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Kimberley Harmony Angelica "Kim" Fox (previously Fox-Hubbard) is the sister of Denise Fox, half-sister of Daphne Fox and the mother of Pearl and Mica Fox. She is also the widow of Vincent Hubbard. She made her first appearance on 24 November 2009 and is portrayed by Tameka Empson.


On Set with Kim Fox




EastEnders - Kim Fox character trail

Kim and Dexter arrive for Denise's wedding to Lucas Johnson. She is shown to be lively in comparison to the calm and controlled Denise, wearing colourful and garish clothes and drinking heavily in the early afternoon, and is horrified when her niece Libby Fox informs her that the hen night is low key and will consist of a few friends and a magician. Kim cancels the magician and books drag queen Charity Kase instead, which initially horrifies both Denise and Libby but eventually all the women have a great time, with Denise showing her more lively side in the end.

On the morning of the wedding Kim and Dexter get drunk, having brought hip flasks with them and then later finding the rum that Libby has hidden, and end up having an argument when Dexter spills his drink over her new outfit. After Kim bursts into tears when Dexter calls her "easy", Denise sobers her up with black coffee and before the ceremony, she makes up with Dexter. However the next day, whilst having lunch with the newlyweds before they go on their honeymoon, Kim is informed by Denise that Dexter made a pass at Denise's daughter Chelsea Fox. Kim is devastated and argues with Dexter, but in the end takes him back, telling Denise that she cannot live without him. Kim and Dexter, along with Patrick Trueman, Chelsea, Libby and Jordan Johnson, then wave off Lucas and Denise before returning home. Leytonstone by Denise.

In June 2010, Kim returns for Jordan's welcome home party, where she reveals she threw Dexter out after catching him cheating. She gets drunk and tells Denise that Lucas is hiding something, which Denise refuses to believe. The next day, Kim sells erotic lingerie to the women of Walford, before being told to go home to Leytonstone by Denise. Kim returns to stay with Denise and Patrick when she leaves Dexter. Kim then makes friends with Kat Moon and kisses Bianca Butcher's husband, Ricky. Unfortunate for Kim and Ricky, Ricky's son Liam saw the pair and is now ashamed of his dad. When Kim decides to make the Butcher family a chicken casserole, Liam answers the door. Liam is rude to Kim and sends her and her meal away. Kim then shouts at Zainab Masood for trying to move Kim's caravan.

In 2011, Kim wakes up in a skip and tries to creep into her B&B. When Denise, Patrick and Ryan Malloy spot Kim, they question her. A CCTV video shows Kim wreck Patrick's shop. When Patrick and Ryan got back to the B&B, Kim reveals to Denise that she had sex with a man with HIV. Kim and Denise gets her checked out and it shows that Kim does not have HIV.

In late 2011, Dr. Yusef Khan sets the B&B on fire and Kim, Patrick and Denise are forced to move in with Anthony and Tyler Moon. Kim meets new arrival Ray Dixon when he saves Kim from a falling ladder. She then becomes smitten and finds herself looking after Ray's two children, Morgan Butcher and Sasha Dixon. Kim asks Sasha about how many girlfriends Ray has had, but Sasha tells Kim that he has some but they are "under the floorboards". When Ray asks Kim out, Kim tells Ray that she already has a date. Denise questions this and Kim tells her that it was private. In the Queen Vic that night, Ray meets Kim's date called Sinclair. When Kim finds out that Sinclair is racist, she shouts at Ray for staring at her. Kim then slaps Ray for calling her easy, and she then slaps Sinclair for his racist remarks. Behind Kim's back, Denise and Ray kiss. Kim soon finds out about it and dumps him straight away resulting in Ray leaving the square.

Offscreen in 2013, Kim meets Vincent Hubbard at a kebab shop. She then leaves Walford to work on a cruise ship and gets married to Vincent.


During 2014, Kim would make small returns via video call before she made her full-time return in December. Vincent got her pregnant resulting in Pearl Fox-Hubbard being born in February 2015. But Kim gave birth to Pearl 2 months early making Pearl a very premature baby. Pearl was born during the shows 30th anniversary, her name is a reference to the traditional stone to celebrate 30th anniversaries.

