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Keanu Floyd Taylor was the son of Karen Taylor and Shane, half-brother of Chantelle, Keegan, Bernadette, Chatham and Riley and father of Peggy Mitchell Jr. He made his first appearance on 15 June 2017 and departed on 21 February 2020. He returned on 13 December 2022 with another departure on 25 December 2023 after he was stabbed by Linda Carter in defence of Sharon Watts. He is portrayed by Danny Walters.


Keanu is the son of Karen Taylor and her ex-boyfriend Shane. When Karen was younger, she had an on and off relationship with Mitch Baker and the pair had a daughter together, Chantelle but they soon split up and Karen went on to meet Shane in 1997, although their relationship was never proper. Karen went on to give birth to their son, Keanu in 1999. Shane was abusive towards Karen and a very lousy father, not caring for his infant son. Karen finally had enough and ended her relationship with Shane, when Keanu was very young. Shane didn't like this and attacked Karen with a kitchen knife, stabbing her multiple times, attempting to kill her. Luckily, Karen managed to get to safety and survived, spending many weeks in intensive care. Shane was arrested and pleaded guilty, later getting sentenced to twelve years. After he was released, Shane committed another crime and was sent back to prison. During this time, Karen met another man and gave birth to a daughter, Bernadette. Karen and Mitch decided to rekindle their romance soon after and Karen became pregnant with their son Keegan. After the pair split up once again, Karen met another man and together they had two sons, Riley and Chatham, with Mitch going on to have a daughter, Bailey with another woman.

Born on 23rd April 1999, Keanu has three brothers and two sisters. He comes from a family that struggles with money and bills and he is very protective over his family. His family is used to the electricity cutting off, bailiffs coming and taking their electronics, loan sharks demanding money. As Keanu is the man of the house, he has to stay strong for his family, this includes fixing the electrics and helping his family whilst they’re in drama. 


2017-2019: Arrival, affair with Sharon and Phil feud

Taylor Family (2017)

Keanu arrives in Walford with his family.

Karen, Keanu, Bernadette and Keegan move into Albert Square, upsetting the residents with their rowdy behaviour. Keanu shows support towards Bernadette when Karen tells him that she is pregnant. Karen pressures Keanu into talking to Bernadette about the father of her baby. Karen overhears Bernadette talking to Keanu, who Karen thinks may be the baby's father. Karen confronts Keanu, asking if he is the father, and Keanu is hurt that Karen thinks that, but admits the father is in Bernadette's year. When Keanu sees fliers for Arthur Fowler's memorial bench, he tells Bernadette that they need to return the bench without being caught. A social worker who visits Bernadette realises that the Taylor's stole the bench and later, PC Jaz Jones visits the family to arrest Karen, but Keanu stops him. Keanu is given a warning for the bench theft and upset that he will not be taken on full-time after the mechanic firm he completed his apprenticeship at.

Keanu asks around for work and apologises to Arthur's children, Michelle Fowler and Martin Fowler, for the bench theft. Keanu is told by Ben Mitchell he is not looking for staff when he asks. Keanu tells his family he is determined to get a job and not resort to benefits. Linda Carter, the landlady of The Queen Victoria, advertises for bar staff and Keanu hands in his CV to her and her husband, Mick Carter. Linda offers Keanu a trial shift, but is upset when he is sent home by The Vic's business consultant, Fi Browning. Keanu is taken on by an employment agency, but considers applying for benefits when the bailiffs try to visit their home.

When Ted Murray and his wife, Joyce Murray, find that they have been burgled, Ted blames the Taylor's and the police question them. Keanu insists to Ted and Joyce that they played no part in the break-in and Joyce is grateful when Keanu offers to board up their window. Keanu manages to convince Bernadette to go to teenage parenting classes and decides to go with her. Following a gas explosion, Bernadette suffers a miscarriage, devastating the family.

Struggling to gain employment, Keanu goes for a job as a nude life model for an art class, but he is shocked when his neighbour Ingrid Solberg attends the class, and she is shocked to find he is a model. Keanu considers joining an escort agency and is tempted by the money he could earn. Keanu receives a booking and asks Kathy Beale for advice on women. Keanu goes on a date with a client, Julie, and she invites Keanu to her room. Keanu finds Julie crying and they both admit it is their first time being and using an escort and Julie opens up about her ex-husband to Keanu.

