This is a list of actors who have portrayed more than one notable character. Organised by surname.

Anna Acton

Adam Astill

Michelle Austin

Lucy Bayler

Kellie Bright

Michael Brogan

Daisy Beaumont

Ian Burfield

Ricky Champ

Daniel Coonan

Gerry Cowper

Doña Croll

Amerjit Deu

Jamie Foreman

Douglas Fielding

Tanya Franks

Tanveer Ghani

Max Gold

Roger Griffiths

Mitchell Hunt

Cornell John

Elliott Jordan

Carol Harrison

Mona Hammond

Suzette Llewellyn

Joseph Marcell

Neil McDermott

Ashley McGuire

Ann Mitchell

Billy Murray

Cathy Murphy

Carli Norris

Cindy O'Callaghan

Diane Parish

Clare Perkins

Pooja Rawal

Leslie Schofield

Roger Sloman

David Spinx

Lorraine Stanley

Elaine Tan

Ellen Thomas

Shaun Williamson

Gary Webster

Nina Wadia

Kierston Wareing

Hannah Waterman

Gary Whelan

Jake Wood

Lorraine Stanley

Robert Swann

Lucy Bayler

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