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Leon Small made his first appearance 5 January 2010, and his last appearance on 30 September 2010. He also appeared as one of the main characters in E20 (series 1). He is portrayed by Sam Attwater.


A hit with the ladies, boxer Leon certainly packed a punch in the romance department. Just don't touch the face! Sexy and effortlessly cool, Leon had a short fuse and a problem with authority. Boxing was his game, and he certainly packed a punch - both inside and outside the ring.

Leon's mum died when he was young, in a car crash. Leon was also in the car when this happened, and the back wheel burst. He was stuck in the car for an hour and recalls his mum's eyes being stuck open. The car crash ended up leaving him responsible for an alcoholic father (Malcom Small) who liked to hassle him for cash.


Leon arrives in the show's setting of Albert Square as a new student at Walford High School, and Peter Beale is to be his "buddy". Peter's twin sister, Lucy, takes a liking to Leon and holds a party in 89b George Street so she can spend time with him. The party turns to chaos and Lucy and Leon get everyone out by saying the police are outside. Leon offers to help Lucy clean up and asks her to join in a game of Twister with him. As they are playing, a condom falls out Lucy's pocket. Leon sees it and says he did not want to take advantage of her. However, she kisses him passionately, which leads to sex. After they have sex, Leon receives a text message and gets dressed but asks if Lucy wants to do it again. Lucy says yes, but after appears disturbed.

Leon and Lucy go back to the flat but are disturbed by Zsa Zsa Carter's stepfather Andy who thinks she is inside. Lucy tells Andy where Zsa Zsa is, but Leon defends Zsa Zsa and Lucy leaves. He finds Andy attacking Zsa Zsa and fights him off. He then meets Fatboy and Mercy Olubunmi and along with Zsa Zsa, they run from Andy into 89b George Street where they decide to stay. Leon tells Fatboy his mother is dead and his father has kicked him out. Leon and Zsa Zsa grow close, leading to them having sex in a cemetery. He begins to get frustrated with Zsa Zsa and grows closer to Mercy, and Fatboy accuses Leon of being the father of Mercy's unborn baby, though it is not true. Mercy suffers a miscarriage and Zsa Zsa freaks out and decides to leave. Leon stops her, saying he has feelings for her. He invites her to his boxing match, saying if she is there, he will know how she really feels. Leon wins the match but Zsa Zsa is not there. When they finally meet up they kiss, and knowing they can no longer stay in the flat, Fatboy offers them a room at his house.

Having started a proper relationship with Zsa Zsa, Leon returns to Walford looking for her after she runs away. He performs as a stripper at Bianca Jackson's hen party. After the party, Zainab Masood catches him in bed with Lucy. Lucy tries to break Leon and Zsa Zsa up when they are kissing in The Queen Victoria public house, managing to drag Leon back to her house until her father Ian Beale interrupts them and asks Leon to leave. Lucy watches Leon and Zsa Zsa around Albert Square and reveals to her stepmother, Jane, that she is pregnant. Leon humiliates Whitney Dean by filming her cleaning a bench in the Square and sending it to people, so when she hears Ian talking about the pregnancy, she decides to tell Leon. He confronts Lucy in The Queen Vic and asks if the baby is his. They meet the next day and he says he is willing to go with her to get an abortion, but she lies that the baby is not his. When Leon demands the truth, Lucy tells him she had an abortion.

Zsa Zsa receives gifts from someone calling themselves "The Blue Masquerader" and Leon grows jealous. Leon and Fatboy eventually discover that Peter has been sending the gifts. Lucy helps Peter to split up Leon and Zsa Zsa but after Peter changes his mind, Lucy reveals to Zsa Zsa that Leon got her pregnant. Zsa Zsa breaks up with Leon and his attempts to win her back fail. Leon moves back in with his father but moves out again when he beats Leon after finding out he got Lucy pregnant. Leon tells Fatboy he is staying with someone but later sneaks back into 89b George Street. He helps Whitney with her T-shirt printing and flirts with her and kisses her, but she does not reciprocate as she has a boyfriend, Billie Jackson. He later tells Peter and Fatboy about it, and subsequently Lucy finds out and tells Billie, which leads to him ending his relationship with Whitney, who knees Leon in the groin while Fatboy attempts to get Leon and Zsa Zsa back together, as Leon has not been himself since they split up.

Leon, Fatboy and Peter plan to go to a party in Hampshire, but Lucy, Whitney and Zsa Zsa offer Leon a night out in the woods instead, planning revenge getting Lucy pregnant and lying to Zsa Zsa. In the woods, Zsa Zsa comes out with pig's blood on her hands saying that she has been attacked. Knowing that it is a plan, Leon runs away and drunkenly ventures into the dark woods, cutting his hand. The next day the gang discover that Lucy let Leon run off and he was out all night. Peter and Fatboy then fear they hit Leon with the van the night before. Fatboy gets a voicemail from Leon saying he is hurt, and when he calls back, Zsa Zsa finds Leon's mobile phone in the leaves, smeared with blood. They decide to go to the police but Leon turns up, having been in police custody overnight for being drunk. Leon reveals that Lucy had an abortion and they all realise that Lucy was trying to turn them against him, so on their return to Walford, they play a prank on Lucy, leaving her humiliated. However, Lucy reveals to her father that they are squatting in one of his properties and he evicts them.

After Fatboy breaks a tree in Albert Square, Leon helps to replace it but is horrified to discover the body of Owen Turner buried beneath it. The next day Zsa Zsa makes a joke when Leon speaks after a prolonged silence, causing Leon to walk out. She finds him to apologise, as she had not realised the discovery had affected him badly. He then recalls the day his mother died in a car crash when it took an hour for firemen to cut him free and he was unable to lean over to close his mother's eyes. He admits to Zsa Zsa that he sometimes feels alone. He fails most of his GCSE exams. Months later he flirts with Glenda Mitchell in the local bookmakers and agree to meet later.

He obtains two tickets to a music festival in France and plans to take Zsa Zsa, but he reveals to Fatboy that he slept with Glenda, who tells Mercy, who then tells Zsa Zsa. Zsa Zsa asks Leon if he has seen anyone else but he says no. Zsa Zsa then seduces Leon in Fatboy's van before throwing him out in his underwear and leaving Walford for France. Leon decides that as his bags are packed he will go to France anyway, hinting that he will follow Zsa Zsa to apologise and resume their relationship. Before leaving, he tells Fatboy that he will always be his best friend and they continue to stay in touch.


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