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Louise Mitchell (née Fowler) is the daughter of Phil Mitchell and Lisa Fowler, the sister of Ben, Raymond and Albie, aswell as the adoptive sister of Dennis Rickman Jr as well as the mother of Peggy.

She was engaged to Keanu Taylor until she found out he is the father of her stepmother, Sharon's baby Albie.


2001-2003: Birth and paternity issues

A pregnant Lisa has a difficult relationship with Phil Mitchell and does not want him to know that he is her baby's father - letting people believe that her partner Mark Fowler is Louise's dad, who she later goes on to marry. Mark stays with Lisa and wants to bring up the baby as his own, however when Lisa goes into labour, Phil is the only person that can help her. Lisa reveals to Sharon Watts that Phil is actually Louise's father, however Mark is named as Louise's father on her birth certificate.

When Louise is kidnapped by Steve Owen, Phil chases him in a car chase. Steve crashes his car and passes Louise to Phil before the car explodes. While Sharon is babysitting her, Louise stops breathing and at the hospital, it emerges that Louise has an infection and is rushed to intensive care, prompting Lisa to decide to tell Phil that he is Louise's father. Before she has the opportunity, Sharon tells Phil the truth; he persuades Lisa to reconcile with him, but it becomes apparent that Phil and his mother, Peggy Mitchell, want custody of Louise.

When Lisa and Mark get into an argument, Mark refuses to give Louise to Lisa, leaving her to walk out the house. She goes to see Phil and tells him to go and get Louise from Mark. Phil goes over to the house to get Louise and Mark tries to stop him, telling Phil that Louise is all he has and he doesn’t want it to be over. Phil tells Mark that Louise is his daughter, and it was all over the minute Lisa found out she was pregnant with another man’s baby. Mark says goodbye to Louise and Phil takes her to Lisa.

Phil and Peggy exclude Lisa from Louise's care and hire a nanny. With the help of a lawyer, Phil then puts his name on Louise's birth certificate and changes her surname to Mitchell. On the day that Peggy plans to throw a celebration for changing Louise's surname from Fowler to Mitchell, Lisa takes Louise leaves Walford to live in Portugal, joining her best friend and Steve's former wife, Mel Owen. Phil discovers a postcard with Mel's address and goes to Portugal, returning with Louise and stating that Lisa will not return. He confides in Kate Morton that he bullied Lisa to give him custody of Louise and warned her to stay away from Louise. Lisa returns to claim custody of Louise, which she obtains after Phil is arrested, and they subsequently leave Walford.

2008: Phil's search for Louise

Phil tells his son, Ben Mitchell, that he wants to find Louise and Jack Branning informs Phil that he knows where Louise is. They locate her in January 2008 and Phil tells Louise that he is her father.

2010: Abandonment by Lisa and reunion with Phil

In March 2010, Louise returns when she is dropped outside the tube station. Phil's cousin, Ronnie Mitchell approaches her and Louise tells Ronnie she is looking for her father and shows Ronnie a photo. Louise explains that Lisa went on holiday but never returned.

When Ronnie spots Phil arguing, she tells Louise that she could not find her father and calls Social Services, who take her into their care. Louise returns again and spends the weekend with Phil; they keep the visit a secret. Phil eventually informs Social Services of Louise's whereabouts, but decides to fight for custody. A social worker assesses that Phil's home is unsafe for Louise so Phil's girlfriend, Shirley Carter, decides that Phil, Louise and Ben can live with her. Ben dislikes Louise's arrival and she annoys him when she writes entries in his diary referring to him as being gay, before reading them to her friends. Phil forces Louise to apologise but she does not and when Phil is out of the house, Ben burns Louise's hand with a hot spoon.

Louise spots Ben with stolen alcohol and tries to get him in trouble with Phil. Ben warns Louise that Phil will not believe her and if she does tell him, he will make her suffer. Ben later locks Louise in a shed all day and makes Phil believe that she has run away. Ben claims to find Louise and takes her home, blaming Jordan Johnson for locking her up. Ben tells Louise that she is a good girl and that he will not lock her in the shed again. Phil notices burns on Louise's arm and she blames Ben, so Phil questions him, but he denies it.

Phil asks Heather Trott to look after Louise and Ben but when Ben sends Heather to the shop for some crisps, Phil panics and rushes home to find Louise's doll in pieces and Ben about to burn her. Ben claims to be playing a game, but Phil punches Ben, knocking him to the floor, saying if he wants to play games, to play them with him.

