Kenneth "Kenny" Beale was Albert and Lou Beale's son and father of Elizabeth.


Born in 1940, Kenny was destined to follow in the Beale empire and carry on his father's legacy on the fruit and veg stall on Bridge Street Market. However, he was banished from Walford in 1965, when his mother caught him in bed with his brother's wife Pat. He then went to live in New Zealand, and set himself up a business selling swimming pools, and married a New Zealander called Barbara. He cut all contact from his family for five years after emigrating, and after that, it was only his younger sister Pauline who occasionally wrote to him.

In 1988, he returned to Walford with his teenage daughter Elizabeth, after his marriage with Barabara had hit a rocky patch. He visited his ill mother and found out that he has been named as the father of Pat's youngest son, Simon Wicks. After a month in Walford, he realised how good life his life was in New Zealand and returned to Barbara. He said goodbye to Simon, whose paternity had come in doubt again, and he told him that he hopes he's the father. Kenny the returned to New Zealand. It was later revealed that Pat believes Brian Wicks is Simon's father. Kenny did not know that Pat was sure Brian was the father.

Pauline travelled to New Zealand to visit Kenny in June 1992, after he had been in a car accident and he sent a wreath to Pauline's funeral in January 2007.

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