Keanu catches the attention of Aidan Maguire with his physical strength and Keanu is recruited into helping with a robbery with Phil Mitchell, Mick and Vincent Hubbard. Bernadette, who gets a job at The Albert glass collecting overhears, but agrees to keep quiet. Prior to the job, Keanu threatens to quit when he thinks he is only getting paid £1,000, but Aidan insists he will get more. The heist goes ahead but Mick is shot. The money then goes missing and Aidan instructs everyone involved to remain away for two weeks in case the police ask questions and when they meet, everyone wonders who has taken the money. Keanu is asked by Aidan to get rid of a box that contain teeth belonging to Luke Browning, but they end up with Phil Mitchell. Phil employs Keanu as a mechanic and on his first day, he is reunited with Mitch Baker, the father of his half-siblings Chantelle and Keegan Baker. Keanu undertakes work on Mitch's van and warns him to keep away from his family, lying that they do not live on Albert Square. Mitch later returns and he shouts for Karen and Keegan at the flat, but Keanu punches him. When Karen brings Mitch home, Keegan, Keanu and Bernadette do not want Mitch's presence, but Karen later sneaks him into the flat. Keanu is disgusted with Karen for letting Mitch stay the night and Mitch brings up Keanu's father. Karen attempts to reluctantly talk to Keanu about his father, but she fails and talks to Mitch about her being stabbed by Keanu's father.

Phil Mitchell hires Keanu as his mechanic at The Arches, Phil fires him after they have a disagreement, however he hires him back when Keanu and Sharon plant dodgy cars on Phil's rival Max Branning's garage, leaving Phil impressed. Sharon and Keanu continue to grow close throughout 2018, however nothing would happen yet. Keanu sees Sharon's son Dennis Rickman Jr being given a bag full of phones by a gang and Keanu then confiscates the bag from Dennis. The gang then track Keanu down to the Arches and confront him demanding the bag back. Keanu refuses to hand the bag over and Phil then turns up and orders the gang to leave. The gang would trash the Arches and steal everything in there after Phil and Keanu had left. The gang later come back and boast about stealing the stuff to Keanu unaware he has recorded the conversation, Keanu then tells them to leave, which the gang considers doing until they see Dennis spying on them. They then chase Dennis and attack him. Keanu tries to protect Dennis but ends up getting attacked himself. Phil then spots the gang attacking Keanu and Dennis and attacks several members of the gang leading them to flee. Phil then drags Dennis and Keanu back to his house and him and Sharon are furious at Keanu for not telling them that he had seen Dennis with the gang. Phil then orders Keanu to get out of his house. Sharon later meets Keanu and apologises for blaming him and Keanu says Dennis is lucky to have Phil as a father figure, however Sharon disagrees.

Phil punches Keanu

Phil Mitchell punches and fires Keanu.

Phil takes Dennis to the Arches for the day, Phil leaves Dennis on his own saying he has to go to a business meeting and assures him he wont be long, while Phil is gone, the gang turn up and attempt to kidnap Dennis but are stopped by Sharon and Keanu, Sharon takes Dennis home but goes back to the Arches to meet Keanu and thanks him for helping save Dennis. She then gets upset and claims to be a bad mother but Keanu shuts it down immediately and tells her it isn't her fault, the two then share an intimate moment when Keanu holds her hand and kisses her on the cheek.

Sharon and Keanu

Keanu and Sharon Mitchell's affair begins.

