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Linda Bernadette Carter (née Peacock) is the daughter of John and Elaine Peacock, ex-wife of Mick Carter and mother of Lee, Nancy, Johnny, Ollie and Annie Carter. She made her first appearance on 19 December 2013.


Born and raised in Watford, Linda Carter is no stranger to life as a landlady. Linda's mum, Elaine Peacock, owned a pub in which Linda grew up in. Since she was a teenager, Linda has been dating Mick Carter. Although they were not officially married at this time, Linda and Mick lied to their family for years that they actually were. After Linda's father, John Peacock, died, she became bulimic but did not tell Mick or her mother, although they knew and didn't tell her in fear of making it worse. After she became pregnant with Lee Carter, it stopped.

At the age of seventeen, Linda modelled topless for the Sun's page 3 feature (Tuesday 7 March 1995) - which some Albert Square residents discovered, upon her arrival.


Linda as a Page 3 model (Tuesday 7 March 1995)

In 2013, Linda and Mick finally secured enough funds to buy their own pub and packed their bags, bought The Queen Victoria and moved to Walford. Linda’s grandfather, Pat Peacock, was a pro Boxer named Prancing Pat Peacock.


2013-2016: Arrival, rape ordeal, marrying Mick and giving birth to Ollie[]

In December 2013, Linda's sister-in-law, Tina Carter brings her sister Shirley Carter to a pub in Watford, which turns out to be Linda and Mick's. Linda is in the middle of a raffle and Linda and Shirley don't seem to be too pleased to see each other. Linda asks Shirley what she is doing here and Tina says it was her fault and they don't want any trouble. As Shirley turns to leave, Linda asks Shirley if she is going to ask how Mick is as it's been fifteen years and whether she cares. Shirley asks if Mick is out the back, but Linda tells her he's out and won't be back till that night at the earliest. Tina persuades Shirley to stay for a drink and Shirley asks Linda how the kids are and Linda says they are great before asking Shirley how hers are. Tina changes the subject and tells Linda that she's staying with Shirley and Linda says there's always a bed at her place for Tina. Tina asks if they could come back in a couple days to see Mick, dropping the hint of possibly spending Christmas together, but Linda says it's one thing having a drink with them and another spending Christmas with them. Linda then brings up the fire Shirley caused accidentally on Christmas and how they lost so much before telling Shirley she did her kids a favour by walking out on them and she asks Shirley if she has any idea how much she hurt Mick. As they leave, Linda reminds Tina that she is welcome and Shirley asks Linda to tell Mick that she misses him.

On Boxing Day 2013, Linda along with Mick, Johnny Carter (her son) and Lady Di (her dog) arrive in Walford after they bought The Queen Victoria. When Phil Mitchell is kicking everyone out, Phil is confused to how Mick knows Shirley and Shirley reveals to Phil that Mick is her brother. The following morning, the day when Mick and Linda are suppose to open for the first time, Linda looks out of the window and sees Tina and Shirley at the door with their belongings and Mick tells her they're moving in and Linda has objections to Shirley moving in, but is fine with Tina. Mick explains to Linda that his sisters are important to him and Linda says the deal is that the minute things go wrong, he needs to step up. When Tracey turns up for work, Linda explains to Tracey that they won't be needing her at The Vic because they've always done it themselves and now they have Shirley and Tina. Mick and Linda encounter a problem when Mick realises they haven't got any beer and Tina says they are almost out of snacks and spirits. Shirley informs them that Kat and Alfie Moon had a deal on, which was a £1 a drink and Mick and Linda wonder if Shirley can get stuff from the soup kitchen on tick, but Shirley packed in the job. Linda isn't pleased with Shirley and she tells Mick to step up. Whilst Mick and Shirley sort out the problem, Linda tries to get Wi-Fi to talk to her eldest son Lee in Afghanistan. As Sharon passes, Linda tells her what she's doing and after getting off on the wrong foot, Sharon tells Linda that she has Wi-Fi. After, Linda apologises to Sharon Watts for how she was as Shirley turned up and they have major history and she tells Sharon that she wouldn't believe the stuff Shirley's done in the past before advising her to stay well clear. Alfie helps the Carter's get hold of more stock in time for their opening after Mick and Shirley persuaded him and Kat. A few days later, Mick and Linda find out that their daughter, Nancy Carter, is getting married to Wayne Ladlow. They don't like the idea of her marrying him so on the day of the wedding, Mick picks up Nancy and walks out with her.


Linda sits with Johnny, upset and in disbelief after she overheard him coming out to Mick.

When Johnny reveals to Mick he is gay, Linda overhears and is devastated by the news. The next morning, Linda gives Johnny toast with jam for breakfast, but Mick says Johnny doesn't eat jam and never has. She tells him it's that or nothing. Mick defends Johnny telling her that she must be trying to prove a point. Later, Mick tells Linda that they need to talk and Linda says it's about time and she heard him and Johnny, but she refuses to talk about it as she thinks she knows her children and Johnny isn't gay. In the bar, Shirley says that ignoring Johnny's sexuality isn't going to make it go away and it's permanent and Shirley tells Linda that she isn't surprised Johnny couldn't talk to her and he seemed desperate when she spoke to him and Linda tells Shirley that when it comes to her kids, she should back off. Later, Linda tells Mick that she wants Shirley out and she tells Shirley that she is sacked as she runs The Vic, so she decides who does and doesn't work as the pub is the family's, which is her, Mick and the kids. Shirley says that Linda is kicking off as she has just found out Johnny is gay, which the whole pub hears. Later, Mick tells Linda that it's a shock Johnny is gay, but Linda says she knew and she feels it's her fault as Johnny nearly died when he was a baby and she'd never let anything hurt him, but she's protected him his whole life and she feels men will just hurt him as he is sensitive and too accepting. Linda refuses to have a son who is gay and she doesn't have a son who is gay.


Johnny finds a dog tag in the meat.

Johnny finds a dog tag whilst grinding meat in the meat grinder and he and Shirley believe it is dog meat instead of lamb. The next day when Linda catches Shirley throwing away the pies, Shirley says the pies are off and the meat is dodgy and Linda samples a pie. Later, Johnny reveals to Linda that the meat is dog and not lamb and they have a visit from the Environmental Health, who inform them that if the meat isn't suitable for human consumption, they could face a hefty fine and a possible custodial sentence. Later, Linda receives a phone call to tell them the meat was lamb and not dog.


Mick gives Linda a birthday kiss.

On Linda's birthday, Mick, dressed in Linda's dressing gown, brings Linda breakfast in bed and suggestively says she should open her birthday present and they start to kiss. Nancy, without realising, puts her head round the door, but shuts it quickly and she turns the music up in the kitchen, telling Johnny it's not normal how much their parents see of each other and to think of their mental scars. Dean Wicks, who is Mick's nephew, visits with a birthday card for Linda, but Johnny and Nancy explain the awkward situation by saying their mum is having a lie-in and Dean says he'll give her card to her later. When Elaine cancels their shopping trip, Mick bribes Nancy into going with money and on their way, Linda persuades Nancy to try on a dress for her and they bump into Dean, who gives Linda her birthday card for a free treatment at Blades. Dean says they've had a cancellation and both he and Nancy encourage her to go and at The Vic, Mick informs Linda that her birthday surprise has been delayed until the weekend. When Linda's birthday surprise arrives, Mick asks Nancy to keep Linda distracted but Linda notices what her birthday surprise is when she looks out of the window, which is Lee, who has returned from Afghanistan. Linda and Nancy decide to play Mick and Johnny at their own game by pretending Linda is ill, however, they soon realise that Linda knows and Linda is delighted to have Lee home. The Carter's hold a birthday do at The Vic with karaoke for Linda and Shirley also arrives back at The Vic with Heather Trott's son, George Trott and she introduces George to Mick and Linda. Johnny tells his parents that he's invited Gianluca Cavallo to Linda's birthday karaoke. Johnny later brings him to The Vic and introduces him the family.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 18.24

Linda tells Mick she wants another baby.

At the end of the party, Mick tells Linda that with the kids cleaning up down in the bar, they have a good half an hour to themselves and he asks Linda if she enjoyed her night and whether he can do anything else. Linda reveals to Mick that she wants another baby. Mick is stunned by the revelation and assumes Linda is joking about it, but he realises she is serious and he apologises to Linda, telling her no. Mick asks where it is all coming from and Linda fears for when the kids leave and who she will be if she isn't their mother. Mick tells Linda that they have years ahead of them to focus on each other and if they did have another baby, they wouldn't have freedom until they were in their 50's and they'd have to look after a child for the next 18 years with nappies, teething, schools and puberty. Mick tells Linda that they don't need a baby as they have each other. Looking at their family photo in the kitchen, Linda thinks it would be wonderful to have another child and Mick realises he won't get any peace until he agrees and they share a passionate kiss. In bed, Linda is concerned as Johnny should be back home after walking Gianluca to the station and Mick tells her to text him, knowing she won't stop worrying until she does. Linda gets out of bed to make sure Johnny has arrived home safely as Mick reminds her of the time Johnny was born and he was in an incubator whilst she had an infection. Linda snaps at Mick, feeling that he only brought it up to put her off the idea of having another baby. An upset Linda goes downstairs to the kitchen to get some food for Johnny when Mick starts singing their song, Pretty Flamingo and after, Mick and Linda kiss. Mick realises the real reason for Linda wanting to have another baby as she thinks that once the kids leave home, Mick would stop loving her or have an affair and Mick says it's ridiculous as he will always love her. Mick then goes on to say that maybe she would stop worrying if they made it official and he asks Linda to marry him, but Linda says no. Mick reminds her that they were always going to make it proper one day and Linda questions whether he means if the last 25 years between them haven't been proper. Linda asks if he has a spare £20,000 because if she would have to tell the kids they aren't actually married, she'll have the wedding of all weddings, but she doesn't need it as her feelings towards him haven't changed since she was 12. They then reminisce about their wedding they had as kids in the back of her dad's pub and it meant as much to her as a big wedding would have done. Mick agrees that he feels the same and she asks him to stop proposing as she will start to doubt what they have together since they were kids. Mick tells Linda that he will find £20,000 and they will have a wedding everyone will talk about. As Mick heads off upstairs, Dean emerges and asks Linda if it's true that she and Mick aren't married and he agrees not to tell anyone.


