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Last Tango in Walford is a 2010 spin-off episode of EastEnders made exclusively to DVD. It focused on the Butcher family in the build up to the second marriage of Ricky and Bianca Butcher.


With the second marriage of Ricky and Bianca fast approaching, Tiffany and Liam set out to film a video diary as a gift for their wedding. Pat, Ian, Janine and Phil provide their own memories of the sometimes happy couple, Tiffany has a mystery to solve involving Carol. Meanwhile, determined to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day, Ricky and Bianca stroll through the streets of the Square, reminiscing about their own experiences and looking forward to their dream wedding - even putting on their dancing shoes for an amazing tango treat.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Carla - Stella Maris
  • Mrs Lambert - Leila Hoffman
  • Cabbie - Sam Lathem
  • Erin - Erin Gavin


  • The final scene of this episode featured a parody of the music video from Love Machine by Girls Aloud with a caption reading "Girls Aloud in the Queen Vic" (as opposed to the Eskimo Club in the actual video). Bianca, Whitney, Stacey, Janine and Pat lip-synced as the original song played over the characters dancing.
  • The end credits srolled up as the end of Love Machine played and the five women walked down Bridge Street. The characters names were in lower case on the left with the actors/actresses names in capitals on the right. At the end, a shot of Tiffany blowing a kiss to the audience was shown before the logo card faded in.
  • John Partridge was credited as the choreographer and Richard Marce was credited as the Tango Advisor.