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DS Luke Crisp is a police officer who is first introduced when Heather Trott was murdered in March 2012. DS Crisp returned to the show when Ben Mitchell confessed to murdering Heather Trott.

A police detective and a member of the homicide assessment team, Crisp was investigating the murder of Heather Trott. He questions Phil Mitchell, Jay Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Ben Mitchell and Shirley Carter about the incident and later concludes that the supposed burglary in her flat was faked.

Later, he questions Andrew Cotton and makes it clear that he knows about Andrew's past conviction for GBH. He then arrests Andrew on suspicion of murder and interviews him along with his colleague PC Shaw. Upon the discovery that a partly burnt hooded top was found, Crisp obtains one from the market stall that six of them were bought from, and then asks to see Jay's. Jay's has been burnt, but Phil replaces it with the one owned by Billy.

Jay later visits Crisp at the police station and tells him he saw Andrew on the night of the murder and knows he is innocent. He later visits the crime scene when Shirley realises that a photo frame is missing and was probably the murder weapon. When Crisp is in the local pub, he sees Billy paying with a £50 note, which makes Crisp suspicious of Billy. After Heather's funeral, Crisp arrests Billy on suspicion of the murder, and then interviews him. When Shirley offers a reward for information about Heather's death, Crisp confronts her, telling her she is hindering his investigation by creating false leads.

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