Mick volunteers to swim to help Janet Mitchell's school raise money for a bus, but Mick cannot swim and Linda asks what he is going to do when they find out. Mick conquers his fears and swims and on his way home, Mick is arrested for kerb crawling and Linda discovers this after receiving a phone call from Mick's lawyer to say that Mick is in court the following day at 2pm. Mick initially doesn't tell Linda the reason why he is in court, but Linda demands to know the reason and Mick explains that he was arrested for soliciting with a prostitute, however it was a misunderstanding and he wasn't with the prostitute, but Ian Beale was. Linda is horrified that Mick is going to take the blame for Ian. Cora Cross persuades Linda to go along to the court and show Mick her support and at the court, Cora discovers the prostitute was her daughter, Rainie Cross. To get some space from Mick and the situation, Linda goes to her mum's in Watford, who has hurt her ankle. Linda returns to Walford to help with Sharon's wedding dress and she tells Mick she's just stopping by to see how they all are. Linda tells Sharon that she missed Mick when she was at her mum's, but seeing him again brought it all back and the fact he didn't think about what it would to do to them. Sharon tells Linda that she and Mick have the strongest marriage, but Linda drops the bombshell that she and Mick aren't even married. In The Vic, Mick asks Nancy if she'd go to her grandmother's to give Linda a break and whilst Mick arranges it with Elaine, Mick learns that Linda's mum is okay now. Back at Sharon's, Linda explains to Sharon how she and Mick had a pretend ceremony as kids and they were meant to do it properly one day. Mick turns up at Sharon's and he tells Linda that he spoke with her mum, who told him she'd been off crutches for a week and they should talk instead of avoiding it. Mick tells Linda he has apologised and doesn't know how to make things right and Mick says that sooner or later, she will have to make a decision unless she plans to marry someone else and the sight of seeing her in a wedding dress kills him as he didn't think the first time he would see her in one is when they split up. Mick pleads with Linda to come home, but Linda isn't sure and Mick tells her to let him know when she's made her decision. Linda later turns up at The Vic and she tells Mick that Sharon asked her what she wanted and Linda wants them to get back to being a happy family and Linda apologises for running away and she and Mick reconcile.

At Sharon and Phil's wedding reception, Shirley reveals to everyone that she and Phil slept together the previous Friday. Later, Shirley heads to Phil and Sharon's with a gun, which originally belonged to Ronnie Mitchell and Shirley accidentally shoots Phil. Dean tells Mick and Linda that it was Shirley and later, Dean is about to tell the police it was Shirley and he tells Mick that Shirley has gone. Mick brings Dean inside The Vic and he asks Linda to make sure Dean keeps quiet whilst he and Tina go and look for Shirley, who they presume to be at her aunt, Babe Smith's. Upstairs, Dean tells Linda how he can's trust women after Shirley abandoned him again and Lauren Branning dumped him and how discovering Kevin Wicks wasn't his biological father sometimes makes him feel that he doesn't want to be around. Linda tries to cheer up Dean by saying that he is bright, good looking and has his own business and after a tough time, he has come through it all. Dean then asks Linda to be honest with him and he asks her would she be kind to him if she wasn't Mick's nephew and Linda says she would, but Dean breaks down, saying he wants to know if he's not wanted and Linda tries to reassure Dean that he is wanted. When Linda goes to make Dean a hot chocolate, her and Mick's song starts to play and Dean follows her into the kitchen and he kisses Linda. Linda breaks away from him, firmly telling him to stop it. Dean ignores Linda and says that everyone is downstairs and as Dean pushes Linda on to the table, Linda tells him no and pleads for him to stop, but he ignores what she says and rapes Linda. After the attack, Linda is shaken and in shock, she makes her way to the shower and covers a towel in bleach before applying it to herself.

The following morning, Linda is about to tell Mick about Dean raping her the night before, but Mick believes she is just hungover and Linda keeps it to herself. Later, when Linda is cleaning up the bar from the previous night, she panics when she receives a text from Dean, saying he won't say about last night. Babe then arrives with a lasagne and she notices Linda looks done in, so she offers to open the bar whilst Linda rests. Whilst in bed, Johnny brings in the flowers from the kitchen, which were on the kitchen table the previous night and Linda throws them away, At lunch, Dean arrives, acting as nothing happened and Linda flees the pub. She notices Jay Brown and Dennis Rickman Jr and she asks if Sharon is at home, but Jay says because of the shooting, they are staying with Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell and Linda says she will wait for Sharon there.

A few days later, Mick tells Nancy and Johnny that Linda is still unwell. Later, Linda is sat in the room with the TV on mute and Nancy brings her mum sausage rolls and tomato soup, which was Nancy's special sick meal, with the film Dirty Dancing to watch together. Linda and Nancy then discuss Nancy's upcoming 21st birthday, but Mick interrupts them as Nancy is needed in the bar and Linda is persuaded to go downstairs to help. Downstairs in the bar, Dean tells Linda that she may think the previous night was a mistake, but it wasn't to him and he appreciates Linda being there for him when he was so alone and he'll never forget it before thanking her. Linda then retrieves her bridesmaid dress and underwear from the wardrobe and disposes of them in the bin before crying. On Nancy's birthday, Linda says they are going to have a nice family tea and Nancy thought she was joking and Linda asks Mick to back her up on it. Linda later is busy making a variety of sandwiches and Mick tells Nancy that if they'll have a quiet family tea that night and then the following day, she can be landlady of The Vic and Nancy asks if she can do musical bingo. Linda notices the photo of her with Dean, Lauren and Whitney Dean on the wall and she smashes the picture before rushing to the toilet and throws up. When Whitney, Tamwar Masood and Dexter Hartman turn up for Nancy's party, Linda asks Nancy how many more people she has invited, but Nancy asks her to calm down as there isn't that many people and later, Linda screams at everyone to get out.

Mick is concerned for Linda and he is determined to find out what is troubling her. In the kitchen when Mick touches Linda, she flinches away from Mick and this prompts Mick to confront Linda on how she hasn't been herself, but Linda sticks with the excuse that she just has a migraine. Mick points out that she flinched when he touched her and Linda reassures Mick it's got nothing to do with him and Mick begs Linda for her to tell him whatever is bothering her. Linda pretends that it was the way Lee went off at Dexter at Nancy's party and it got her thinking whether Dexter is right for Nancy. Later, Linda and Nancy have a heart to heart and Linda notices Nancy's bulldog necklace, which was a birthday gift from Dean and Linda warns Dean to stay away from her family, but Dean tells her Nancy invited him to musical bingo and if she's feeling guilty about the other night, then she needs to get over it. Mick decides to call Linda's mum, Elaine and she arrives at The Vic and she tells Mick that she isn't going anywhere until she has got to the bottom of things. Elaine asks if things between her and Mick are alright as she was concerned when Linda last stayed with her and tells her that every marriage has problems. Linda says there is something and Elaine says she knew it the minute Mick rang and that she uses a migraine as a cover up and carries on and Linda says running the pub gets on top of her at times. Elaine and Mick try to convince Linda to get dressed and go down to the bar and Elaine makes a remark on how Linda was popular with the lads, but Linda takes it seriously and snaps, saying she doesn't lead men on and after persuasion, Linda decides to go down. Linda cheers up, but Dean and Stacey then arrive and when Dean goes to order a drink from Linda, Linda backs away and Elaine's suspicions are aroused. Upstairs, Linda spots Nancy and Dexter kissing and she hits Dexter and Mick asks what is going on with her. Elaine tells Linda she's worked out what the problem is, which is Dean, and she believes Linda is sleeping with him. Linda tells her mum that she has never looked at another man and she's never been with anyone but Mick and she says that Dean has just annoyed her, but Elaine doesn't believe her and Linda furiously tells her to believe what she wants and Mick shouldn't have called her. Elaine then confesses to Linda that she had an affair with another man when Linda was 6 or 7, which lasted about 3 months and she ended up telling Linda's dad and still thinking that Linda is in the same position, she advises Linda not to tell Mick, even if he forgives her. She tells Linda that it's natural to want something different, but Dean is too close to home and Linda tells her mum to stop talking about Dean. Nancy comes in and accuses Linda of being a racist as she got the impression that she hated both Wayne and Dexter. Elaine tries to get Linda to come clean and suggests they talk to Dean, but Linda snaps and says nothing is going on between her and Dean as she is not like her. Linda explains that she tells Mick everything because she always wanted a marriage like her parents and the worst thing is that she only confessed to the affair as she believed Linda was doing the same. Later in bed, Mick and Linda kiss and when Mick starts to touch Linda, Linda begs him to stop and she breaks down in tears, saying she can't do it.