Phil then discovers the gang had attacked Dennis again after Keanu's mother Karen Taylor told Phil that Keanu had given her one of Dennis' jackets to be cleaned, Phil then realises something has happened, he tells Keanu to come to his house, he then confronts Sharon and Keanu who confess Dennis was attacked again, Phil is furious believing Keanu has been keeping secrets from him again. Phil then punches Keanu and fires him, Keanu later returns to the house and attempts to kiss Sharon, Phil then walks in just before they are about to kiss, Keanu begs Phil for his job back but Phil refuses, Sharon then finds a flight ticket to Spain and believes Phil is planning to take them away on holiday, Sharon and Phil had not been getting along for months after Phil discovered Sharon had stolen money from him that he had got from a robbery with Aidan. Sharon is excited and thinks this is Phil's way of a fresh start, however Phil tells her he is going on his own for two months on business, leaving Sharon devastated, she then texts Keanu and he goes over to Phil's house, Sharon and Keanu kiss and sleep together, Phil leaves for Spain the same night. After arranging to meet at the canal, Keanu sees Linda disposing of the gun used to shoot Stuart Highway. Sharon pays Keanu to keep quiet about what he saw. After Keanu posts the money back to Sharon and informs the police of what he saw, leading to Linda's arrest, Sharon is furious. After opening up to each other, with Sharon confessing the secretive gangster life Phil lives is not for her, they make up. Sharon fears Dennis has caught her and Keanu together, but it later turns out to be a false alarm.

When Keanu struggles to find work, Sharon attempts to help him, initially by persuading Kat Moon to allow him to fix her moped, and then letting Keanu use Phil's car as a taxi service. Sharon is jealous of Keanu's friendship with Hayley Slater, and spitefully takes Phil's car back from him although Keanu later reassures her there is nothing between him and Hayley. After a misunderstanding over the age at which Keanu can become a cab driver, Sharon discovers he's only nineteen, younger than she believed him to be. The age gap unsettles Sharon, and she ends their affair, however, they later reconcile.

Keanu and Sharon have many more sexual encounters, including in the Arches, where during their romp, Sharon accidentally sends a voicemail to Louise Mitchell, Louise then begins blackmailing them, threatening to tell her father, Phil what is going on but Sharon tells her what she heard was Keanu giving her personal training and she swears on Dennis' life that she is not having an affair with Keanu. Sharon ends her relationship with Keanu after Karen catches them in the ally way next to The Queen Victoria, she confronts Sharon and begs her to end her relationship with Keanu, telling her that if Phil finds out he will kill Keanu if he found out about the affair, Sharon agrees and dumps Keanu, telling him,"I've thought about the consequences and you would never survive Phil Mitchell".

Keanu and Sharon avoid each other for weeks until Sharon begs Keanu for another chance, Sharon and Keanu sleep together once again, Louise and Keanu's brother Keegan are also making out in the kitchen, Sharon handcuffs Keanu to the bed but then, Phil returns, Phil comes into the house and catches Louise and Keegan, he runs after Keegan but fails to catch him, Keanu hides under the bed as Phil meets Sharon down stairs, Phil and Sharon then sleep together, Keanu then hears them leaving him traumatised. Phil then sees Keanu at the Vic and warns him to keep his brother away from Louise, he then gives Keanu his job back.

Keanu then has a one night with Louise when Sharon goes to Australia and ignores him, Phil tells Keanu to start seeing Louise, Keanu agrees but is reluctant, Keanu dumps Louise after realising he still loves Sharon, Phil is furious after learning about this and threatens Keanu. Phil sends Keanu to Spain Keanu intends to tell Phil no, but is devastated when he finds out from Phil that a returning Sharon came up with the idea, he then tells Sharon that the holiday is a charade and that he will be doing criminal activities for Phil and that he will be lucky to make it back in one peace, he then tells Sharon it is over between them for good.

Episode 5934 (10 June 2019)

Keanu and Louise Mitchell.

Phil and Keanu

Keanu and Phil Mitchell.

Keanu returns weeks later, while he was out in Spain he was attacked by a rival gang of Phil's, he tells Sharon that it was her fault and that he hates her, he than tells her to stay away, Midge comes to Walford and is seen in Kathy's Cafe talking to Louise, Midge is a member of the gang that attacked Keanu, Phil and Keanu spot Midge and try to warn him off, but he says he wants his money back. Phil pays Keanu to watch Louise in case Midge tries to kidnap her, Louise believes Keanu fancies her but Keanu tries to tell her he doesn't, which leads to the two having an argument, when Keanu turns his back Midge kidnaps Louise. Phil and Keanu manage to rescue Louise, Keanu decides to give him and Louise a chance and begins to fall in love with her, they become a couple and sleep together. Louise discovers after this that she is pregnant with Keanu's baby, she tells Keanu who does not know how to react, Louise then overhears Phil and Keanu talking about the fact that Phil paid Keanu to be with Louise at first. when Louise's ex-boyfriend Hunter Owen insults Louise's scars Keanu ends up punching him.