Phil learns that Lisa has applied to see Louise and asks his solicitor to find a legal way to stop Lisa seeing Louise. Louise asks Peggy about Lisa so Peggy reveals that Lisa has returned from holiday and Louise demands to see Lisa and runs away.

When Phil finds Louise, she tells him that she wants to see Lisa, angering Phil. Peggy decides to take Louise out for the day, despite Phil's orders for Louise not to leave the house. Louise asks to see Lisa so Peggy takes Louise to see her. Peggy struggles to assure Lisa that Phil will not harm her and leaves Louise with Lisa on the promise that Phil can visit regularly. Peggy returns home and tells Phil that Louise is in Lisa's care, but he drives to Lisa's house to find it empty.

2016-2020: High school, pregnancy and birth of Peggy

Phil tracks down a fourteen year old Louise at her school and gives her a bag of cash, but she rejects him until he collapses in pain. Louise arrives in Walford to tell her stepmother Sharon, that Phil is in hospital but she doesn't believe her. Louise appears to be a lot like her father and will not take any rubbish from anyone.

Two months later, Louise goes to Phil's with her belongings, but Ben answers the door and sends her away. As a drunken Phil demolishes the car lot, the residents of Albert Square realise someone is trapped inside and Louise is discovered under the rubble; Phil breaks down, fearing he has killed her. Louise is hospitalised with broken ribs and concussion. Phil then makes amends with Louise.

Ben's girlfriend Abi Branning discovers that Louise has used Phil's credit card; she and Babe Smith confront Louise and force her to return everything she has bought. Louise then discovers a note from Babe revealing that Abi has lied about being pregnant. After Ben continues to upset Louise, Louise blackmails Abi, warning her to leave Walford with Ben or she tell Ben the truth. Abi refuses after realising that Ben trusts her more than he trusts Louise. However, Abi offers Louise cash to keep her quiet, but inadvertently reveals the truth when she finds Ben and Louise arguing about Phil's credit card.

When Jay Brown stops Phil drinking, Louise thanks him and tries to kiss him but he stops her. Jay tells his girlfriend, Linzi Bragg, that Louise tried to kiss him, so she confronts Louise, telling her to stay away from Jay. After discovering that Linzi is an underage schoolgirl, Jay ends the relationship and asks Louise not to tell anyone the truth.

Louise attempts to shoplift wine so Denise Fox calls the police. Louise posts dog faeces in a bag through Denise's letter box so she confronts Louise and Phil. When Jay and Linzi's relationship is revealed, Louise defends Jay so Phil asks if she is doing so because he has touched her. Jay denies this but admits that Louise kissed him but he stopped it; Phil is angry. Jay is arrested and Louise is questioned by the police. Louise's best friend, Bex Fowler, develops a crush on Shakil Kazemi and Louise makes Bex jealous by flirting with him. Louise tries to come between Bex and Shakil, but they start a relationship regardless. Louise suspects Phil, an alcoholic, is drunk when his speech is slurred and she lies to Sharon but fails to find any traces of alcohol in the house. However, Phil is not drunk and it emerges that he has hepatic encephalopathy. Louise joins a drama club where she takes a liking to Travis Law-Hughes. Travis asks Louise on a date but fails to turn up. Keegan Baker tells Louise that she was actually messaging him, not Travis, and he teases her with things she said in the messages.

After becoming trapped on the top of the bus after a crash, Shakil helps Louise to overcome her fears, telling Bex that he saved her life. After she is teased over a video of her in the crash, Louise's friends, Alexandra D'Costa and Madison Drake, convince her that Shakil is to blame and encourage her to get revenge. Louise sends a naked photo of Shakil to them from Bex's phone, distressing Bex. Louise tells Bex not to tell Shakil who sent his photo and Louise chooses to spend time with Madison and Alexandra instead of Bex. Madison and Alexandra start to bully Bex and Louise is not supportive. When the photo of Shakil is discovered and the police are involved, Bex takes the blame for its distribution. Bex warns Louise that she will tell the police the truth so Louise confesses that Madison and Alexandra were responsible; Bex takes the blame for the incident. Madison and Alexandra attack Bex while Louise is too scared to help Bex. Bex admits to teachers Mrs. Robyn Lund and Mr. Gethin Pryce that Louise, Madison and Alexandra were responsible for her attack and sending the photo; Madison and Alexandra deny knowledge and urge Louise to do the same. After Louise reluctantly does so, Bex calls her out on her cowardice and ends their friendship. Madison and Alexandra continue to bully Bex, despite Louise's attempts at stopping them. Sonia confronts Louise and Sharon over the bullying and Sharon warns Louise that unlike Bex, Madison and Alexandra are not true friends. After discovering that Bex asked Sonia not to mention Louise's name to the school, Louise realises that she needs to apologise to Bex, but she rejects this.

