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During the life of EastEnders, there have been a total of 117 deaths, ranging from natural causes to murder, disasters, accidents and suicide. Some deaths are minor characters or characters that haven't been seen but mentioned by regular characters in the programme that may be linked, for example, Charlie Slater's wife Viv Slater was mentioned but not seen, and died off-screen in 1999.

Many regular characters are killed off-screen if the actor or actress portraying them have passed away in real life. For example, John Bardon, who played the role of Jim Branning passed away in 2014, and the character was killed off-screen a few months later. Some characters aren't killed off even when the actor dies in real life (it could be some years after they departed). However, some characters are still worded as dead even after the actor who played them has died. For example, Tommy Eytle who played the flirtatious old gentlemen Tommy Eytle passed away in 2007, over ten years after he left. The character hasn't been given any reference to being dead on-screen, although Jules' date of birth states the character would now be in his 100s, so he has presumably passed away.

Historical deaths (e.g. deaths of characters' parents which occurred years before the character appeared) are not included, except in cases where the deceased character had appeared in the programme and their cause of death and a rough timeframe are known, such as Angie Watts and Felix Kawalski.


No Name Date/Episode Details
1Andy O'Brien14th August 1986Struck by a lorry
2Gill Fowler25th June 1992Complications from AIDS
3Arthur Fowler20th May 1996Intracerebral hemorrhage after being bludgeoned with a lead pipe
4Tiffany Mitchell31st December 1998Skull fracture after being struck by a car driven by Frank Butcher
5Saskia Duncan14th February 1999Bludgeoned with an ashtray by Steve Owen
6Ethel Skinner7th September 2000Suicide by drug overdose assisted by Dot Cotton
7Ashley Cotton14th June 2001Crashed on a motorbike sabotaged by Nick Cotton
8Audrey Trueman7th September 2001Intracerebral hemorrhage from being struck by falling debris
9Jane Williams11th January 2002Ovarian cancer
10Steve Owen1st March 2002Blast injury from a car explosion, caused by himself
11Tom Banks1st November 2002Blast injury from an explosion during a house fire, started by Trevor Morgan
12Trevor Morgan1st November 2002Blast injury from an explosion during a house fire, started by himself
13Jamie Mitchell25th December 2002Ruptured spleen after being struck by a car driven by Martin Fowler
14Roy Evans17th March 2003Heart attack
15Jack Dalton18th July 2003Shot by Dennis Rickman
16Barry Evans1st January 2004Head injuries after being pushed down a cliff by Janine Butcher
17Laura Beale30th April 2004Cervical fracture after falling down a flight of stairs
18David Collins31st December 2004Huntington's disease
19Andy Hunter18th February 2005Pushed off a flyover by Johnny Allen
20Den Watts18th February 2005Bludgeoned with a doorstop by Chrissie Watts
21Leo Taylor12th August 2005Suicide by heroin overdose
22Nana Moon16th December 2005Aortic aneurysm
23Dennis Rickman1st January 2006Stabbed by Danny Moon on orders from Johnny Allen
24Danny Moon31st March 2006Shot by Jake Moon
25Johnny Allen20th October 2006Heart attack
26Evie Brown8th December 2006Breast cancer
27Pauline Fowler25th December 2006Intracerebral hemorrhage after being bludgeoned with a frying pan by Joe Macer
28Joe Macer26th January 2007Fell from a window
29Jed9th March 2007Bus accident
30Kevin Wicks31st December 2007Car accident, caused by himself
31May Wright18th June 2008Suicide by gas explosion
32Jase Dyer28th August 2008Stabbed by Terry Bates
33David19th December 2008Heart attack
34Danielle Jones2nd April 2009Struck by a car driven by Janine Butcher
35Tommy Clifford23rd April 2009Kidney failure
36Trina Johnson3rd September 2009Exsanguination after being impaled on a rake by Lucas Johnson
37Owen Turner26th November 2009Strangled by Lucas Johnson
38Archie Mitchell25th December 2009Bludgeoned with a bust by Stacey Slater
39Bradley Branning19th February 2010Fell from a roof
40Lydia Simmonds13th June 2011Natural causes
41Rob Grayson25th August 2011Drowned during a fight with Ryan Malloy
42Yusef Khan26th December 2011Building collapse during a house fire
43Pat Evans1st January 2012Pancreatic cancer
44Heather Trott21st March 2012Bludgeoned with a picture frame by Ben Mitchell
45Derek Branning25th December 2012Heart attack
46Michael Moon31st October 2013Stabbed by Janine Butcher
47Carl White1st January 2014Bludgeoned with a car boot lid by Ronnie Mitchell
48Emma Summerhayes1st January 2015Intracerebral hemorrhage after being struck by a car sabotaged by Nick Cotton and driven by Roxy Mitchell
49Nick Cotton13th February 2015Respiratory failure following an impure heroin overdose
50Cyril Bishop19th March 2015Cancer
51Stan Carter10th April 2015Prostate cancer
52Charlie Slater6th January 2016Heart attack
53Peggy Mitchell17th May 2016Suicide by drug overdose
54Margaret Midhurst5th July 2016Cervical fracture after being pushed off a balcony by Gavin Sullivan
55Roxy Mitchell1st January 2017Drowned following a cardiac arrest caused by cold shock response
56Ronnie Branning1st January 2017Drowned after being weighed down by her wedding dress
57Steven Beale8th September 2017Cardiac arrest after a liver bleed from being pushed into a countertop by Max Branning
58Abi Branning19th January 2018Life support switched off following brainstem death after falling from a roof
59Shakil Kazemi25th May 2018Stabbed during a gang attack
60Ray Kelly3rd January 2019Shot by Hunter Owen
61Harold Legg15th February 2019Pancreatic cancer