Louise tells Keanu that she had an abortion (which was a lie), Keanu then has a one night stand with Sharon, which results in Sharon also getting pregnant. Keanu tells Louise he is leaving, so she follows him to the tube station, Keanu reveals that Phil did pay him to keep Louise safe, but that he fell in love with her and that their relationship from that point on was genuine, but he says he is angry because he wanted to have the baby with Louise, Louise then apologises and admits she is still pregnant leaving Keanu delighted, the two then reunite. Sharon then does a paternity test to find out if her baby is Keanu's or Phil's and discovers it is indeed Keanu's, Sharon pretends the baby is Phil's however Keanu finds out that the baby is his, he then tells Sharon and Karen he is going to tell Phil and Louise the truth about the affair, Keanu had gotten close to Phil at this point and looked up to Phil as a father figure. Sharon and Karen drug Keanu and tie him up in an abandoned ware house, Keanu thinks Phil has discovered the affair, Sharon and Karen eventually release a terrified Keanu and he agrees to keep the secret and go along that the baby is Phil's. Phil is attacked by Stacey Slater in order to defend Martin whom Phil was strangling, Ben is furious to discover Phil has added Keanu to his will. A jealous Ben then frames Keanu for Phil's attack as revenge, forcing Keanu to flee Walford with Louise.

Keanu Taylor and Ben Mitchell

Keanu confronts Ben Mitchell.

Keanu and Louise return to Walford weeks later and Keanu finds Ben in the nightclub and orders Ben to tell the police that he didn't attack Phil, when Ben refuses Keanu beats him up. After Louise is taken hostage by Hunter Owen Keanu attempts to get Louise back but ends up getting shot by Hunter, Keanu survives the shot and Hunter is killed by police. Ben also tells the police Keanu did not attack Phil. Mel Owen swears revenge on Sharon after Sharon called Mel's deceased son Hunter a heartless psychopath on the day of his funeral, Hunter was a killer who took the Queen Vic hostage before being shot by a policeman, Mel discovers Keanu is the real father of Sharon's baby after catching them meeting up in secret, Mel then manages to get evidence by getting a photocopy of Sharon's paternity test. Mel blackmails Sharon she tells Sharon she wants a Villa in Portugal and she wants Louise to go with her, she also demands Sharon sign her half of her Nightclub over to Ruby Allen, Sharon does all these things for Mel, however Mel attempts to tell Phil anyway, so Sharon runs after her and they end up in a car chase, Mel crashes her car during the car chase, Sharon manages to rescue Mel but Mel hears Hunter's voice and goes into the road and dies instantly after being stuck by a lorry, Sharon is upset that Mel has died but is relieved the affair will not be revealed, however Mel took out an insurance policy and told Louise's mom Lisa Fowler that Sharon had an affair and that her baby was not Phil's, when Lisa finds out Sharon was their when Mel died, she thinks that Sharon killed her to keep her secret, Lisa then tells Phil that the baby isn't his, Phil does not believe Lisa and she is sent to a Psychiatric Hospital after breaking down at Mel's funeral and once again claiming the baby isn't his.

Lisa Fowler and Keanu Taylor

Lisa Fowler furiously confronts Keanu after discovering his affair with Sharon.

Sharon visits Lisa at the hospital and tells Lisa that Keanu is the father of her baby leaving Lisa furious as her daughter Louise at this point was engaged to Keanu and due to be married and had their own child on the way, Phil sees on the sat nav in his car that Sharon had gone to the Hospital Lisa was at, he then realises that Lisa was telling the truth and that Sharon's baby is not his, Phil confides in his son Ben Mitchell, and the pair make it their mission to discover who the real father of Sharon's baby is with Phil vowing to kill them.

Keanu Taylor 17 December 2019

Keanu is horrified after discovering Phil knows Sharon's baby isn't his and watching Phil attack Jack Branning.

