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Liam Tyler made his first appearance 10 August 1993. He was the abusive first husband of Debbie Bates and father to their daughter Claire. Liam made life hell for Debbie and her boyfriend Nigel Bates. On their wedding day Liam was scared off by Phil and Grant Mitchell. After Debbie died, Liam left Walford. He was portrayed by Francis Magee.


Liam Tyler first turned up in August 1993 looking for his estranged wife Debbie Tyler and his daughter Clare Tyler. He has managed to track them down. Debbie does not want to return to his abusive ways. In early 1994 Liam returned again, harassing Debbie's new love interest, Nigel Bates, calling him names and also saying to Debbie and Clare that he will get them back even if it means having to go to court. Nigel and Debbie soon announce their engagement. On their wedding day Liam turns up before the wedding. Nigel alerts his best friends, Phil and Grant Mitchell who kidnap Liam, tie him up in the Arches and then release him after the wedding ceremony. Phil and Grant give him a choice to either take the bus out of Walford and leave the newlyweds alone or have his legs broken. Liam decides to take the bus.

Liam is not seen again until June 1995 after he finds that Debbie has been killed in a car accident. Liam causes more grief for Nigel, attempting to win Clare back but a ccourt case ensues and Nigel wins. Liam admits defeat and leaves Walford, this time for good. He has not been seen or heard from since.



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