When Nancy and Mick plan a fireworks party, Linda says she wished they'd asked and she could do without it. Mick promises Nancy that he's going to fix the problem with Linda once and for all and later in the kitchen, Mick asks Linda to sit down. Mick says she isn't herself nor a close version of her and he's worried for her. When Linda tells him it's nothing, Mick tells her not to say that as he isn't going to wear it and he's played it her way, but he isn't going to ignore it any longer. Mick tells Linda that she is not sleeping, he can't remember when he saw her smile and all he does is hear her cry. Linda palms Mick off with another lie, which is that she's been feeling upset about hitting Dexter, but Mick isn't convinced and he tells Linda that he is going to book her an appointment at the doctor's. When Nancy tells Linda she's going to Dexter's for dinner, Linda suggests Dexter comes to them and it will give her a chance to clear the air and she'll get Babe to help. When Nancy lays the kitchen table, Linda says they will eat in the lounge and later, when Linda is in the kitchen on her own, she causes the table to collapse and she, Mick, Linda and Dexter eat in the lounge. Mick runs Linda a bath, telling her he was proud of her and Mick then tells Linda that he has booked her a doctor's appointment and whatever the problem is, they will deal with it together. When Mick pours in Lavender bubble bath, the scent makes her physically throw up and as Mick helps her, he tells Linda that he's sussed out the problem, which is that she is pregnant.

In bed, Mick reassures Linda and he now has a better understanding of why she has been behaving so oddly and he says they will do a test and take it from there. Linda tries to convince Mick that she isn't pregnant as she is on the pill nor does she feel pregnant as she isn't craving apples like she did with the others and she doesn't have any symptoms. In the kitchen, Linda picks up an apple without thinking and she bumps into Mick, both knowing the possible reason. Linda says she doesn't even want it and gives it to Mick. In the pharmacy, Linda awkwardly picks up a pregnancy testing kit with other items and when she leaves, fear grips her as she notices Dean. A clearly worried Linda sits in the garden when Pam Coker rushes over to her and asks her whether she and Mick would consider being December for the calendar they're doing for charity and Linda declines. In the bathroom, Linda takes the pregnancy test whilst Mick loiters outside and when Linda emerges, she breaks to him that it was a false alarm and Mick finds it difficult to hide his disappointment. In the living room, Linda notices the photo albums open and Mick tells her he couldn't resist looking at photos to remind him of how cute their children were when they were younger. Linda apologises to Mick as she knew he had built his hopes up and Mick says he was just thinking what it would be like to have another boy or another girl, but Linda says they will make do with the children they have before telling him they have a fireworks night to put on. Later on in the bathroom, Linda opens the pregnancy test, which has a positive result.

Mick talks to Linda about the other week when they thought she was pregnant and it keeps nagging away at him and he reveals to Linda that they should have a baby. Linda tells Mick that when she wanted another baby, he didn't want to know and Mick tells they may have a girl who'd want to wear dresses, but when Mick makes a remark about having a boy who would be like his dad, Linda firmly says no as he can't change his mind on it and it's not fair. Mick apologises for bringing up the subject of having a baby at the wrong time, but Linda says that she overreacted and it's fine. Mick also tells Linda that he's worried about her and them and he asks Linda if she can remember the last time they had sex and she keeps coming up with excuses, but he knows it's not all about sex yet he wants to feel close to her again. Mick feels that he is loosing Linda, but Linda reassures Mick that he isn't loosing her and to prove it, Linda kisses Mick and she lets him undress her and they have sex. Post coital, Linda agrees with Mick when he says he missed it, but inside, she's numb. The following morning, Linda is researching a clinic up on the internet for an abortion and whilst running a bath, Linda phones the clinic and arranges a telephone consultation for 7pm that night. Sharon invites Mick and Linda to The Albert for a couple free drinks later that day and meanwhile, they babysit Bert and Ernie Moon for Kat and Alfie. At The Albert, as it approaches 7pm for Linda's telephone consultation, she asks Mick if they can leave, using a headache as an excuse for them to leave and during the consultation, Linda says the reason she wants an abortion is because she loves Mick, however she is unsure if her baby is his and she can't give him a baby that might not be his.

When Linda has arranged an appointment for an abortion, she uses going shopping for Mick's Christmas present as a cover up. Linda also learns that Lee battered Ben Mitchell for Nancy and Nancy tells Linda that Lee had a weird look in his eyes and that she'd never seen him like that before. Linda rearranges her appointment and finds Lee in the park and Lee explains how they had sparring matches back at camp and he went for someone once and it took 4 people to get him off. Lee admits that he is scared that one day no one will be there to stop him and Linda feels it's the army that have caused Lee to be how he is, but Lee says it's due to anger building up inside and wanting to tell someone and being scared that they won't understand, so he keeps it buried. Linda reminds Lee that he's not on his own and he has her, Mick and Whitney and if he needs proper help, then they'll sort that and the next time he gets angry, he is to come and find her. Linda returns to The Vic and speaks to the clinic on the phone and Mick wonders who it was, thinking it's his Christmas surprise and whilst Linda goes to the kitchen, Mick rings the number on Linda's phone and he confronts Linda to why she is ringing the clinic. Linda lies to Mick, saying it's a beauty clinic her mum's friend put her onto it, but Mick knows when Linda is lying and he asks why she rang the clinic and why she never told him as he thought they were best friends and told each other everything. Mick asks how many weeks pregnant she is and Linda admits to being around 7 weeks and Mick learns that Linda was planning to have an abortion. In the kitchen, Mick begins to explain how he asked her if she was pregnant and she lied to him and that kills him more than anything. He points out to Linda that she was the one who initially wanted a baby, but Linda says he didn't and he said they were too old and they have a life and Mick says he came round to the idea. Linda says the reason she didn't tell him is because once he knew, she'd be having the baby whether she wanted it or not and Mick angrily asks Linda when he has ever made her do something she didn't want to do. Later on, Linda tells Mick that they should keep the baby when he says he doesn't recognise her anymore and when Mick asks what is going on with her, Linda says she just panicked and she wanted what was best for them and thought a baby might ruin them. When Mick asks what changed, Linda says that it's knowing that he wants the baby too and she's starting to see things differently.

Mick tells Shirley that Linda is pregnant and Dean isn't happy with Mick after phoning the police on Buster Briggs, who turned out to be his real father, to inform them where Buster was. Shirley tells Dean that Mick has a lot on and she informs Dean that Linda is pregnant. Dean congratulates Linda and Linda asks him who told him, but Dean says the matter is whether it's his or not, but Linda says it isn't. Dean then asks how many weeks Linda is again, but she again tells him that the baby isn't his. Linda and Mick are both delighted with Johnny when he has averaged a first in his grades and Mick gives him money to treat himself but they aren't happy when Johnny shows them a moped he bought. When Linda notices Denise Fox cleaning in the bar, she learns that Mick has taken on Denise for a trial period and Mick tells Johnny and Linda that Denise stays and Johnny gets rid of the moped. Johnny refuses to get rid of the bike as he is old enough to make his own decision and Linda snaps at Dean and tells him to stay away from her family and she can't stand him being around all the time. Mick pulls Linda to the side and says the trouble is with Johnny, not Dean and they should let Johnny spread his wings a bit, plus they'll have a baby to worry about soon. Upstairs, Linda admits to Mick that she can't have the baby.

Mick talks to Linda about her decision and booking the clinic, but Linda has already booked the clinic and she doesn't want it and Mick asks if he has a choice in it. Mick believed Linda was alright with having the baby, but Linda says she did it for Mick after everything that happened with Shirley and Buster and she wanted Mick to be happy, however she has been living with it and she doesn't want it. Meanwhile, Johnny falls off his moped and injures his arm and Linda helps him clean it up. Later, Mick tells Linda he will get Johnny to get rid of the moped and changes the subject onto the baby and he offers to listen whilst Linda talks. Linda says that they haven't got the money and their children are running wild plus she wants to be there for them. When Mick asks if Linda would want to have another child running around and to hold their baby again, Linda says no as she doesn't need a baby if he is never going to leave her as he is enough.

Linda goes to the clinic on her own after telling Mick to look after Tina and watch out for Shirley after Tosh Mackintosh beat up Tina after misreading the signals between Tina and Sonia Fowler's friendship. Whilst signing the forms, the consultant asks Linda if she is sure about her decision and Linda says having an abortion is one thing she never thought she would be doing as a baby was all she wanted a few months ago. She also adds that her and Mick wanted 4 children, however something happened and she shouldn't be pregnant. Mick later arrives at the clinic and tells Linda that she is his wife and she is not letting her go through it on her own. When Linda is called into the room, she leaves and tells Mick to take her home. At The Vic, Linda tells Mick that they shouldn't say anything until she has seen the GP and had the scan and Mick believes it was the right decision and he tells Linda the next 18 years are going to be brilliant.