Phil sees Jack Branning and Sharon talking and immediately assumes Jack is the father of Sharon's baby, Phil then tells Ben to find evidence. Ben finds Sharon's necklace in Jack's flat, Ben then tells Phil about what he had found, Phil then gets into his car and prepares to run an oblivious Jack over, but stops when Jack's children walk into the road. Phil later purchases a gun and has his henchmen kidnap Jack, Phil then beats Jack up in the Arches and prepares to kill Jack by setting him on fire from pouring petrol on him and then igniting it with his lighter but Ben and Keanu stop Phil just before he can go through with it. Keanu doesn't understand why Phil is trying to kill Jack until Phil outright accuses Jack of getting Sharon pregnant. Keanu and Ben try to tell Phil he could of have got it wrong, so Phil tells Jack to explain why Sharon's necklace was in his house, Jack then explains that Linda Carter borrowed the necklace from Sharon and must of dropped it when she was in his flat recently. Phil then let's Jack go and Ben begs Jack not to tell the police about what Phil did to him to which Jack reluctantly agrees.

On Christmas Eve Phil finally discovers the truth after Keanu and Sharon unintentionally tell Phil the same detail about one of their sexual encounters and Phil puts two and two together. Phil attempts to attack an oblivious Keanu but Ben realises what Phil is about to do and gets Phil out of the house, Phil then tells Ben he is going to kill Keanu, Ben refuses to let Phil kill Keanu, but Ben suggests that he has someone else kill Keanu to stop any evidence being linked back to Phil and Phil agrees, Phil and Ben tell Louise about the affair off-screen and the three conspire to kill Keanu.

Episode 6047-6048 (25 December 2019)

On Christmas Day Phil confronts Sharon about the affair, Sharon at first tries to deny it but eventually admits the truth, Sharon tries to explain that she had the affair because Phil was ignoring her, which causes Phil go into a rage and he throws a chair across the table at her, Sharon insists that it was a mistake and Phil begins to cry and tells Sharon he still loves her. Sharon believes Phil has given her a second chance but later in the day Phil gets angry again and insists it's not the case and tells Sharon he has already taken her out of his will, started divorce proceedings and is intending to go for full custody of Dennis as Phil had adopted him for more than two years and tells Sharon he has as much legal rights to keep him as Sharon. Phil then throws Sharon out of his house and tells her she is dead to him and so is Keanu, Sharon then thinks Phil has killed Keanu. Elsewhere Ben hires Martin Fowler (whom he had been threatening and blackmailing after he set Martin up for stealing cars on a job for Ben and was also threatening Martins family) to kill Keanu, Martin agrees to do the hit as long as Ben wipes away all evidence of his crimes, Ben gives Martin his word and gives Martin a gun.

Louise confronts Keanu and asks him if he is the father of Sharon's baby, Keanu simply says "yes". Louise is mortified, Keanu insists it was the biggest mistake of his life and that he loves Louise and her and their daughter Peggy are his only priority, Louise agrees to move away from Walford with him and they begin to pack, while they are packing they see Phil walking towards the Vic where he meets Ben, Keanu thinks he's in the clear and him and Louise leave the house. Keanu and Louise get in a car and just before they are about to drive off, Keanu checks if this is definitely what she want, Louise then coldly stares at Keanu and tells him he should never take a Mitchell for a fool. Martin then sneaks up on Keanu and puts a cloth of chloroform to Keanu's mouth and nose, causing Keanu to pass out as Louise watches on (revealing on-screen that Louise had intact betrayed Keanu and was working with Phil, Ben and even Martin). Louise then goes to the Vic and meets Ben, Phil and then rest of the Mitchell family, giving all three of them an alibi. Louise asks Ben if Martin is definitely up to it, Ben unconfidently tells her yes, Ben tells Phil and Louise that he gave Martin a burner phone and has demanded a video of Martin killing Keanu so that Martin could not simply lie and say he had done when he hadn't.

Martin then takes Keanu to a warehouse where a gunshot is heard, Martin then shows Ben a video of Keanu seemingly being shot and Ben believes Martin. Ben then tells Phil that it's done, Sharon then comes into the Vic public exposes her affair with Keanu before telling Dennis to come with her, Dennis is disgusted and tells her he is staying with Phil.

Martin Fowler and Keanu Taylor

Keanu and Martin Fowler fight for a gun.

