Laura Beale
Portrayed by Hannah Waterman
Introduced by John Yorke
Gender Female Female
First Appearance 17 February 2000
Last Appearance 30 April 2004 (deceased)
Cause/Reason Died of a broken neck after falling down the stairs tripping on Bobby Beale's toy
Duration 2000–04
Status Deceased
Date of Birth 28 May 1976
Date of Death 30 April 2004
Occupation Unemployed/casual work
Classification Former; regular
HusbandIan Beale (2001–04)
RomancesGarry Hobbs
SonsBobby Beale
FatherNorman Dunn
MotherEdwina Dunn

Laura Ellen Beale (née Dunn) was the 3rd ex-wife of Ian Beale and mother to their son Bobby.


At first, she worked as the nanny to the Beale children but love grew between employer and employee and they married in 2001. An unfortunate encounter with Garry Hobbs ruined Laura's marriage to Ian and she was made homeless and jobless on Christmas Day whilst pregnant with a baby; the supposed product of her fling with Garry. She lived a miserable life since the separation, living in a cramped flat with Pat Evans and her newborn son Bobby and found it hard to find a job due to the vendetta she had with Janine Evans, who had became wealthy due to the death of her husband Barry. On April 30th 2004, Laura decided to tell Ian the truth about Bobby's paternity by writing a letter to him, explaining that he was the one that had made her pregnant. The minute the letter was completed, Ian arrived at Pat and Laura's flat, wanting a word with Laura about their future. As Ian walked away from the door, Laura ran desperately to the door, only to slip on one of Bobby's toys and fall tragically down the stairs. Pat later found Laura dead, who died instantly from a broken neck, and also the letter addressed to Ian. Pat gave Ian the letter and after a paternity test was taken, Bobby was biologically proven as Ian's son so the little boy moved in his real family. An inquiry into Laura's suspicious death saw Janine Evans arrested for her murder (Pat found out Janine had gone to the flat early, had a big argument with Laura and Laura's fall downstairs could have been the end product.) When Pat realised Janine wasn't behind Laura's death, she withdrew her statement, Janine walked free and Laura's death was ruled accidental.


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