Linda and Mick go for the scan, where they are informed that the baby has a strong heartbeat and around 11 weeks size and both Linda and Mick are overjoyed. When they arrive back home, Linda has just told Elaine and Mick asks if she is OK with it before heading inside to tell the rest of the family. Unable to get hold of Lee, Nancy asks if they can just guess and Johnny sarcastically guesses that Linda is pregnant and everyone is shocked yet happy when it turns out to be the case. Johnny susses out that's the reason why Linda has been eating apples and Lee says he's glad he isn't the only one who's a mistake, but Linda says they prefer the term surprise and Nancy can't believe she will have a brother or sister 21 years younger than her. When Stan Carter announces to the family that he and Cora are back together, he feels that Christmas is shaping up nicely with a baby on the way and Dean with Stacey Branning and Shirley suggests to Mick that they invite Dean and Stacey over for Christmas. When Linda spots Mick asking Dean, she tells Nancy she's going to get fish and chips and she heads to Stacey's flat. Linda hovers around outside and Stacey sees her and asks if she's alright and they both head to the chip shop together. Stacey tells Linda that she's spending Christmas with Dean and she realises that Linda doesn't like Dean very much and Linda tells Stacey that she doesn't know Dean like her. Linda quickly flees the chip shop soon after and Stacey goes after her, asking what she meant and she can't just leave it. Stacey asks if something happened between her and Dean and as Linda is about to explain, Dean arrives and Linda heads back home.

Stacey visits Linda the following morning and Linda asks if it was about what she said last night and she shouldn't have said anything. Stacey says that she was going to tell her something and Linda says that Dean is young, good looking and a bit of a player and she's a bit over protective. At the Christmas raffle, Mick announces that he and Linda are expecting another baby and when Linda gives out the first prize to Stacey, a bottle of Whiskey and Dean enters The Vic and shocks Linda, which Stacey picks up on. Upstairs, Stacey explains how Linda must be feeling, such as scared, ashamed and that she must have led him on before telling Linda that she was raped. Stacey then explains her encounter of being raped and then she tells Linda she knows how it feels because Dean raped her and Linda nods her head.

In the park, Stacey says she chucked Dean out and Linda asks Stacey how long it will take before things get better and Stacey says that it will get easier, but she is unsure to whether things will get back to being completely the same. Stacey tells Linda that she never dealt with it in the right way and she should have told her family and her husband, Bradley Branning. Linda wonders what will happen if Mick can't look at her or if he thinks she caused it, but Stacey reassures Linda that none of it was her fault and Linda fears Mick will probably kill him. Linda says that Mick is excited about the baby and Stacey asks if she is worried if the baby is Dean's, but Linda doesn't know and she can't be sure plus Dean is Mick's nephew, so they're all in each others lives. Linda is adamant that Mick shouldn't know any of it and he doesn't deserve it and she can cope by eventually putting it behind her with no one else getting hurt. Stacey says that she said exactly the same thing to herself, but the truth has a way of getting out and she ended up killing Archie Mitchell and Linda says Mick would do the same to Dean. Linda says that things between her and Mick use to be amazing, but ever since the attack, she tries and pretends, but Mick knows something is up and he puts it down to the pregnancy affecting her. When Linda arrives back at The Vic, Johnny announces to his family that he is taking a gap year from University to go travelling with Gianluca. Nancy, Lee and Tina overhear Johnny explaining to Linda that with the baby on the way, it seems like the right time and he can't be her baby forever. Seeing Linda upset, Johnny offers to go after Christmas, but Linda says he should go and have an adventure, grabbing the opportunity to have fun whilst he can and they'll be many more Christmases. Nancy bursts in and can't believe Linda is letting Johnny go after he fell off his bike, but Linda says Johnny is his own man and it's up to him to choose his own life. Johnny says an emotional goodbye to his family and as Johnny gets on his bike, Linda goes after him with a Christmas present, which is a scarf and she puts it around his neck. Johnny tells Linda that she's strong and holds the family together and the baby is lucky. Stacey notices an upset Linda and asks what's happened, Linda says nothings and thanks Stacey for listening and she's going to tell Mick and Dean notices Linda and Stacey talking. Upstairs when Linda is in the kitchen, Dean enters and tells Linda she is sick and asks if she was jealous as he and Stacey were genuinely happy and Linda felt she had to protect Stacey. Dean says he gets that Linda feels bad, but she needs to stop playing the victim as they both did it and Linda tells him that he knows what he did. When Lee comes in, Dean says that Linda has been lying to him and the others and Linda thinks he will reveal the attack, making it out to be an affair and pleads with him not to, but he reveals that Linda and Mick are not married.

Dean arrives at The Vic the following day to apologise and he says sorry to Nancy and Lee as he had no right to say it, but Nancy says it's not them he needs to apologise to and Nancy says that Linda is in the barrel store. Dean tells Linda that he was out of order and he needs her to talk to Stacey to say what she said was a mistake. Dean, still convincing himself that Linda cheated on Mick with him, says it doesn't give her the right to ruin things for him and Linda orders him to get out. Dean tells Linda if she wants him to fight dirty, then he will and he threatens to tell Mick that the baby might actually be his and Linda gives in, saying she will talk to Stacey on the condition that he stays away from the pub on Christmas and every other day as well as staying away from her and her family. Linda visits Stacey and Linda hasn't told Mick and Stacey urges her too as she can't let Dean get away with it, but Linda fears Dean will hurt her family and Stacey susses out that Dean has been threatening her, which is more reason to tell Mick but Linda doesn't want to as Mick would kill Dean. Linda tells Stacey that she knows what she is doing and everyone carries on as if nothing happened, but Stacey is unsure whether she can and Linda says it happened to her, not Stacey, so it makes it her problem. Linda makes Stacey promise to let her deal with it in her own way as it is no longer about Dean, but her family.

On Christmas Day, Nancy and Lee give Linda an original, signed programme for 'Gypsy'. Later whilst cleaning the rubbish away, Linda gives Mick a present on his own, which is a West Ham United baby gro and Mick asks Nancy to cover for him whilst he picks up a special delivery before revealing that he is going to propose to Linda. Later, Mick searches through some boxes with Dean, saying that 3 years ago, he managed to get a ring exactly like her Lady Di ring, except the sapphire is real before he decorates the bedroom with fairy lights and petals. When Linda learns that Dean is upstairs with Mick, she leaves the table and Nancy tells the family that Mick is going to propose to Linda. Linda sits at the kitchen table and her and Mick's song starts to play and Mick takes Linda from the kitchen to the bedroom. He reminisces about the first time he saw Linda during football and the thing he loves most about her is her kind and honest heart, which she gave to him when they were kids and he's looked after it ever since. Mick then asks Linda if she will marry him, but she tearfully admits she can't as it's Dean and she confesses that he raped her. Mick is in a state of shock and Linda pleads with him to say he believes her and Mick assures her that he does believe her. Mick knew that the way she was acting wasn't just because she was pregnant and he realises that she wanted an abortion because the baby is Dean's, but Linda isn't sure, however it could be their baby and she is praying and hoping.


Mick demands to know what Dean did to her, but Linda doesn't want to and Mick threatens to get Dean to before ironing him out. In the living room, Linda explains to Mick what happened to her and Mick feels as if it was his fault after he told her to look after Dean and Mick feels guilty for not noticing what happened to Linda, but Linda says the reason he didn't notice is because she didn't want him to know and she didn't want him to think of her with Dean. Mick tells Linda that nothing will make him stop wanting her as she is his girl and he'll always want her. When Lee calls up to his parents, Mick feels that he can't go downstairs as if nothing has happened, however Linda is determined to protect the kids and the family and she promises Mick that after Christmas, she will go to the police. As they enter downstairs, they are congratulated by the family and Nancy asks to see the ring and Mick passes it to Linda. Nancy points out that it's identical to her mum's current ring, but Mick says the sapphire in the ring is real and during dinner, Linda gets a call from Elaine and Linda is unable to hold back her tears. Mick stops Shirley from phoning Dean and in the kitchen, he reveals to Shirley that Dean raped Linda and Shirley goes to find Dean to ask him what happened. Shirley arrives back at The Vic with Dean and she demands to speak with Mick whilst Dean tells Linda that she has to tell them what happened. Mick gets hold of Dean and he pushes him into the table, causing it to collapse and he starts punching Dean whilst Linda pleads for Mick to stop. Shirley screams that Dean is Mick's brother in desperation.

