Keith Harris was the senior designer of EastEnders from 1985 to 1989.

Keith's input was arguably as valuable as the contributions made by Tony Holland and Julia Smith towards the massive success of EastEnders. Along with his team of professionals, Keith created the most realistic set British television had ever known - so realistic, in fact, that many people thought Albert Square was a real place. Keith made several trips to the East End taking photos and making detailed sketches of old buildings to make Albert Square as authentic as possible.

His attention to detail was so complete that when builders made a garden wall too straight, he ordered the wall to be dismantled and rebuilt crooked! Keith stayed with EastEnders for a further five years, and after leaving took on the task of creating the marvellous Los Barcos set for Eldorado, arguably the most competent contribution anyone made to the doomed sun soap. Keith's other credits include the sets for Miss World and Miss UK contests, as well as the stage for the BAFTA Awards.

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