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Konrad Topolski made his first appearance on 16 February 2017 and his last appearance on 5 May 2017. He is portrayed by Piotr Baumann.


Konrad is a shopkeeper who owns Polish Delicatessen. Konrad meets Shirley Carter outside his Polish delicatessen and she asks if he can help out with The Queen Victoria's Polish-themed night. Konrad provides food for the Polish supper and helps Shirley and Kathy Beale prepare the meal. However, the kitchen is shut down by an environmental health officer, Agnes Novak, due to a rat being spotted in the kitchen. Konrad brings food from his shop, making the night a success. He tells Shirley that he will not charge them as the food is slightly out of date. However, then someone spray paints "Poles go home" on the door of the pub but Konrad simply calls it "the Britain we live in now".

Konrad then offers to help fix the leaks in the pub at a discounted price. However, due to court fines that Mick is due to pay, he is unable to pay Konrad, until Shirley decides to go to prison for not paying the fines and Mick then pays Konrad. He later comes to Shirley's welcome party only to find out that her stay in prison has been extended. When loan sharks cut off Karen Taylor's electricity, Shirley asks him to put it back on, which he does, however, he does not appear on-screen.

List of appearances[]


  1. 16 February 2017
  2. 17 February 2017
  3. 21 February 2017
  4. 24 February 2017
  5. 27 February 2017
  6. 28 February 2017
  7. 3 March 2017
  8. 6 March 2017
  9. 9 March 2017 - Part 2
  10. 7 April 2017
  11. 1 May 2017
  12. 5 May 2017