Kimberley Harmony Angelica "Kim" Fox (previously Fox-Hubbard) is the sister of Denise and Daphne Fox and the mother of Pearl and Mica.


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EastEnders - Kim Fox character trail

Kim and Dexter arrive for Denise's wedding to Lucas Johnson. She is shown to be lively in comparison to the calm and controlled Denise, wearing colourful and garish clothes and drinking heavily in the early afternoon, and is horrified when her niece Libby Fox informs her that the hen night is low key and will consist of a few friends and a magician. Kim cancels the magician and books drag queen Charity Kase instead, which initially horrifies both Denise and Libby but eventually all the women have a great time, with Denise showing her more lively side in the end.

On the morning of the wedding Kim and Dexter get drunk, having brought hip flasks with them and then later finding the rum that Libby has hidden, and end up having an argument when Dexter spills his drink over her new outfit. After Kim bursts into tears when Dexter calls her "easy", Denise sobers her up with black coffee and before the ceremony, she makes up with Dexter. However the next day, whilst having lunch with the newlyweds before they go on their honeymoon, Kim is informed by Denise that Dexter made a pass at Denise's daughter Chelsea Fox. Kim is devastated and argues with Dexter, but in the end takes him back, telling Denise that she cannot live without him. Kim and Dexter, along with Patrick Trueman, Chelsea, Libby and Jordan Johnson, then wave off Lucas and Denise before returning home. Leytonstone by Denise.

In June 2010, Kim returns for Jordan's welcome home party, where she reveals she threw Dexter out after catching him cheating. She gets drunk and tells Denise that Lucas is hiding something, which Denise refuses to believe. The next day Kim sells erotic lingerie to the women of Walford, before being told to go home to Leytonstone by Denise. Kim returns to stay with Denise and Patrick when she leaves Dexter. Kim then makes friends with Kat Moon and kisses Bianca Butcher's husband, Ricky. Unfortunate for Kim and Ricky, Ricky's son Liam saw the pair and is now ashamed of his dad. When Kim decides to make the Butcher family a chicken cassarole, Liam answers the door. Liam is rude to Kim and sends her and her meal away. Kim then shouts at Zainab Masood for trying to move Kim's caravan.

In 2011, Kim wakes up in a skip and tries to creep into her B&B. When Denise, Patrick and Ryan Malloy spot Kim, they question her. A CCTV video shows Kim wreck Patrick's shop. When Patrick and Ryan got back to the B&B, Kim reveals to Denise that she had sex with a man with HIV. Kim and Denise gets her checked out and it shows that Kim does not have HIV.

In late 2011, Dr. Yusef Khan sets the B&B on fire and Kim, Patrick and Denise are forced to move in with Anthony and Tyler Moon. Kim meets new arrival Ray Dixon when he saves Kim from a falling ladder. She then becomes smitten and finds herself looking after Ray's two children, Morgan Butcher and Sasha Dixon. Kim asks Sasha about how many girlfriends Ray has had, but Sasha tells Kim that he has some but they are "under the floorboards". When Ray asks Kim out, Kim tells Ray that she already has a date. Denise questions this and Kim tells her that it was private. In the Queen Vic that night, Ray meets Kim's date called Sinclair. When Kim finds out that Sinclair is racist, she shouts at Ray for staring at her. Kim then slaps Ray for calling her easy, and she then slaps Sinclair for his racist remarks. Behind Kim's back, Denise and Ray kiss. Kim soon finds out about it and dumps him straight away resulting in Ray leaving the square.

Later in 2013, Kim decides to leave Walford to work on a cruise ship.


During 2014, Kim would make small returns via video call before she made her full-time return in December. She married Vincent Hubbard off-screen on the cruise. He got her pregnant resulting in Pearl Fox-Hubbard being born in February 2015. But Kim gave birth to Pearl 2 months early making Pearl a very premature baby. Pearl was born during the shows 30th anniversary, her name is a reference to the traditional stone to celebrate 30th anniversaries. 

Kim thinks she has food poisoning but later finds out she is being sick because she is pregnant. She tells Vincent but he refuses to show interest of the idea of having another child, which hurts and confuses Kim, but they later are both excited by this. However, Kim suffers a miscarriage, which devastates her. She continues to pretend she is pregnant and tries to get pregnant but this fails and she eventually tells Denise and Carmel the truth. Kim suspects Vincent is cheating on her but he is selling the Albert, which he has been forced to do by Aidan Maguire. Aidan buys it from Vincent for £1, and Kim discovers that she and Vincent risk losing their home due to Vincent's loss of income. Vincent decides to return to his police informant days, offering information on the heist in return for cash. However, Phil discovers Vincent is talking to the police and has a corrupt officer threaten Vincent. Vincent disappears and Kim is forced to move in with Denise and get a job at the local shop.

Kim later finds out that she is pregnant again. In December 2018, Kim is locked in the storeroom of the Minute Mart with Phil after he lets the door shut. Kim goes into labour. Phil delivers the baby. Kim later invites Phil over as a thank you and notes that she needs a holiday Phil later gifts her a holiday.

Kim leaves Walford in July 2019 because she has an offer in Scotland as a tour guide. In December 2019, Kim returns on a video call whilst Denise, Patrick, Sheree, Jack and his kids are having a Christmas dinner.


Kim returns in November 2020 and is shocked to find out that Raymond, Denise's son, is now living with Denise. In January 2021 she discovers that Patrick is secretly letting Phil play football with Raymond.

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