Kevin Wicks was a charismatic family man who arrives in Walford in pursuit of his son Deano Wicks. He was a good-hearted father but now that his children have grown up, he felt it was time to have a life of his own. However, just as he was about to set off on an adventure, family problems brought his plans crashing down and sent him to Albert Square instead. He consoled Carly Wicks on her broken marriage, and tried to keep son Deano in line. His sometimes annoying spouting of folk wisdom is more than compensated for by his humour and good sense. He lived in a rented flat with his two surviving children (viewers learned that he lost a son, James, to cystic fibrosis). He unsuccessfully fought a growing attraction to Denise Fox, and he then had to cope with running the car lot and dealing with his budding romance.

However, when, on the family holiday to Dorset, Kevin's ex, Shirley Carter re-entered the Wicks' lives, a sequence of events ensued which led to the revelation that, whilst he was Jimbo's, Kevin was neither Carly's nor Deano's biological father. Shortly after the revelation, Kevin left the square, he was missing for several months and had plans to go to France until he met a man named Jed in Dungeress who stole his ferry tickets, Kevin promptly decided to return to Walford.

Back in Walford he forged his relationship back with Deano and Carly and his growing relationship with Denise Johnson led to a marriage in April 2007.

Kevin's time on Albert Square came to an end on New Year's Eve 2007. In December 2007 he had agreed to shift some stolen cars for Phil Mitchell. Phil found out from Jack Branning that the cars were dangerous 'cut and shuts' and ordered Kevin to sell them. After Kevin found out that they were 'cut and shuts' he agreed to keep selling them as he wanted to buy a new house for the family and send Deano on a round-the-world trip. Kevin stole back one of the cars which had been sold to Yolande Trueman. He and Shirley in a bid to dispose of it planned to make it look like it had been stolen by joyriders and then set it alight. But tragedy struck while Kevin raced the car, the bonnet flew up and they crashed into rubble and Kevin met a gruesome end impaled on a spike.

After his death Carly and Denise scattered his ashes over the East China Sea.


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