Madison and Alexandra decide to get revenge on Louise; when Louise confides in Madison and Alexandra about Phil's alcoholism, they use it against her. They suggest a night at Louise's house for the three of them, but they hide vodka and invite several people. Madison and Alexandra spike Louise's drink, making her drunk. Louise coughs up blood and collapses so Bex helps her. Louise is hospitalised with paralysis and Sharon tells Louise that Bex helped her; Louise apologises to Bex, which Bex rejects. Madison and Alexandra deny knowing how Louise got drunk and claim that Travis spiked her drink. Louise starts dating Travis but Madison and Alexandra tell her that he is only interested in sex, and when Travis kisses her, she runs away.

Keegan claims that he and Louise had sex at the party and reveals that he knows about Louise's birthmark, which Madison and Alexandra support. Bex persuades Louise to do a pregnancy test, which is negative. Madison and Alexandra claim that Keegan has chlamydia so Bex accompanies Louise to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Louise is upset to discover that Keegan is moving to Albert Square and is heartbroken when Travis ends their relationship, believing the rumours about her and Keegan. Louise confides in Sharon that she thinks that Keegan raped her and the police take a statement from Louise. She has to undergo a physical examination and Keegan is arrested on suspicion of rape, despite revealing that he lied. The investigation is dropped and Sharon confronts Keegan; he explains that Dennis told him about Louise's birthmark and apologises. Louise and Travis reunite, Madison and Alexandra's bullying of Bex is publicly exposed and Bex and Lousie make amends.

At prom, Travis arranges a candlelit area for him and Louise. Madison and Alexandra arrive and Louise berates them; Alexandra pushes Louise onto the lit candles, leaving her with third degree skin burns that require skin grafts. Louise is unhappy when Lisa arrives at the hospital and after arguing over feeling abandoned and blamed, Louise admits that she is scared. Louise is distressed when Travis visits her in hospital. Lisa lies to Louise that she has been discharged and takes Louise during a crucial stage in her recovery. Louise struggles without her medication but Lisa prevents her from using the phone. Louise realises that Lisa is mentally unstable, but chooses to stay and comfort Lisa when she becomes distressed. Phil saves Louise and she returns to hospital. Louise is discharged and confides in Phil about feeling guilty over Lisa. Louise is permanently scarred by the fire and Travis' protectiveness overwhelms Louise so she ends their relationship. Louise asks Bex for her opinion on her scars; Bex convinces Louise to look at them. Louise is thrilled when Mel returns to Walford and reunites with Mel's son, Hunter Owen. Tiffany Butcher tries to matchmake Louise and Hunter, and despite insisting that he is not interested in Louise, Hunter kisses her. Hunter suggests that they have sex and they discuss it and her scars; Hunter reassures Louise that he will wait. Hunter persuades Phil to link the CCTV of his club, E20, to his phone on the opening night. Prior to the opening, Louise and Hunter have sex at the club with Hunter winking at the CCTV camera beforehand. Phil is enraged when he watches the CCTV.

After Shakil dies from being stabbed, the teenagers spend time at E20 to celebrate his life, where money is stolen from the safe. In a game of 'Spin The Bottle' Keegan and Tiffany kiss which makes Louise jealous, showing she has feelings for him. However, she further comforts Keegan after Shakil's death. Afterwards, Louise and her friends received an anonymous text reading "I know what you did last night". When it emerges that Hunter sent the texts, Louise ends their relationship and tells Mel.

Louise develops a crush on Keanu Taylor, but he does not like her back and unbeknownst to the Mitchells, is having an affair with Louise's stepmother, Sharon. Louise decides to move on and begins a relationship with Keanu's half-brother, Keegan, which is only ever about sex and doesn't go anywhere. Louise turns to Ray Kelly (for comfort and tries to kiss him but he rejects her. Hunter warns Louise that Ray is dangerous and she eventually discovers his true colours. Louise continues her on/off fling with Keanu and Phil pays Keanu to look after Louise when he becomes scared that his Spanish rivals will kidnap her.

