Kelvin Carpenter
Kelvin Carpenter Promo
Portrayed by Paul J. Medford
Introduced by Julia Smith
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 12 March 1985
Last Appearance 3 September 1987
Episode Count 195
Status Alive
Occupation Student
FatherTony Carpenter
MotherHannah Carpenter
SistersCassie Carpenter

Kelvin Carpenter is one of the original teenagers of EastEnders.

Kelvin Carpenter was a character in EastEnders from Episode 07 (12 March 1985) to Episode 267 (3 September 1987). He was the son of Tony and Hannah Carpenter and was one of the original characters.



Kelvin was best friends with Ian Beale and they hung around a lot. In 1985, Sharon Mitchell and Michelle Fowler fought for his affections. He started up a knitting business with Ian which soon ended. Kelvin was joint vocalist with Sharon in a local band, The Banned, during the summer of 1986. Kelvin dates Carmel Roberts in 1987 but she is quite a bit older than him. In September 1987. Kelvin enrols at Norwich University in Norwich, Norfolk. His friends hold a party but Kelvin does not attend as he hates farewells. He sneaks away from Walford quietly.


Kelvin has not returned to Walford since, but by 2010 he had moved back to London and Ian Beale found him on a social networking site where he said he had done well for himself and had his own flat in Shoreditch. However he admitted this was a lie after he and Ian did not meet up. Kelvin has not been in contact with Ian since.


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