Kim thinks she has food poisoning but later finds out she is being sick because she is pregnant. She tells Vincent but he refuses to show interest of the idea of having another child, which hurts and confuses Kim, but they later are both excited by this. However, Kim suffers a miscarriage, which devastates her. She continues to pretend she is pregnant and tries to get pregnant but this fails and she eventually tells Denise and Carmel the truth. Kim suspects Vincent is cheating on her but he is selling the Albert, which he has been forced to do by Aidan Maguire. Aidan buys it from Vincent for £1, and Kim discovers that she and Vincent risk losing their home due to Vincent's loss of income. Vincent decides to return to his police informant days, offering information on the heist in return for cash. However, Phil discovers Vincent is talking to the police and has a corrupt officer threaten Vincent. Vincent disappears and Kim is forced to move in with Denise and get a job at the local shop.

Kim later finds out that she is pregnant again. In December 2018, Kim is locked in the storeroom of the Minute Mart with Phil after he lets the door shut. Kim goes into labour. Phil delivers the baby. Kim later invites Phil over as a thank you and notes that she needs a holiday Phil later gifts her a holiday.

Kim leaves Walford in July 2019 because she has an offer in Scotland as a tour guide. In December 2019, Kim returns on a video call whilst Denise, Patrick, Sheree, Jack and his kids are having a Christmas dinner.

2020 to present[]

Kim returns in November 2020 and is shocked to find out that Raymond, Denise's son, is now living with Denise. In January 2021, she discovers that Patrick is secretly letting Phil play football with Raymond. In 2021, Kim hears Harvey Monroe finalising an order for a cab for a Mr Vince Hubbard, and Kim tracks him down, but it turns out to be Howie Danes, who is linked to Vince’s death. Howie is scared if going to the police for Kim, but he later does. Kim later enters a relationship with Howie, and when he injures his leg in 2022, he moves in. On 1 August 2022, Felix Baker sees Kim Fox on Bridge Street and compliments her outfit, with her complimenting his too. The two talk about their outfits, and Kim says she’s going to be proposed to by Howie Danes. Felix then realises she got dressed up to say no, and the two laugh before Kim gets a call from Howie, cancelling their dinner. Later, Howie attempts to tell Kim about his son, Denzel, but Kim believes he’s talking about them getting married. Patrick then walks in with Denzel, greeting Howie. Denzel then begins setting up his gaming set up and the Fox-Trueman living room while Howie and Kim talk, and Howie attempts to gaslight Kim into thinking he’d told her but she doesn’t remember as he’s drunk. Howie says that Delilah needs Howie to look after Denzel while she’s in Ibiza. Howie says he’s trying to find a flat, and tells Kim that when he said they needed to talk, it was about Denzel staying. Howie admits he’s not need a good dad and wants to be more like Kim is with her kids. Howie says Denzel is staying for two weeks, and Kim says Denzel is welcome. Later when Denise visits, she reveals that Pearl is excited about having a new step brother. Kim reveals to Denise she thought Howie was talking about a dog called Derek, and Kim reveals she’s scared Denzel won’t like her.

The next day, Howie helps Denzel make room for his gaming set up, and when Kim asks what’s happening, He says Delilah is bringing Denzel’s chair over later. Kim says Howie can fit a whole department store in the living room, let alone a chair, and Denzel corrects Kim by saying it’s a gaming chair. Howie suggests the three of them can play together later, but Kim seems uninterested. Later, Howie suggests to Kim finding somewhere for just him and Denzel, and Kim says she doesn’t mind. Howie then goes to get Denzel’s stuff. Kim then sees Patrick, who says Howie was asking if he should leave, not telling her he wants to. Kim then leaves the house and sees Felix, who shows off his lipstick, and Kim Says it’s the perfect match with his outfit, and Felix makes her admit he was right she was wrong. On 9 August 2022, Kim and Howie approach Amy Mitchell, Lily Slater, and Tommy Moon, and the three agree that whatever Kim wants they’re not doing, but when Amy sees that Kim wants the three to hang out with Denzel, Amy takes an interest, feeling attracted to him. Kim says that Howie and Denzel have been playing games too much so she needs Amy to play with Denzel for a bit, and Howie says she means hang out. The two then leave. Later, when Jack is critiquing Amy’s shorts, Kim days she thinks Amy looks sensational and that she looks like any normal thirteen year old. Jack says she has more flesh on display than a butchers window. Kim later tries to convince Jack to let Amy west the shorts, looking at a pair of the same shorts on Sarah’s stall. She tells Sarah she’ll be back for them. At Walford East, Bobby tells Jack about the burger incident, and Kim says she’s seen Bobby give food away at the end of the day. Jack them gives Bobby some money to make up for Amy’s behaviour and to pay for their food. Kim them jokes about Jack spending money to avoid a difficult conversation. She then says she was told by Denise Jack spent thirty five pounds having the car cleaned, and Jack says he cleans his own car when he has time. Kim and Patrick then suggest Jack cleans his car this afternoon to set an example for Amy, Jack then leaves. Kim later sees jack washing his car, and jokes about him missing a spot. He throws some water at her and she leaves.

