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Here remains a record of all the original characters and cast from EastEnders when the show initially premiered in February 1985. The listing is classified by departure date, with the most recent departure being at the peak of the list, and the first farewell being at the ground of the list.

Ian Beale is the longest serving character in the show and from the original cast, who has prevailed in the show for over thirty years without having any breaks in tenure. The second longest serving character is Kathy Beale, who was the first longest-serving cast member until 1998 when she took a skimpy departure but making several guest appearances between 1999 and 2000 before leaving permanently, and then after fourteen years it was announced that Gillian Taylforth was reprising her role in the show's thirtieth anniversary in 2015 and ever since she has remained in the show.

From the original cast Nejdet Salih, Bill Treacher, Leonard Fenton, Andrew Johnson, Peter Dean, Shreela Ghosh, Anita Dobson, John Altman, Gillian Taylforth, Letitia Dean, Adam Woodyatt, Susan Tully, Tom Watt, Oscar James, Linda Davidson, Paul J. Medford and Shirley Cheriton are still alive.


Character Actor When they left
Kathy Beale Gillian Taylforth Ongoing
Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt Ongoing
Sharon Watts Letitia Dean 2020
Harold Legg Leonard Fenton 2019
Michelle Fowler Susan Tully and Jenna Russell 2018
Nick Cotton John Altman 2015
Pauline Fowler Wendy Richard 2006
Den Watts Leslie Grantham 2005
Mark Fowler David Scarboro and Todd Carty 2003
Ethel Skinner Gretchen Franklin 2000
Arthur Fowler Bill Treacher 1996
Pete Beale Peter Dean 1993
Ali Osman Nejdet Salih 1989
Sue Osman Sandy Ratcliff 1989
Lou Beale Anna Wing 1988
Mary Smith Linda Davidson 1988
Angie Watts Anita Dobson 1988
Lofty Holloway Tom Watt 1988
Naima Jeffery Shreela Ghosh 1987
Kelvin Carpenter Paul J. Medford 1987
Tony Carpenter Oscar James 1987
Debbie Wilkins Shirley Cheriton 1987
Andy O'Brien Ross Davidson 1986
Saeed Jeffery Andrew Johnson 1985

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