A flashback episode on new years day reveals that Martin and Keanu had a fight for the gun after Keanu attempted to escape, Martin manages to get the gun back but couldn't go through with killing Keanu. Martin then finds a drunk Linda who had heard the gunshot and seen him after she was sleeping in his van, Martin grabs her and brings her into the warehouse, Martin then tells Linda that Keanu had an affair with Sharon and that he was the father of her baby, and that Phil and Ben had sent him to kill Keanu. Linda plans to make a fake video, Linda then takes the gun from Martin and shot Keanu in the shoulder and smeared his blood on the floor, Martin then took a video of himself shooting Keanu with an unloaded gun and Keanu falling back, Linda and Martin then bandage Keanu up and tell him to leave Walford for good.

2020-2023: Dennis' death, returns and death

Karen is terrified that Phil has killed Keanu, she calls Phil out in front of the whole pub, Phil denies killing Keanu, however after nodding and smiling at her while she was in tears she tries to attack Phil, however Martin separates the fight and takes Karen back to his place, after seeing how devastated Karen is Martin tells her Keanu is alive and takes her to visit Keanu. A drunk Linda accidentally tells Sharon that her and Martin faked Keanu's death, Sharon then steals Martin's phone and sends the video of Keanu's supposed 'death' to the police as revenge on Phil for taking Dennis from her, Phil and Ben are arrested for murder, but are released on bail, Phil then goes on the run to Portugal, however Ben stays in Walford despite potentially being re arrested at some point.

Keanu in 2020

Keanu's return.

After word gets out that Phil has left Walford, Keanu's sister Bernadette Taylor phones him and tells him Phil has gone, Keanu returns and meets Sharon, he tells her he wants her to leave Walford with, Sharon agrees but the two do not have enough money so Keanu kidnaps Ben's boyfriend Callum Highway, Keanu then confronts Ben, who is shocked to see Keanu still alive, Keanu demands £100,000 and implies to Ben he will kill Callum if Ben does not get him the money. Ben desperately tries to get the money but can't, so he calls Phil and tells him everything, Phil returns to Walford, Purchasing a gun off Shirley Carter and then taking Karen hostage, demanding to know where Keanu is, Karen refuses to tell Phil so he grabs her pointing the gun into her stomach but is knocked out from behind with a frying pan by Billy Mitchell.

Phil attacks Keanu

Keanu vs Phil Mitchell.

Billy tells Karen that he had seen Keanu going to the boat party on The Smith-Holland ship, Phil was only pretending to be unconscious and heard the conversation, Phil fails to meet Ben with the money so Ben kidnaps Sharon, taking her to Coker & Mitchell funeral parlour and demands to know where Keanu is, as this is happening Sharon's waters break, Kathy Beale arrives tells Ben she saw Phil and Keanu heading towards the boat party, Ben then leaves and goes after them, Sharon gives birth to her an Keanu's son Albie Watts with Kathy acting as her midwife.

Phil finds Keanu and beats him up, he expresses how much Keanu has hurt him, Keanu tells Phil he is sorry and tells him where Callum is, Phil sends Shirley to find him but she can't find him. Phil believes Keanu is lying and chases him around the ship attempting to shoot him, Keanu and Phil begin fighting and Phil punches the ship captain when he tries to stop the fight, Phil pushes Keanu into the boat wheel, which causes the boat to crash and Phil begins to strangle Keanu but is stopped from killing him by Ben, Keanu, Ben and Phil all manage to escape the sinking boat, as do the other Walford residents on board, except from Dennis, who dies due to drowning after Ian Beale had locked him in one of the boat rooms, Phil witnesses Dennis die and is devastated that he has unintentionally caused his step son's death. Sharon spends time in the hospital bonding with her newborn but is heart broken when Keanu arrives and tells her what has happened to Dennis, she blames the affair for Dennis' death after swearing on his life to Louise that she wasn't having an affair with Keanu. She then demands Keanu leave saying she never wants to see him again.

Keanu Taylor returns 2022

Keanu makes another return.

Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor in the Vic

Keanu and Phil Mitchell fight again.