Louise grows close to one of them, Midge and whilst walking on George Street, Midge and his men kidnap Louise. She's driven to a shipping container where they threaten her and tie her hands behind her back and gag her with a cloth. They plan to sell her off into sex trade in Odessa, and Midge threatens to throw acid in her face if she doesn't sit down and allow her ankles to be bound. She's left crying in the container, and only able to barely move. Keanu eventually finds Louise who makes noise by moaning through her gag and finds her in tears and begs him to untie her. He unties her, but Midge knocks him out and locks both of them inside, leaving Louise crying out. Once Keanu comes round he unties Louise and she helps him through a panic attack and during a heart-to-heart, Louise learns that a relationship with Keanu is not possible and they manage to escape and find Phil and Ben. Later that day, despite what Keanu said earlier; he begins to have real feelings towards her and wants them to begin a relationship thus they sleep together.

Louise and Keanu briefly enjoy their relationship together until Louise finds out that she is pregnant. Louise is scared that Keanu will leave her, but they agree to raise the baby together. However, Louise overhears Keanu and Phil talking about Phil paying Keanu to date Louise for protection, which causes Louise to break up with him. Louise later lies and tells Keanu that the pregnancy was a false alarm, but secretly tells Sharon that she wants an abortion. Louise talks to her distant cousin Lola Pearce about motherhood, which causes Louise to reconsider the abortion and she decides to keep the baby. Keanu finds out about Louise's choice for an abortion, which causes him to sleep with Sharon again. She reconciles with Keanu and they become engaged.

After Stacey Fowler attacks Phil trying to protect Martin Fowler, Keanu is believed to be the culprit, so Louise runs away with him to stay with Lisa. Louise returns to Albert Square with Keanu and Lisa, but while she is catching up with Bex in The Queen Vic, a vengeful Hunter takes the pub full of wedding guests hostage, wounding Ben in a scuffle. Hunter then grabs a pregnant Louise, Bex offering he take her instead, but Louise goes outside with Hunter anyway, who threatens to kill her if police marksmen don't disarm. Keanu runs towards them to rescue Louise, but Hunter shoots him, dropping Louise to the floor. A police marksman then shoots Hunter, and his body falls on Louise. When Louise turns 18, Mel Owen buys Louise a car. However, when she is driving to tell Phil the truth regarding Sharon and Keanu's affair, Mel gets into a car crash, and dies after being hit by a lorry. Lisa convinces herself that Sharon killed Mel in an attempt to keep the affair a secret, leading to Louise beginning to worry about Lisa's mental health. Fearing for the safety of herself and the unborn baby, she moves back in with Sharon and Phil.

Louise gives birth to her daughter, Peggy Taylor. Phil and Ben quiz Louise, asking if there were any men around the house the previous summer and Ben says that they think Sharon was having an affair. She works out who it was but tells the pair that she has no idea. She asks Keanu if he is the father of Sharon's baby, which he confirms. She lashes out, but when Keanu suggests running away, she agrees. However, she sets him up, and lets Martin take Keanu away to be murdered on Ben and Phil's behalf. Louise gives back the engagement ring to Karen Taylor which belonged to her mother. Louise feels guilt over sending Keanu to be murdered, causing her to lose sleep and become tired. When Peggy cries relentlessly, Louise goes to smother her with a pillow, but before she can, Lisa stops her. Louise then confesses to her that she was part of Keanu being killed. Louise, Lisa and Phil flee Walford with baby Peggy due to them believing they all may be arrested for Keanu's "death", after Sharon reported Phil to the police. Phil decided to return to Walford when he discovers Keanu is infact still alive, Louise decides to stay in Portugal with Lisa. Phil would visit Louise the following year after Lisa had an accident.

Kill count

Attempted murder victims

  1. Keanu Taylor (25 December 2019) (instigated/on the orders of Phil Mitchell) - Helps Phil and Ben Mitchell conspire to murder Keanu, after she gets Keanu on his own she helps Martin Fowler (Whom had been ordered by Ben to carry out the killing) to kidnap Keanu. Martin however let's Keanu go later on, Though Phil and Ben showed no remorse Louise was very grief stricken and later has a mental break down due to her actions.
  2. Peggy Taylor (13 January 2020) - Attempts to suffocate Peggy with a pillow during a mental breakdown, but is interrupted by Lisa Fowler.

Resident history

Address Years
31 Albert Square 2002-2003
46 Albert Square 2010
55 Victoria Road 2016-2020
43 Albert Square 2019-2020
Portugal 2020 to present


  • Attempted murder
  • Blackmail

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