Mandy Salter
Mandy Salter
Portrayed by Nicola Stapleton
First Appearance 12 March 1992
Duration 1992-1994, 2011-2012
Date of Birth 1976
Occupation Mandy's Cafe Assistant
RomancesAidan Brosnan (1993)
Ian Beale (2011-12; ex-fiancée)
DaughtersKira Salter
MotherLorraine Salter

Amanda 'Mandy' Salter arrives in Albert Square in March 1992 when her hospitalised mother, Lorraine (Linda Henry), leaves her in Pat Butcher's care. She makes friends with Sam Butcher but eventually leaves the Butchers as she feels unwanted by Pat's husband, Frank Butcher. She then begins squatting.

Mandy is a troublesome teenager. She blackmails Ian Beale, threatening to divulge that he visits prostitutes unless he employs her. Ian does not succumb, so Mandy survives by stealing, conning people and relying on charity.

After Mandy is evicted from her squat, Kathy Beale allows her to live with her, but Mandy is eventually thrown out when she is caught spreading rumours that Kathy has been abusing her. Mandy ends up homeless and sleeping in a makeshift shanty. Mark Fowler and Steve Elliot eventually let Mandy stay with them, but Mandy's stirring contributes to the demise of Steve's relationship with Hattie Tavernier; Mandy and Hattie maintain an antagonistic relationship throughout their time together in Walford. Because of her friendship with Mark, Mandy gets to know Michelle Fowler well and the rest of the Fowlers.

On Christmas Eve 1992, Mandy receives a Christmas card from her mother, telling her she is visiting. However, Lorraine never arrives, so on Christmas Day, Mandy returns to Lorraine's flat but finds her mother's boyfriend, Garry, instead. He is abusive to Mandy and starts beating her, until she is rescued by Mark.

Mandy meets trainee footballer, Aidan Brosnan in 1993. They begin dating, but Mandy is a bad influence on Aidan and encourages him to skip football practice, get drunk and use ecstasy. This results in an intoxicated Aidan falling and damaging his knee, and following a subsequent injury, Aidan is told that his career in professional football is over.

The loss of his dream hits Aidan badly, but by now Mandy has fallen for him in a big way, and when he returns to Ireland, she follows him. Both soon return, having had a poor reception from Aidan's family. The young lovers are unable to find work so they begin sleeping on the streets and squatting. To get money, Mandy and Aidan beg and occasionally do odd jobs. It is on one such occasion that Grant Mitchell leaves his wife Sharon Mitchell's pet poodle, Roly, in Mandy's care. However, Mandy loses control of Roly and he dies after running straight into an oncoming truck, devastating Sharon. Mandy later cleans Harold Legg's] surgery, but after stealing prescription slips and selling them to drug dealers, she is sacked. She then turns to 'clipping', acting as a prostitute then running off with the customer's money without performing the sexual service. However, the other prostitutes in Kings Cross warn her that it is their patch and Mandy leaves but later returns. The prostitutes beat Mandy and after she is arrested, Aidan makes her promise to stop. Mandy overhears Grant Mitchell being shocked to learn that Vicki Fowler's dad was the allegedly deceased Den Watts. She spreads the word like wildfire and Pauline even gets aggressive with her, as it is a well kept family secret. But she then says it will give the locals something new to gossip about, especially when she learns that Sharon told Grant and Mandy overheard Grant telling Nigel.

When Richard Cole starts a smear campaign against them, accusing them of being behind a series of robberies around the Square, everyone turns on them. Aidan becomes depressed and on Christmas Day 1993 he attempts to commit suicide by threatening to jump off the top of a tower block. Mandy manages to stop him but Aidan realises that Mandy is bad for him, and says he is leaving her for good and he returns to his family in Ireland, never ever to see Mandy again.

Mandy is distraught at losing Aidan but returns to Albert Square. Pauline Fowler takes sympathy and allows her to stay with her. Mandy sees New Year 1994 in, huddled and sobbing on the Fowlers' couch and in the front room. Early in 1994, Mandy turns to Ricky Butcher for comfort and they have a one-night stand. However, this only makes Mandy realise how much she misses Aidan, and she rejects Ricky's further advances. Pauline also says that she needs the front room so that an elderly relative can stay, so Mandy is given until the weekend to find another place to stay. So, all alone, Mandy leaves Albert Square one dark night in January 1994, repaying the Fowlers' kindness by stealing Pauline's purse and hitching a ride with a lorry driver, who is heading west on the M11. She leaves Walford well and truly behind her.

A few Albert Square residents wondered why Mandy had vanished from Albert Square so suddenly. Pauline was angry that she had stolen her purse after they took her in, also she knew Mandy took it as her purse went missing the day Mandy absconded. A week or so after her disappearance, in mid to late January 1994, Frank Butcher was glad to see the back of her, saying she was the kiss of death. The troublesome Mandy was soon forgotten about by the residents of Albert Square. Albert Square was a much quieter place as well now that the pesky Aidan and Mandy were gone.

Mandy was mentioned in June 1994 by Sanjay Kapoor. Of course by then she was long gone. Mark threw Sanjay an apple, saying he looked like he needed it and Sanjay said "I am not Mandy you know". Also Sanjay was staying in the former squat Mandy lived in which had rats, hence the comparison.

January 1994 – August 2011; Life away from Walford

In the spring of 1994, Mandy, while living up north, found out that she was pregnant with Ricky's child. In about August 1994, she gave birth to a daughter Kira Salter, prematurely. Kira died soon after. At the time, Mandy never contacted Ricky in Walford to tell him. Mandy then got jobs in nightclubs and strip clubs to make ends meet.

By 2011, she was back living in London again.

17 years later in 2011

Easties mandy returns 2011

Mandy steps foot in Albert Square again after 18 years away.

One day in August 2011, Ian Beale stumbles across Mandy being thrown out of a strip club in the East End. She asks Ian for help, lying that the man is an old boyfriend who is obsessed with her, and he takes her back to Walford. She gets out of the car and takes a long look around the area she had left 18 years earlier and thought until now that she would never be back here again.

However the man who is after Mandy follows them there and it transpires that he is Mandy's boss at the strip club and she has stolen £5,000 of his money. Following this Ian throws Mandy out, but after dwelling on some home truths from her he relents and allows her to stay with him. Mandy settles back in at Albert Square after almost 2 decades away.

She asks Ian if he ever heard anything from her old boyfriend Aidan Brosnan and he says no. Mandy meets old acquaintances such as Pat Butcher and Phil Mitchell who calls her Mandy Slutter. Mandy says he has not changed in all these years, still as rude as ever. Mandy becomes a surrogate mother to Bobby Beale. She and Ian soon become engaged. Mandy hangs out with Roxy Mitchell a few times.

In May 2012, the wedding is booked but Mandy then realises that she is not right for Ian and she would only drag him down. So she calls off the wedding and decides yet again to leave Walford. She leaves, leaving no trace as to where she is going.

Mandy has not been seen or heard from since. However a photo of her remains on Ian's sideboard at 45 Albert Square.


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