Keanu honours Sharon's request and stays away from Walford for almost three years, Keanu returns to Walford on 13 December 2022 and attempts to reunite with Sharon and Albie while Phil is away, Keanu moves back in with Karen and the rest of the Taylor family. When Keanu sees Zack Hudson with Albie he approaches to sees his son but Sharon does not let Keanu see Albie, when Zack tells Keanu to back off Keanu and Zack Square up to eachother, however Sharon drags Zack away. Ben later sees Keanu in the Vic and tells Keanu that Phil will kill him when he gets back to Walford. Keanu later tells Karen he didn't come back to Walford just for Albie, Keanu later meets DI Samantha Keeble and it seems Keanu is back to get rid of Phil once and for all. He sees that Phil is back which ends with both of them fighting, Keanu later meets up with Phil and it is revealed that both of them are working together to take down Samantha and the fight they had was a front.

Keanu continues try and gather evidence on Samantha for Phil, however it is revealed Keanu had a fling with Phil younger sister Sam Mitchell while he was away from Walford. Sam lures Keanu to Peggy's and kisses him, Phil catches them kissing and is furious, Phil then grabs Keanu by the throat and begins to strangle him. Phil eventually let's Keanu go and tells him their deal is off but later changes his mind and sends Keanu to visit Samantha. Keanu finally gets the evidence that Phil needs when Samantha gives Keanu a gun linked to multiple armed robberies and tells him to plant it on Phil, Keanu also records their conversation. Keanu then gives the incriminating evidence to Phil and assumes Phil is going to honour his end of their deal (letting Keanu come back to Walford and see Albie and Peggy). However, Phil double crosses Keanu and tells him he can't return to Walford. Phil then tells Keanu he's got until new years day to leave Walford.

Phil and Keanu hear a gun shot

Keanu and Phil hear a gun shot.

Keanu attends Peggy's for the new years day party and begs Phil to reconsider letting him stay but Phil once again threatens Keanu and tells him that he has until midnight to leave or Karen will be burying another child. Keanu considers leaving but instead ends up telling Samantha about his and Phil's plan and the evidence he has given Phil. Samantha then visits Phil the next day and demands the evidence back, however a smug Phil refuses and tells Samantha she is finished. Samantha then has her henchmen kidnap Kat and Tommy as revenge. Phil confronts Keanu and threatens him but Keanu later helps Phil track Samantha down, however by the time Phil finds them Kat had accidentally shot Samantha. Samantha is still alive and Phil offers to take her to hospital so they can save her life if she agrees to get Billy off the hook and ends her vendetta with Phil once and for all. Samantha agrees and Phil orders Keanu to take her to the hospital, Keanu agrees to take her but only if Phil allows him to move back to Walford. Phil reluctantly agrees but tells Keanu to stay out of his way.

On 20 February 2023 Keanu meets Sharon in the Vic for a date, the two flirt but Sharon is hesitant to reunite with Keanu, not wanting to get hurt again. Sharon then goes to the toilet, however Keanu follows her and promises to never hurt her again. Sharon and Keanu then have sex in the toilets, when the two come out some of the people in the Vic clock onto what they were doing. Keanu and Sharon's date goes well until Sharon overhears a voicemail on Keanu's phone from Sam offering him a job at Peggy's but also mentions their past fling in Spain which Sharon was not aware of. Sharon then leaves Keanu, insisting they are done.

The next day Sharon continues to ignore Keanu, however when Karen has ago at Sharon for her treatment of Keanu she decides to give him another chance. Keanu starts his shift as a bouncer at Peggy's, however he is forced in to strip dancing for some Peggy's customers after being persuaded by Kim Fox Keanu does the dance and after stripping topless he catches the eye of Chelsea Fox. After Keanu finishes his dance Chelsea and Keanu flirt and ultimately sleep together just as Sharon calls him. Sharon later learns about Chelsea and Keanu from Karen and arranges a fake date with Keanu and is furious when Keanu doesn't admit to sleeping with Chelsea the night before, Sharon then throws a drink over Keanu and leaves.

