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Luisa di Marco made her first appearance on 29 January 1998. She is portrayed by Stella Tanner.


Luisa was born 12th March 1929.


Luisa and her husband Bruno first appear at the funeral of their son, Giuseppe. They had been doting parents to Giuseppe and are devastated by his death. They live with Giuseppe's wife, Rosa, and her family. They are very proud of their Italian ancestry but they actually know very little about their homeland, as they had been raised in London and lived there most of her life.

Luisa had always been active in the upbringing of her grandchildren. She is a traditionalist, and disapproved when her grandson's wife, Sandra, opted to go back to work instead of staying at home to look after her son, Joe (Jake Kyprianou). When the di Marcos interference became too much, Sandra walked out, abandoning Joe. Luisa subsequently played a big part in her great grandson's upbringing.

Luisa is often troubled by the antics of her grandchildren and when she sees her youngest granddaughter, Nicky, kissing Martin Fowler, the shock is too much and she suffers a stroke shortly before Bruno's birthday in July 1998. She recovers but remains frail and in December Bruno and Luisa decide to take a trip to Italy to discover their homeland together, before it is too late. When they get there they like it so much that they decide to stay. A few weeks later they telephone Rosa to say that they are not returning.

The following year Luisa sends over an Italian salami from Italy, which is responsible for giving several of the di Marcos a bout of food poisoning. Rosa initially blames café worker, Mick McFarlane, for serving unsanitary food, which leads to him being sacked in May 1999.

List of appearances[]


  1. 29 January 1998
  2. 17 February 1998
  3. 19 February 1998
  4. 12 March 1998
  5. 20 April 1998
  6. 21 April 1998
  7. 18 May 1998
  8. 19 May 1998
  9. 15 June 1998
  10. 16 June 1998
  11. 2 July 1998
  12. 28 July 1998
  13. 30 July 1998
  14. 10 August 1998
  15. 16 November 1998
  16. 19 November 1998
  17. 26 November 1998

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