On 15 August 2022, Kim walks through bridge street market with flowers for Avery Baker’s funeral. Billy asks her to give them his condolences but Kim says they’re having a wake in the Vic later so he can do it himself. At the vic, Howie tells Kim that Tara Misu has a lovely voice, but Kim tells him she’s lip syncing. Howie then reveals that Delilah has decided to stay in Ibiza, saying she met someone out there. Kim asks what’s happening to Denzel, and Howie asks Kim if he can stay, but Kim is angered, and Howie walks off. After getting changed in the Vic toilets, Kim and Felix talk, and Felix says he was hoping his mum would show up, but says it was stupid since they haven’t seen her in sixteen years. Kim says he must miss her, but Felix admits that he doesn’t really as they never saw eye to eye, saying he wanted her here for Avery as he never really got over herself. Kim says that maybe Avery decided the only woman he wanted in his life was Tara. Felix tells Kim that when he booked Tara’s first gig, he didn’t tell anyone and didn’t want anyone there. Friends or family. He says Avery had been great with him coming out, but telling him about drag was scary. Felix went on stage at his first gig as Tara and saw Avery and Finlay at the front of the crowd, cheering him on, and he didn’t feel nervous anymore. Kim says it’s Felix’s mum who’s missing out, and Felix says anyone would be lucky to have Kim as a mum. Kim then approaches Howie and tells him that Denzel is very welcome to stay, saying that Denzel deserves to have a great relationship with his dad.

On 29 August 2022, Kim agrees to do a dance performance with Felix at his and Finlay’s Caribbean party. She later watches as Annie Carter is taken away by social services, alongside Sonia, Felix and Whitney.

On 22 September 2022, Kim attends Frankie Lewis's farewell party, saying she’s going to give her all her Scottish knowledge like she did for Dana Monroe. Kim talks with Finlay, Felix, Linda and Shirley, saying that when she visits Scotland she stays next to where David Tennant lives, making them all laugh. Felix later dances with Kim and Alfie Moon.

On 29 September 2022, Kim and Howie call Jack round to their house to fix their blocked pipe. Amy and Denzel them come downstairs, ready to go to Davinder’s birthday party, and Kim and Howie compliment them and Howie gives them some money and Kim takes their picture. Jack gets angry that Lim didn’t tell him Amy was there and that the two of them were alone upstairs together. Kim and Howie joke about the two getting a smoothie with two straws, but Jack lashes out, saying they shouldn’t be spending time together as they’re in enough trouble already. Amy tells him to calm down, and Jack refuses to, saying he’s protecting Amy from Denzel. Howie and Jack have an argument, with Howie saying kids make mistakes, but jack says Amy never did until Denzel showed up and calls Howie a part-time dad at best. Denise then arrives and attempts to defuse the situation, but to little success. Denzel then snaps, saying Amy is one of the best friends she’s ever had and says that they were upstairs together and Amy was helping him choose an outfit for Davinder’s party and that Ravi is there if he wants to speak to him, but Denise says it won’t be necessary. apologises to Howie and Kim, saying he overreacted and was just protective of Amy.

On 4 October 2022, Kim witnesses Sam, Sharon and Kat have a fight in the square and films it for the Kimfluencer, adding her own comments. She later goes to the laundrette to find Kat to tell her she’s got the fight in video in case she needs it as evidence, but only finds Karen there and tried shows Karen the video of the fight, but finds out the video didn’t record, and tells Karen the same happened yesterday when she queued to see the Queen’s coffin with Denise and were under Blackfriars bridge at 3am. Kim then rushes out to see Vinny to have a look at her phone.

On 5 October 2022, Kim attend Jay’s surprise party at Peggy’s hosted by Lola. A robbery later breaks out at the party, but Kim is unharmed and restrains a knocked out Jonah Tyler. Later at the Vic, Howie reveals to Kim, Honey and Patrick he starts his new job as a post man Tomorrow. Kim, Howie and Patrick drink too much, and Alfie has to help Patrick get home. When Denzel wants to impress Amy, he borrows Howie’s aftershave. Kim says it smalls awful which upsets Denzel.