Shirley explains that she was only 14 when she had Mick and she told him then because all she could see is one of her boys trying to kill the other, but Mick tells her that he isn't her boy and Dean isn't his brother and it changes nothing before storming out of the pub. Linda then goes to Shirley and sympathises with her, saying it must have been hard, however, Shirley blames Linda for what happened and believes none of it would have happened if Linda had been straight with Mick. A seething Linda orders Shirley to collect her things and to be gone before she gets back. Linda then goes to Stacey's to see if Mick had gone round to hers to look for Dean as Mick knows what Dean did to her. Linda thinks Dean believes what happened was consensual and Stacey explains to Linda about her time in prison and Dean knows his guilty, but he just can't admit it. Linda finds Mick by the war memorial and he tells Linda that the only thing he is worried about at the moment is what Dean did to her, but Linda says she can live with what Dean did to her, however she could never live with everyone knowing and if he is unable to control his temper, then their children will find out. Linda gets Mick to promise to keep his temper under control and Mick reassures her that she doesn't have to worry. Upstairs, Stan and Shirley try to explain things to Mick, but Mick refuses to listen. When Stan says that Mick now has a brother, Mick rages tells him Dean is nothing to him as Linda comes up the stairs. Tina asks what Dean has done and Shirley defends Dean, claiming Linda is lying. Mick rages that Dean raped Linda, which is overheard by a distraught Linda and she goes to the bedroom. When Mick heads upstairs to the bedroom, where he finds Linda gone and her engagement ring on the dressing table. On George Street, Linda heads for the tube.

Linda returns the following day with Elaine. Inside, they see the state of The Vic and are stunned that Mick did it. She leaves and heads to Sharon's, much to Phil's annoyance and Mick and Elaine head over to Sharon's when Sharon texts Mick. Mick apologises to Linda for blurting out what happened, but he was just so angry for her and Linda explains that she thought she could get by without telling anyone and get back to being herself. She tells Mick that they have to make sure that it doesn't change them as that is the one thing she wanted more than anything and no one touches or breaks them or do anything to them to stop them being them. Elaine and Sharon enter and see that Linda and Mick have reconciled and Elaine wonders what everything has been about. Linda and Mick initially don't let their guard down, but Elaine knows it's to do with Dean and she was wrong to think that it was an affair. Linda finally tells her mum the truth that Dean raped her. Elaine is shocked and upset what Dean has done and Sharon tells Linda she must go to the police to get Dean arrested. Shirley arrives at Phil's and notices 4 mugs and bursts into the living room to find Linda, Mick and Elaine and she demands to know from Linda why she is still lying about Dean and Sharon and Elaine tell Phil to get her out. Later when Linda and Mick head to The Vic, Linda tells Mick that she can't be here and she asks Mick to take her away. Mick leads Linda to the car, telling her they can go wherever she wants and they go to Elaine's in Watford.

Linda and Mick return to Walford a few weeks later to find Shirley behind the bar and Dean in the pub and Mick declares the party is over. On Mick's birthday, Mick asks Linda if she is sure about putting it off until the following day and Linda is determined to have one more normal day before everything changes. Linda and Mick gather Lee, Nancy, Stan and Tina into the kitchen and Mick explains to Lee and Nancy that Dean tried it on with Linda by kissing her and Lee learns that Nancy knew about the kiss. Mick also says that Dean has been bad mouthing Linda to people and he wouldn't let it go, which resulted in Mick loosing things and Linda promises the whole thing is in Dean's head. Later, when the family eat Mick's birthday cake, Nancy tells her parents that she can't pretend everything is OK when it isn't and she tells Linda that she points out that the mum she knows wouldn't have let Dean run his mouth off and she would've told him something about himself. Shirley visits with a birthday present for Mick and she asks Linda if she can give it to Mick, but then Shirley decides to stay around and in the kitchen, Shirley says she will come around everyday until Mick listens and she will not have Linda's lies coming between her and Mick. Linda asks Shirley if she really thinks so little of her that she would make up such a thing and Shirley asks Linda why she can't just end it all before things spiral out of control and to confess that she made a mistake and she cheated on Mick because the lies and guilt will come out. Linda says she isn't lying and Dean raped her in the kitchen whilst her children were downstairs and despite telling Dean to stop, he didn't. Linda says Shirley is too scared to admit who Dean really is, but Shirley claims she knows her son and Linda asks if she does. Linda sits in the bar with her coat and bag and when Mick arrives back with Nancy and Lee, she tells him that she wants to go now as she can't put it off another day and Mick gives her the car keys. Mick and Linda arrive at Walford Police Station and they make their way inside together.

Inside at the front desk, Linda and Mick tell PC Julian Walsh that they would like to report a crime that happened a while ago, a rape. PC Walsh conducts the preliminary interview with Linda, asking her the date of when Dean raped her, where it happened and who she told. PC Walsh then leaves and returns with a colleague, PC Vanessa Jenkins and tells Linda and Mick that she's an officer attached to the Sapphire office at the station, trained to deal with serious sexual assault. PC Jenkins then tells Linda the next stage is to take a statement, which can either be handwritten or a video statement that could be used further down the line if the case goes to court so she wouldn't have to stand in a witness box and Linda opts to do a video statement. PC Jenkins tells Mick that because he is a material witness, he will have to give a separate statement and Mick says he'll do it later as he needs to be by Linda's side. PC Jenkins says it's not an option for Mick to be in the room as they don't allow anyone in the room as it can influence the person's statement without realising and Linda tells Mick she will do it by herself. When it's time for Linda to make her statement, Mick says he won't leave the station and will be there for her if she needs him.

PC Jenkins leads Linda to the interview room and introduces her to DC Stephan Franklin, the detective in charge of her case and he'll be listening to her interview in the room next door. Linda begins to give a statement, starting with how she knows Dean and her hands shake with nerves as she pours herself a glass of water and Linda says Dean turned up on the square last year and he soon settled down to become part of the family and that's when things started. Linda tells PC Jenkins about the photoshoot she agreed to take part in for Dean's salon with Lauren and Whitney and that was the first time Dean touched her inappropriately and she didn't say anything at the time as she didn't want to cause a scene. Linda also says that Dean could be sweet and he was there when she went through a bad time with Mick, but she swears never sought him out or lead him on and PC Jenkins reassures Linda she believes her. Linda tells PC Jenkins that Dean was drunk and tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away before slapping him. Linda then begins to explain about Sharon's wedding and she was pleased when Dean started dating Lauren, hoping he'd moved on and later that day, Dean was in a state after Shirley had disappeared and Mick had asked her to calm him down and no to for him to do anything stupid. Linda says she told Dean that she cared about him, but in a maternal way as he isn't much older than her kids and he was talking about suicide and she tried to comfort him. Linda also says that she went downstairs to see her kids and when she returned, the mood seemed different and she decided to make some hot chocolate to break the atmosphere before explaining that Dean followed her in and he put his arms round her and started to kiss her.

Linda says she told him no before trying to push him off and she told him to stop, but he didn't listen and he grabbed her and pushed her face down onto the table and all she could see were a vase of Lavender flowers and she use to love the smell. Linda becomes emotional as she says she always thought she would fight back, but she froze and all she could think of in her head were the lyrics to Pretty Flamingo, her's and Mick's song, which was playing downstairs. Unable to continue with her statement, Linda says she needs to see Mick and she rushes out to the waiting room, but Mick isn't there and she finds him in tears leaning against a wall outside. Mick apologises to Linda, feeling as if he has let her down, but Linda reassures that he hasn't. Linda tells him that they have to be honest with each other about what the situation is doing to them and that she can't get back to what she was or they can't get back what they had in time, but they won't if they keep pretending to be strong for one another.

EastEnders star Danny Dyer Dean is determined to stop Mick and Linda s wedding

Linda says that neither of them wanted to talk about it and that it's OK to admit he is scared because things don't seem so bad. Linda tells him that they will get through this as the alternative is not an option. Linda returns inside to continue her statement and she talks to PC Jenkins about the rape itself. Linda also says that she is 16 weeks pregnant and she and Mick are unsure of who the father is and PC Jenkins asks when she next saw Dean and Linda says Dean sent her a text the following day, saying that no one needs to know. PC Jenkins asks if Linda still has the message and her phone will be needed to be used as evidence and Linda feels as if it will be her word against Dean's and PC Jenkins explain that in a case with no witnesses, it comes down to the issue of consent. Linda asks if Dean will be arrested and PC Jenkins says in due course after Stacey has given a statement. Linda then signs the DVD and hands over her mobile before returning to Mick. A relieved Linda kisses Mick and she tells him she's done it.

2017-2019: Ollie's autism and caring for Elaine[]

In August 2017. When Linda was away in Watford caring for her ill mother, Mick kisses Whitney. Upon Linda's return, Mick confesses and Linda throws Whitney out. This kicks off a back and forth series of arguments between the pair, which dies down in November 2017. It eventually comes out that Linda was away from Walford for such a long period of time because she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. She told Jack Branning first, and she then only told Mick when she was concerned the cancer had returned. She went to the hospital and it was confirmed the cancer hadn't returned, and Linda was okay. Linda and Mick made a promise to each other that they would no longer lie to each other anymore.

In December 2017, Linda talks to Sharon after she flees The Vic, after she witnesses Mick hugging Whitney. Later, when Mick comes knocking, Linda hides in the living room. Mick tells Sharon everything and how much he loves Linda whilst she is listening from next door. He rings her phone, and discovers her in the next room. He presents her with an engraved bracelet, and asks her if they can renew their wedding vows. She says yes, but only if he fixes a spelling error on the bracelet in which he spelt "flamingo" "flamingoe".