No Name Date/Episode Details
1Reg CoxFebruary 1985Bludgeoned with a lead pipe by Nick Cotton
2Hassan Osman20th June 1985Sudden infant death syndrome
3Stuart26th September 1985Leukaemia
4Irene Holloway18th June 1987Lung cancer
5Tom Clements21st April 1988Heart attack
6Lou Beale26th July 1988Natural causes
7Trevor Kellow9th February 1989Suicide by hanging
8Donna Ludlow13th April 1989Choked on her own vomit following a suicidal heroin overdose
9Benny Bloom12th September 1989Natural causes
10Harry Osborne22nd February 1990Natural causes
11Charlie Cotton9th July 1991Lorry accident
12Eddie Royle10th September 1991Stabbed by Nick Cotton
13Mo Butcher31st December 1992Alzheimer's disease
14Stephanie Watson31st December 1992Struck by a car driven by Pat Butcher
15Pete Beale9th December 1993Staged car accident
16Rose Chapman9th December 1993Staged car accident
17Alan Hall8th March 1994Blast injuries from a fire started by Phil Mitchell
18Joe Wallace28th July 1994Complications from AIDS
19Debbie Bates22nd June 1995Struck by a car
20Clive Dixon2nd October 1997Suicide by drug overdose
21Natasha Butcher27th November 1997Aborted because of spina bifida
22Cindy Beale5th November 1998Pulmonary embolism during childbirth
23Reenie Branning8th October 1999Pneumonia
24Barbara Owen26th July 2001Heart discease
25Harry Slater1st February 2002Heart attack
26Angie Watts8th April 2002Cirrhosis of the liver due to alcoholism
27Rosa di Marco24th June 2002Heart attack
28Geoff Morton4th March 2004Suicide by gunshot
29Mark Fowler12th April 2004Complications from AIDS
30Vivienne Hobbs28th June 2004Placental abortion
31Paul Trueman23rd December 2004Shot by a mob-affiliated hitman on orders from Andy Hunter
32Neil Miller18th March 2005Car accident
33Sue Miller18th March 2005Car accident
34Felix Kawalski2005Natural causes
35Nora Swann16th February 2005Pneumonia
36Margaret Wilson1st June 2006Fell and struck her head on a mantel
37Cedric Lucas13th October 2006Pancreatic cancer
38Stella Crawford20th July 2007Suicide by jumping from a roof
39Frank Butcher31st March 2008Throat cancer
40Jack Edwards5th May 2010Car accident
41Billie Jackson9th October 2010Chocked on his own vomit from alcohol poisoning
42James Branning31st December 2010Sudden infant death syndrome
43Siobhan3rd November 2011Cervical cancer
44Lorraine Stevens22nd May 2012Pancreatitis caused by alcoholism
45Tony King26th July 2013Suicide
46Lucy Beale18th April 2014Bludgeoned with a jewellery box by Bobby Beale
47Carol HanleyFebruary 2015Cancer
48Jim Branning9th April 2015Heart attack
49Zaair Kazemi28th August 2015Stillborn
50Fatboy25th December 2015Unknown causes
51Joel Reynolds28th January 2016Speedboat accident
52Stephanie Reynolds28th January 2016Speedboat accident
53Paul Coker18th July 2016Beaten by Simon Atmore and Frankie Byrne in a homophobic attack
54Sylvie Carter30th March 2017Electrocuted in the bath
55Luke Browning5th December 2017Murdered by Aidan Maguire
56Joyce Murray29th March 2018Natural causes

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