KEvin made his first appearance 16 December 1993. He is portrayed by John Pickard.


Kevin is the teenage friend of Robbie Jackson, who first appears along with Robbie in December 1993. He and Robbie frequently get into trouble doing such things as stealing alcohol from The Queen Victoria public house. They joyride Frank Butcher's car and crash it into Michelle Fowler's wall on Albert Square in April 1994. Robbie is left unconscious in the wreckage, while Kevin flees home, fearing the repercussions. Robbie isn't seriously harmed, and manages to avoid trouble from the police because he is a minor. Kevin eventually pays for the damage in July 1994, after inheriting money from his recently deceased grandmother.

Kevin is with Robbie in October 1994, when they find Wellard the dog, who becomes Robbie's inseparable sidekick. Kevin also attends the Jacksons' house party in January 1995, where he gets extremely drunk and tries unsuccessfully to seduce all of Bianca Jackson's friends. He is forced to help clear the mess the following day after a riot breaks out at the party and the police are called in. Later in the year, Robbie is fired from his paper round, for dumping all the newspapers without delivering them. Kevin goes behind his back and takes the job, then proceeds to call on Robbie's old customers for a Christmas bonus.

Kevin and Robbie try another money making scheme in December 1995, when they go carol singing under the guise that they are collecting money for the widow of a deceased scoutmaster. Robbie's sister, Bianca, finds out about the scam and blackmails them into giving her a cut of their proceeds. This eventually leads to further scamming, when they attend a pensioners bingo night at an old people's home. However, they are caught out when one of the residents turns out to be the widow of the deceased scoutmaster and they are forced to hand over all their profits to her. Kevin last appears in February 1996, where he and Robbie get a free haircut from a trainee hairdresser. Robbie is given highlights, which turn out disastrously, much to Kevin's amusement.

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