In December 2017, the entirety of the Willmott-Brown family enter the Queen Victoria, and reveal to everyone that Weyland & Co own Grafton Hill, and as a result the pub, much to Kathy Beale's horror. They serve the Carters with an eviction notice for the Queen Victoria pub. Aidan Maguire, a crime organiser, suggests Mick gets involved in one of his jobs. Aidan then gives Mick a Christmas present and tells him to open it in private. It is a gun, so Mick can be prepared for the big job. The following day, after Linda finds the gun, Mick returns the gun to Aidan and tells him he is out of the job. Aidan is fuming. When Mick tells Linda that they should just get the vows "over with", Linda begins to think he is having second thoughts. The renewal commences, and Linda fluffs her lines, however they eventually get through their vows and a party commences in the pub.

Later that day, after Lauren and Abi Branning fell from the roof of the Queen Victoria. Karen Taylor, Sharon, Linda, Shirley and Tina can be seen in the stairwell laughing as Mick walks in. He appears angry, and asks if they heard the sirens. Mick tells them that he better make an announcement. He proclaims that there has been an accident, as the police and Keegan Baker walk in.

Callum Highway's brother and Mick's longtime friend, Stuart Highway, arrives. Tina reveals that he abused her and another person Dylan Box when they were teenagers, and she attacks him. Stuart seeks revenge on the Carters and one night, Stuart is shot in The Queen Vic. Linda initially thinks Mick shot Stuart so she dumps the gun in the canal after she finds it in the bar but she is seen by Keanu Taylor. Mick tells Linda he is innocent and she worries whether she did the right thing, though Mick reassures her. The next day, Linda is arrested for Stuart's attempted murder. However, when Stuart regains consciousness, he tells the police that Mick shot him, and Mick is arrested and remanded. Linda ends their relationship when he admits he started smothering Stuart and tells Stuart she believes that Mick shot him. Linda and Stuart begin meeting regularly and become close despite the family's protests. She tells the family she thinks Mick is guilty, throws away her wedding rings, and later throws the family out, then allows Stuart to move in, and calls a solicitor to begin divorce proceedings from Mick. When Shirley breaks into the pub to confront Linda over being manipulated by Stuart, Linda calls the police and they arrest Shirley. She is released the next day and attacks Stuart. Linda takes Shirley aside and secretly shows her that she has hidden her wedding rings in her bra: her close friendship with Stuart is actually part of a bigger plan to help get Mick out of prison as she still loves Mick and believes he is innocent. Linda then attempts to seduce Stuart to record a confession from him, but he finds the recording device. After he attempts to rape her, Linda gets him to confess that Mick did not shoot him, but he is unaware that she has a second recording device in her hair. Following this, Stuart is arrested for perverting the course of justice but is quickly released after he blames Dylan, this annoys and worries Linda that Mick might not be released, she hears a sound in the barrel stall and while investigating comes face to face with Mick.

In 2019, after her son Ollie is diagnosed with autism, Linda becomes disruptive. She attempts to befriend two women who are mothers of children that go to Ollie's school, Shelley and Mieko Yoshi. Shelley insults Ollie which leads to Shirley punching her. Shirley later informs Linda of Shelley's actions however Linda refuses to confront Shelley or stop their 'friendship' as she wants to impress Shelley and Mieko much to the disgust of Shirley. Linda then goes to the E20 with Shelley and Mieko and the rest of their group of friends. However when Linda discovers Shelley insulting her to her friends. Linda screams at Shelley and leaves. Linda then starts to turn to alcohol which she keeps hidden until she drives Ollie to school hungover from the night before and accidentally crashes into Shelley's car. In a panic, Linda drives away but Mieko saw what had happened and informs Shelley who calls the police. Linda is forced to take a Breathalyzer test which confirms she was over the limit; Linda is arrested. Linda hides this from Mick and confides in Chantelle Atkins for support however Mick discovers Linda's secret and angrily barges in the middle of her trial to which Linda pleads guilty. Linda then confronts Chantelle in the toilets of The Vic and accuses her of telling Mick, hurt at Linda's accusations, Chantelle tells Linda to leave her alone and storms off. Mick then tears a shred off Linda and shames her for putting Ollie in danger, leading Linda to run off and stay at Max Branning's, however Linda and Mick later make up.

2020-2022: Alcoholism, affair with Max and losing Mick[]

In 2020, Linda begins to drink heavily, which over months Linda's family, Mick in particular realise Linda is an alcoholic, during a blazing row, Linda blames Mick for her being an alcoholic. Linda passes out after the argument and her and Mick's infant son, Ollie climbs onto the Queen Vic roof but is saved by Shirley and Mick. Shirley wakes a drunk Linda up and screams at Linda and tells her what Ollie had just done while Linda was supposed to be watching him. Linda promises to stop drinking but she doesn't and instead gives Mick signed divorce papers.

Mick and Linda attend the boat party on Smith-Holland boat on the River Thames, to celebrate the Queen Vic winning pub of the year, a drunk Linda accuses Mick of having an affair with Whitney again (which was untrue), Mick responds by saying the reason their marriage is ending is because of Linda's alcoholism. Linda runs off and attempts to take a bottle of wine from the ships kitchen, however Phil causes the boat to crash during a fight with Keanu. The crash causes Linda to fall trapping her leg under a table. While everyone was getting off the sinking ship, Mick realises that Linda is no where to be seen and goes back inside the boat locker room, with the water up to waist height, Mick finds Linda and she awakes and begins to panic, Mick desperately tries to free Linda's leg, Mick and Linda end up underneath the water drowning, Mick realises the only way he can free Linda's leg is by breaking it, which he does, causing Linda to pass out. Mick then swims to the surface with an unconscious Linda on his shoulder, Mick and Linda are pulled onto a life boat by Stuart, Linda is then successfully revived by a rescue team officer using CPR. Mick takes Linda back to the Vic and she finally admits she is an alcoholic and that she'll get help, Linda then stops drinking and her and Mick move out of the Vic to keep Linda away from alcohol, they sell the Vic to Ian and Sharon.

Mick and Linda spend The Coronavirus Pandemic (lockdown) living in 29 Albert Square, Linda almost relapses on alcohol but is stopped by Max Branning. After a conversation Linda and Max kiss, Linda stops the kiss moment after and is horrified to have cheated on Mick. Linda tells Mick about the kiss and he threatens Max with a bottle. Linda and Max kiss again after Linda and Mick have an argument but they are caught by Ian who blackmails Max. Katy Lewis successfully manipulates Mick into thinking that she never raped him when he was a kid. Mick begins to distance himself from Linda and eventually she has a one-night-stand with Max, despite the one-night-stand Linda is determined to make things right with Mick, but he continues to reject her. Max gives Linda a choice leave Walford with him or stay with Mick, Linda chooses to stay with Mick and after Mick had attempted to commit suicide he finally realises Katy raped him. Mick finally tells Linda he was raped by Katy when he was twelve and that Frankie Lewis is his daughter. Mick goes to the Vic and warns Max to stay away from Linda. Mick punches Max when he says Linda is only with him out of pity because Mick was raped by Katy, before leaving Max reveals to Linda that he blackmailed Phil into convincing Sharon to sign the Vic back to Mick after Max got hold of evidence of Phil's crimes from Jack's laptop. Mick and Linda move back into the Vic with Ollie, Frankie and a returning Nancy.

Linda reveals to Mick that she is pregnant, Mick is delighted until Linda reveals she is five months pregnant and the father of her baby is Max after they had a brief relationship during Mick's depression, Mick vows to stay with Linda and she gives birth to Annie Carter. Mick and Linda leave Walford after Rainie Highway discovers Max is the baby's father and threatens to tell everyone.

Mick returns alone and reveals to his family he can't bond with Annie and he can't get over Linda's affair with Max. Janine Butcher visits Linda in order to destroy Linda and Mick's marriage, Janine uses a fake name 'Judith Bernstein'. She and Linda talk about Mick and Janine manages to convince Linda to have a glass of wine, which Linda accepts causing her to relapse. Mick goes to visit Linda with Ollie but Linda doesn't show up, Mick realises Linda is drinking again.

On the day of Mick's aunt, Tina's funeral, Linda returns drunk and recognises Janine. Linda then attempts to fight Janine but falls over. Mick and Janine later become a couple and Mick tells Linda, however Linda is not suprised. Linda continues to heavily drink over the coming months, when over the limit Linda phones the Vic to get picked up. Janine answers the phone and goes to pick Linda and Annie up, however Janine crashes the car. Janine then puts Linda in the driving seat knowing Linda is over the limit, Annie is taken away from Linda and put into care. Linda eventually manages to get Annie back when she gives up alcohol. Mick has another run in with Stuart when he makes Linda cry during an alcoholic's anonymous meeting. When Mick and Janine return home from holiday, Janine publicly reveals that her and Mick have gotten engaged and Janine is pregnant, leaving Linda heartbroken. Mick still stays close with Linda and Janine begins to become paranoid when Mick lies about where he is when he is going to see Linda.