When Kim gets an award for her influencer work, her, Denise, Pearl and Howie go to the ceremony and take Mica to his friends house. With them all gone, Denzel hosts a party but is caught by Kim and Howie when they get back. Howie is furious and Kim takes Denzel out to talk to him and help him feel better. As Kim takes Denzel home in her car she notices Denise Fox's phone in the car and notices texts from Ravi Gulati calling Denise a cheat. A distracted Kim then crashes the car into The Argee Bhajee, leaving her and Denzel injured. Denzel and Kim are saved by emergency services, however Kim begins to suffer from anxiety. Kim is sentenced to a week in prison for dangerous driving, and has a panic attack at the court. When she is released, Kim is a completely different person, being more protective of her kids and forbidding Pearl from going on a school trip as “she won’t be safe.” Denzel, Denise and Patrick convince Kim to attend therapy, and she does so, helping her recover. She begins recovering much faster when she returns to her Kimfluencer career, speaking about her mental health. Kim continues to go to therapy and sue the Kimfluencer account to help her recover. When Yolande Trueman returns, Kim, along with Denzel, Amy and Denise, encourage Patrick to fight for her, and he does so, stopping her from leaving at the last minute, with Kim filming the moment until her phone battery dies.

When Davinder ‘Nugget’ Gulati goes missing, Kim is encouraged to create a video about him with Denzel and Ricky Mitchell. They make a thoughtful video and it gains some attention on social media, she later informs Ravi Gulati of this but he doesn’t care. Some time later, Jay Brown ends up in hospital after having a Ketamine addiction and Kim comes to visit him, brightening him up and encouraging him to be more positive. When Dean Wicks returns to Walford, his new business is vandalised and Kim makes numerous harsh comments to Dean alongside other residents of the Square. A few months later, Denise returns to the Square after a long holiday. Whilst she was away, no one told her about Dean’s return and Denise had to find out for herself in Beale's Eels. Denise later speaks to Kim about his return and why she said nothing. Days later, in the Vic, the truth about Albie Watts’ kidnapping comes to light and drama begins. Kim sits with Yolande whilst this all happens and in discussion, Kim mentions how she thinks her and Yolande could easily take Linda Carter and Elaine Peacock in a smackdown. Kim later invites Denise to live with her when her and Jack split up, Kim is meant to sing for the Christmas choir but is forced to pull out when she loses her voice.

Kim overhears Suki Panesar, Eve Unwin and Davinder Gulati talking about Suki and Eve’s affair and Kim is lost for words and quickly runs out of the shop to gossip. When Suki and Eve go into the Vic, they notice that Kim had been talking about them and hence Suki confronts her.

Howie and Kim talk in the Vic and Kim hugs Howie but smells a woman’s perfume on him, however Howie denies any questions Kim has. She is then fearful of their relationship progressing any further - Kim smells a woman’s perfume on Howie once again and goes to make an accusation until Howie reveals that his boss is a woman and they’d met earlier on. Howie also says that he’s been offered a job on a cruise for 3 months, Kim is livid and feels secluded. The two then attend a photoshoot and meet Rory, Howie’s boss, and also a woman dressed as a mermaid, who Kim fights with after being teased. Kim then happily exclaims that she is going on the cruise. Days later, Denise is down in the dumps and Kim decides not to go on the cruise and Howie prepares to leave alone, until Denise reassures Kim to go and that she’ll be okay - So, Kim leaves for the cruise with Howie and her children.

Kim returns in June and discovers that Denzel is hosting a party and they aren't happy, she blames Yolande and Patrick for being negligent until Yolande reveals she has had her own troubles recently - being sexually assaulted by Pastor Clayton. Kim then offers her support to her. A few weeks later, it comes to light that Denzel has been taking steroids which hospitalised Davinder, Kim isn't happy.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Co-owner of a restaurant Unknown start date-2010
Businesswoman Unknown start date to present
Beautician 2010-2011
Barmaid 2011
Minute Mart assistant 2011
Cruise ship singer 2013-2014
Bar manager at The Albert 2016-2019
Tour guide 2019-2020
Nail technician Fox & Hair 2019-2020
Matchmaker 2021 to present
Barmaid at The Prince Albert 2022 to present


Address Years
18-20 Albert Square 2010-2013, 2014-2015
3B Albert Square 2012
1 Albert Square 2015-2018
20 Albert Square 2018-2019, 2020-

Background information[]


Kim's catchphrase: "Do me a favour!"

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