covering for someone when the police arrive at her offices. It later emerges that Margaret is Gavin Sullivan's sister, and Gavin is Sharon's birth father, making Margaret Sharon's aunt, and Gavin asked Margaret to make sure Sharon did not find out, after she told him that Sharon was trying to find him.

After Gavin gets money from Vincent Hubbard after attempting to blackmail his mother Claudette, a former associate of Gavin's, and from Sharon, who wants him to leave Walford forever, he meets Margaret and it is revealed she is in on his plan, but is against his next plan, which she calls "insane".

Several months later, Margaret visits Sharon and tells her that Gavin is acting strangely, but Sharon dismisses it and sends Margaret away. Later, Margaret arrives at Gavin's house, where he has brought his wife, Kathy under false pretences. Gavin locks Kathy in a room while Margaret questions Gavin's motives as Kathy now knows where he lives and she fears she will also be implicated in Gavin's crimes, however, Gavin tells her that Kathy will not be leaving. Margaret rescues Kathy from the room after hitting Gavin over the head with a vase, however, he regains consciousness and the two women try to hide from him.

Sharon and Buster Briggs arrive, having seen Kathy leaving Walford with Gavin and got the address from Dennis, and then a woman falls onto the windscreen of their car and breaking her neck and is killed instantly. They see that it is Margaret who fell to her death from a balcony after a struggle with Gavin.


List of appearances[]


  1. 24 March 2015
  2. 7 August 2015
  3. 14 August 2015
  4. 26 October 2015
  5. 5 November 2015


  1. 14 March 2016
  2. 4 July 2016
  3. 5 July 2016
  4. 8 July 2016