Mick and Janine get married on 23 December 2022, however on Christmas Day 2022 Jada Lennox tells Mick, Linda and the rest of the Carter family that Janine framed Linda for the drink driving that got Annie taken away from her. Mick then leaves Janine and goes back to Linda admitting he has never stopped loving her, Mick and Linda attempt to take Janine to the police, however Janine gets in a car and drives off. Mick and Linda follow Janine to a cliff, Mick grabs Janine and attempts to take her back with him. Janine knees Mick in the groin and hits him with a rock, Janine then attempts to drive off the cliff. However, Linda gets in the car and Janine drives the car off the cliff. Mick jumps into the sea in an attempt to save them, Mick manages to save Janine and then goes back into the sea to save Linda. However, Linda swims up herself and Mick, not knowing, disappears and is not seen again. Police think Mick was pulled out by a tide to his death, the residents of Walford believe Mick to be dead and Linda and Shirley leave Walford to grieve for Mick.

2023 to present: Returning to Walford and living with Elaine[]

While she was gone, The Vic was shut. Wanting to earn some extra money, Alfie breaks into the pub and opens up. Things seem to be going brilliantly behind the the bar, Alfie keeps the drinks flowing and thinks he's hit the jackpot until Linda bursts in after being notified by Sharon. An upset Linda accuses Alfie and the rest of their neighbours of not caring that Mick is dead. Alfie tries to make Linda see that he meant no harm and that he was simply trying to be a friend. Linda takes comfort in his words and tells him that he can keep the pub running, as she simply cannot do such a thing in the wake of Mick's tragic end. She subsequently reveals that she's made a huge decision about her future, confirming that she intends to sell the Queen Vic.

The next day, Linda reiterates to Alfie her intention to move on to pastures new, stating that she cannot stay in Walford without Mick. Linda learns from a solicitor that she cannot sell the pub without Mick's permission. Linda is touched when the community comes together to remember Mick, but the vigil is interrupted by the police. The police reveal to Linda that they've uncovered Mick's wallet. Linda heartbroken burst into tears after finding a picture of her and Mick from their teenage years inside the wallet. Running out of the public house, Linda breaks down on the bench. Alfie and Sharon find her and offer her words of comfort. They assure Linda that they'll support her through her grief, but recommend that she remains around those she loves and those who love her so she decides to stay in Walford. Linda helps Jay by having his wedding reception in The Vic.

A month later, Linda prepares for her first Valentine's Day without Mick. Sharon helps Linda prepare for the party at The Vic as she struggles. Sharon is determined to help Linda when she confides in her about Janine wanting to sell Mick's half of The Vic. Linda is torn on her decision of selling Mick's half of The Vic. Sharon offers to buy Mick's half to help Linda. Sharon hears about Nish and Suki Panesar's offer on The Vic. A few months later, Linda frets as she waits for Janine's plea. It turns out Janine only gets 5 years in prison which disappoints Linda. Billy Mitchell makes it his mission to convince Linda to host a coronation party at The Vic and comes up with a way to include Mick in the celebrations. Linda and Alfie ensure The Vic is ready for the party after being convinced by Billy. Linda breaks down when she receives Mick's "Presumption of Death" certificate and the Panesar's see this as a win for their offer being accepted. Linda reveals she has a secret buyer for The Vic, leaving Sharon furious at her betrayal. The secret buyer is revealed to be Linda's mother, Elaine, who is moving back into the Vic. Linda and Elaine are shocked to find The Vic has been broken into and trashed by the Panesar's. Linda is asked by Elaine to sack Alfie, which she later does. Kat tries to stick up for Alfie but ultimately failed

A few weeks later, Linda hosts a lock in at The Vic to give some moral support and a place to reflect on Lola, who has a terminal brain tumour, as she gets closer to the end of her life. Linda is shocked when Elaine's boyfriend, George Knight, and his daughters Anna and Gina Knight arrive from Marbella, Spain with plans to help run The Vic. Later that day when she thinks it can't get any worse, she discovers that George and the girls are planning on moving in.

When Linda discovers that George hasn’t actually sold his bar in Marbella yet, she attempts to throw him out, Gina and Anna out and accuses George of being after Elaine's money. George later proposes to Elaine, Elaine initially says no as she wanted him to ask but wanted it to be perfect. George proposes to Elaine again and this time she says yes. George and Elaine then go back into the Vic and announce their engagement, leaving Linda furious. George then tells Gina that he is not selling the bar any time soon, Linda overhears the whole conversation and begins doing research. Linda finds out George's bar is only worth £255,000. Linda once again confronts George and accuses him of having no intention of selling his bar, George then threatens Linda telling her to mind her own business as he is sticking around.

Linda is heartbroken when she finds out Janine has given birth to a baby boy, Mick's son. George arouses Linda's suspicion when he brings a safe into the pub, Linda attempts to break into the safe but George catches her. During a row George shows Linda what's in the safe. Letters from his ex wife, George says he didn't want Elaine to see them in case she found it weird, Linda finally decides to give George a chance. However, George is later seen acting dodgy possessing a ring with his wife's name on it.

Elaine later attempts to set Gina up with Freddie, however unbeknownst to Elaine Freddie thinks that Elaine is flirting with him when she asks if he's single. Gina starts flirting with Zack, but he tells her that he's dating Whitney Dean. Elaine believes that Gina is flirting with Freddie and tells her she has a chance, believing that she has set them two up. When the mix up comes to ligh Gina falls out with Elaine, Linda and Kim later get them to make up. While Gina is talking to Kim she says that her mother brought out the worst in George, Linda overhears this and think George was abusive to Rose.

Linda becomes eager to find out exactly what happened to Rose, Linda enlist Phil to help her find out what happened to Rose. Phil is hesitant to help due to him and George being friends, however Linda reminds Phil that he's going into buisness with George and that Phil should want to know what kind of man George is. Phil later gets Callum to help him find out about George's past due to Callum's job as a policeman. When Linda pressures Phil to find out what happened to Rose Phil decides to ask George personally, Phil asks George if they can talk in private and they go to the Boxing Den to spar. Phil asks George to his face what happened to Rose, annoying George. George tells Phil that he's a brave man asking him about Rose while their in the ring, Phil says to George that he has a right to know who he is going into business with. George tells Phil that Rose just left him out of nowhere, Phil believes George and their business deal is back on. However, Phil sees Callum in the Vic and Callum tells him that George has a clean criminal record, however Callum tells Phil that all access is denied to Rose's profile and that when he tried searching her name his boss threatened to fire him. Phil then believes George has just lied to him and vows to find out what happened to Rose. Phil hires Ritchie to find out what happened to Rose. Ritchie reaches out to the Spanish police and they track Rose down, however it's claimed by Phil that Rose doesn't want anything to do with George or the girls when Phil reveals to George that he had continued looking into Rose. Linda apologises to George and tells him she got it wrong, when George sees Phil he is annoyed at Phil and hints that he is not going to go into business with him. Phil then reveals that he kept one thing from Linda, he tells George that whoever this Rose is wasn't called Rose as no one by the name of Rose Knight existed. George phones Rose and it's revealed that Rose is Cindy Beale, the former Walford resident who was married to Ian Beale. Cindy ignores George's call.

Linda is happy when her friend Patrick Trueman returns, stating she missed him and asks if he remembers Elaine to which Patrick does. Linda later attends Kathy's hen-do before her marriage to Tom Cotton, on 27 July 2023 Sharon and Linda become friends again after Anna locks them in the Vic barrel store so they can talk put their differences as Linda explains thay she is sorry for lying to for Sharon but explains that she hasn't got over losing Mick with Sharon saying she was one of the only people that also knows how it feels, Linda says that she needed her mother and Sharon forgives her.

George organises a twenty first birthday party for Anna along with Elaine and they invite multiple residents to the Vic for the party, Anna and Gina then go out for drinks at The Prince Albert for drinks before arriving back at the Vic and Anna is touched by the birthday party. Cindy returns to Walford to find Peter and Ian also turns up to try and get Cindy to come back to France however Cindy runs in to George and the two are shocked to see each other again. George and Cindy talk in the Barrell Store, where we are shown a flashback from 2014, revealing that the reason she walked out on the Knights was because of Lucy’s death. She had gone back to Albert Square where she was found by Mary. Mary tells her that she can’t go back to Marbella because Jackie Ford’s people might find her, so Cindy goes to France. Back in the present, the talk is interrupted by Linda who is questions George on who Cindy is, coming to get some prosecco for the party. George had lied and said that Gina and Anna were still in Spain, however Linda gives away that they are in the Vic. Cindy tries to go to see them but George stops her. However, she eventually pushes past him, making her way into the Vic and seeing Gina and Anna for the first time in nine years, as well as Sharon, Phil and Sonia for the first time in twenty five. Cindy asks to speak with the girls upstairs and meets George's fiancée Elaine, the girls agree to hear Cindy out and she tells them everything. Just as it looks like Cindy is winning them around George tells then that Cindy never came back to find them but that she infact came back to find Peter and didn't know they were their, the girls then reject their mother and go for drinks at the Albert. Later on Anna has a one-night-stand with Freddie Slater and Gina takes drugs and subsequently overdoses before Cindy and George find her and call her an ambulance. Linda later find out about Alfie's prostate cancer and supports him.

On 30 October 2023 when George gives Cindy half or the money from the Marbella bar and Elaine finds out she falls out with George, accusing him of constantly lying. Elaine later makes up with George after Linda convinces her to hear him out when she tells Elaine that she would still be drinking if Ollie and Annie weren't so young as she still misses Mick. Later that day Dean returns and corners Linda in the same Kitchen that he raped her in in 2014. Dean orders Linda not to scream. Dean reveals to Linda that he has gone into business with Cindy and Ian and is trying to move back to Walford, Dean also reveals Jade's cystic fibrosis is being treated in a hospital near by. Despite a long conversation with Dean still believes he didn't rape Linda and becomes hostile towards new so she grabs a kitchen knife to defend herself and orders Dean to leave to which he does. The residents really around Linda but Dean later confronts Linda outside of the Vic and tells her that people will believe him in time, Dean later sees his ex-fling and sister-in-law Chelsea and attempts to have a conversation with her, however she tells him that she knows that he raped Linda. Dean tells Chelsea that he didn't rape Linda but Chelsea doesn't believe him and walks away. Linda sees Chelsea with Dean just as she's leaving and later talk to Chelsea about Dean, however Chelsea tells Linda that she believes her.

When Dean continues to harass Linda she and Alfie begin to put fliers around the square, Dean threatens to sue Linda if she doesn't take them down. Elaine later convinces Linda to take them down to avoid being sued however Gina later spray paints 'rapist' on the pie and mash shop (now named Beale's Eels). When Dean, Cindy and Ian later confronts Linda she denies being behind the spray painting. Gina then admits that she was behind the spray painting, Linda thanks Gina for having her back. Dean later tries to talk to Linda however George and Cindy see him, when Dean tells George to mind his own business and accuses Linda and George of sleeping with eachother George hits Dean, causing Dean to fall down the stairs knocking him out. Cindy initially agrees not to say anything to the police but is later persuaded by Ian not to lie to the police, Linda visits Dean in hospital and begs him not to tell the police what George did. Dean agrees not to speak to the police as long as Linda tells everyone that he didn't rape her. Linda agrees but only tells Dean, however Dean records her saying that he didn't rape her.

Dean plays the recording when Dean's daughter Jade discovers Dean raped Linda, this causes Linda to relapse on alcohol and during a conversation with Sharon Sharon tells Linda that Phil is Albie's real dad and not Keanu. Linda later goes to an alcoholics recovery meeting. Dean is later informed that Jade has had a match for her transplant however Dean later finds out that the match is no longer viable. Dean believes this is karma for his feud with Linda, Dean lures Linda to the church by texting her pretending to be Mick. Dean says sorry to Linda and admits to raping Linda but Linda can tell he isn't being sincere and tries to leave, Dean grabs Linda's arm and in retaliation Linda punches him and kicks him the stomach. Dean later breaks into the Vic to drop off a gift for Gina but later stalks Linda but appears to leave the Vic.

On Christmas day 2023 Linda attends Sharon and Keanu's wedding, Bernadette tells Phil that Keanu was behind Albie's kidnap, Phil interrupts the wedding and tells Sharon about Keanu being behind Albie's kidnap. Sharon then punches Keanu and tells him that Albie is Phil's son leaving both men shocked. Later that night at the Vic Sharon, Stacey, Suki, Kathy, Denise and Linda meet up for a drink in the Vic, Suki tells Stacey, Linda, Sharon, Denise and Kathy about her conflict with Nish and Eve. One of them insists that Suki calls Nish and informs him to come and talk with her at the Vic and that he won’t do anything because they’d all be there to protect Suki, she then agrees with the idea and calls Nish. It doesn’t take long for him to arrive. When Nish gets there, he is greeted by the six women but asks them to go away and let him and Suki talk in private. They decline and say that they need to be there for Suki. Suki then expresses her true feelings to Nish and that their marriage is over and that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Nish refuses to come to terms and Stacey imperatively tells Nish that he needs to understand that Suki doesn’t want him anymore. Nish pleads with Suki to give him another chance and that he’ll make her happy. Suki turns around stating that she can’t bare to look at him. Suddenly, Nish fiercely grabs Suki and attempts to take her away but the women defend Suki and all pull on him to get her off, Nish swings his arms and hits Linda in the face, giving her a thick lip, she then goes to make a call. The remaining women still try to save Suki but all panic as Nish punches them all off, Kathy grabs onto Nish but yet again he powerfully pushes her off. At this moment, Denise realises that they’re out of options and grabs a glass bottle and charges at Nish, smashing it on his head, saving Suki and sending him unconscious. Linda puts the phone down and walks back in, shocked to see Nish, Suki worriedly looks at Nish although Kathy is confused to Suki’s reaction. Stacey goes down to Nish’s body to check him over but her hands get covered in blood. Denise shakes and panics as she looks at a so-thought dead Nish. Sharon then goes down to Nish, checks his pulse - “He’s dead” the women all believe him to be dead but they are quickly interrupted by Keanu walking in. Keanu then demands to see Albie but Sharon makes it clear that Albie isn't his son and threatens to call the police on Keanu, Keanu in a fit of rage begins to strangle Sharon. The women try to get Keanu off of her but can't, Linda then picks up a meat fork and stabs Keanu in the back killing him. Sharon, Denise, Stacey, Suki, Kathy and Linda are all left in shock and debate what to do with Keanu's body. Stacey and Kathy want to call the police and ambulance but the rest of the women want to get rid of Keanu's body, The women then hide Keanu's body underneath the floor board of the recently burned down café. . When Lauren returns to Walford she finally discovers that Annie is Max's daughter and her sister, Lauren is angry with Linda at first however Linda explains that Mick was Annie's real dad and after a conversation with Jack Lauren agrees not to tell Max unless she sees him or he asks her. Lauren then meets Annie and the two bond, Linda then meets the six women in barrell store and they discover that Sharon has fled The country, they decide they need to move Keanu's body from the café because of builders attempting to get in, Linda then starts drinking again. The next day the women sneak into the café and an argument starts when Linda freaks out about having to move Keanu's body, Denise grabs Linda and Stacey attempts to separate the scuffle but accidentally pushes Denise into the hole under the floor boards of to Keanu's body. The women help Denise out of the hole and then come up with the idea that instead of moving Keanu's body then pour concerte into the hole sealing the hole and hiding Keanu's body, The women then successfully hide Keanu's body but are unaware that when Denise fell her necklace fell on to Keanu's body and was buried in the cement. Denise realises her necklace is gone the next day and begs the other women to help her destroy the concrete and get the necklace back, however the women refuse to help her. Dean enters the Vic with flowers and kisses Gina infront of Elaine, George and Linda. Dean reveals he and Gina are in a relationship leaving the three furious.

Alfie wets himself as a result if his prostate chemotherapy while with Ian and Billy, who laugh at Alfie unaware that he has prostate cancer. Linda encourages Alfie to tell Ian and Billy about his cancer which he does. Linda gets drunk and tells Alfie she wants to kill herself as karma for "what she did at Christmas", Linda later lies to Alfie and says she was talking about cheating on Mick with Max and that she blames herself for Mick going missing, Alfie and Linda then have a heart to heart and share a kiss. Linda and the other women discover that the café floors are being dug up because of a leak, Linda prepares to flee with Alfie but later discovers that they're no longer digging up the floor boards. Linda is relieved but is later horrified when Keanu's mum Karen turns up. Kathy and Stacey manage to get Karen to leave and use the Arches as a way to bribe her. In the clear from Karen, they are faced with their next challenge - the murder weapon goes missing. Johnny and Linda start blaming everyone but they all deny it. Denise then gets agitated and begins to have a Psychosis episode. Denise is sectioned so Linda panics that Denise may reveal the murder and panics, however Denise recovers without revealing anything. When Denise is released, she is stable once again and meets with The Six, declaring that she wants nothing to do with them again.

Sharon unexpectedly returns on 1 April and catches up with the other women, Linda tells Sharon what has happened recently. Linda also finds Elaine using the meat thermometer that night and ruins dinner by stealing it. The situation later intensifies when the café floor caves in. Panicked, Denise and Stacey retrieve the necklace before anyone can identify it. That same night, Bernadette Taylor discovers a body under the floor and the entire square plus police are alerted. On 4 April, the police confirm that the body is that of Keanu, Linda panics though the police look in Sharon's direction and arrest her. The Six are then desperate to get her released.

An idea arises, so they frame Dean, especially after discovering he had tampered with daughter, Jade Masood's medication and his rape to Linda in 2014. The plan goes successfully as they plant evidence and Dean is charged, and Sharon is free. With Dean charged, they believe they're in the clear, though Linda knows it won't be long until the funeral arrives. Linda continues to drink and can't be stopped by no one, drunk almost every day. Sharon begins to realise how concerning things are getting for Linda. With the help of Johnny, Sharon soaks Linda with the shower to sober her up and make her aware of the severity of her actions. Linda gets upset. A determined Sharon doesn't back down and takes her to an Alcoholic Support Meeting. Linda is reluctant at first, and struggles to open up, but later shares her story and feels better. Sharon is proud of her friend and is also thankful she didn't mention the murder.

On the day of the funeral, Karen returns but stops asking as many questions, Linda stays sober and holds her head up high on this day, to not be suspicious. However, Karen later pays Dean a visit to which Linda panics, thankfully, Karen leaves shortly after.

Kill count[]

Murders/manslaughter victims[]

  1. Keanu Taylor (25 December 2023) (defence) - Stabbed in defence of Sharon Watts.


"There you go, sweetheart, its some lovely wine that you save it for Christmas day." (First line to a punter who had won a competition)

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