Keanu spends weeks trying to win Sharon back, he asks Sharon for a job at the gym but she says no. Keanu goes to Sam and Karen for advice and they both advise Keanu to make a gesture, Keanu later asks Sharon to marry him at her re-launch of The Boxing Den. However an embarrassed Sharon runs off, Keanu runs after Sharon and continues to tell Sharon that he loves her, Sharon then asks if Keanu loved why sleep with Chelsea. Keanu says because Sharon pushed him away, Sharon admits she does have feelings for Keanu but she doesn't want to be hurt again, Keanu then kisses Sharon and gives her some space. When Keanu returns Sharon tells him she can't marry him but she want's to get to know him properly as during their first romance it was an affair, Keanu and Sharon then kiss and reunite. Keanu suggests to Sharon they should have a christening for Albie, Sharon agrees and the two begin handing out invites. Keanu realises he hasn't got enough money for the christening, after advice from Mitch that he used to have multiple jobs at the same time. Keanu asks Alfie Moon for a job at the Vic but Alfie tells Keanu that they don't have jobs at the moment. Keanu then asks Phil for some extra jobs, Phil agrees however Keanu still doesn't have enough money. Keanu then approaches criminal Ravi Gulati and asks him for some criminal jobs to make some money, Ravi tells Keanu that they're is a delivery coming to Walford East and tells Keanu to pick it up.

Christos arrives in Walford and sees Keanu taking in some boxes containing stolen whiskey into Walford East for Ravi. Christos approaches Keanu, pretending to be a police officer and orders Keanu to show him whats in the boxes. However, Keanu refuses to show him inside the boxes and tells him to go and get a search warrant. Keanu tells Ravi that the police were just around and that they are probably going to get raided, Ravi and Keanu then attempt to hide the Whiskey, however Christos walks in and Ravi orders him out thinking he is a police officer. However, Christos reveals his police badge is fake and he then reveals he is Christos, Ravi's criminal associate that had been talking to him on the phone. Christos then tells Ravi he has a job for him and Keanu and asks if he's in and Ravi says yes.

Ravi Gulati attacks Keanu Taylor

Keanu is brutally attacked by Ravi Gulati.

Keanu later agrees to the job, Christos then supplies a van full of weed and Ravi tells Keanu to go and get the van and deliver it, however due to the job clashing with Albie's christening Keanu tells Ravi he will deliver the drugs after. However, the alarm on Keanu's van goes off during the christening and when Keanu goes out of the church the police are searching Keanu's van, the police find cocaine in the van, not weed despite Ravi and Christos telling Keanu that it was weed he was delivering. Ravi learns of Keanu's arrest and tells Sharon he will kill Keanu if Keanu mentions his name to the police, Keanu is released on bail. Sharon slaps Keanu for getting involved with drugs and Phil fires Keanu from Peggy's, Ravi is ordered by Christos to kill Keanu to make sure he doesn't say anything to the police. Ravi later beats Keanu almost to death, puncturing Keanu's lung. Phil finds Keanu and calls him an ambulance, Keanu is rushed to the hospital and the doctors tells his family he will live. Sharon then hears a voicemail from Keanu and realises Ravi was responsible for the attack, Sharon later calls the police and has Ravi arrested.

Keanu wakes up and Sharon asks Keanu to marry her, Keanu agrees and the two become engaged. Keanu is horrified to learn that Sharon has called the police on Ravi, he tells Sharon that Ravi did this to him because he thought Keanu might grass. Keanu then makes a statement to the police, insisting that Sharon got it wrong and that he only walked past Ravi before he was attacked. Ravi is then released by the police and Ravi's father Nish Panesar turns up at the hospital and threatens the two of them. Keanu is later released from hospital and as he is walking through the Square with Sharon he is watched by Nish and Ravi. Karen later pays Nish's wife Suki Panesar a visit and begs her to get Nish to leave Keanu alone, Suki convinces Nish to leave Keanu alone. Nish goes to the Vic and tells Keanu and Sharon he will leave them alone as long as they keep out of his and Keanu's way.

On 5 June 2023 Ben sells the Arches to Sharon to clear his debts after his financial trouble, Sharon later tells a furious Phil that she has brought the Arches for Keanu. Keanu is shocked when Sharon tells him that she has brought him the Arches, Keanu tells Sharon he should be providing for her not the other way around. Sharon tells Keanu to swallow his pride and make a success of the Arches, Keanu is later annoyed when Sharon hires Reiss Colwell to do the accounts for the Arches. Sharon later invites Reiss and his girlfriend Sonia Fowler to her house in attempts to get Keanu and Reiss to get along, the atmosphere is awkward between Keanu and Reiss. Reiss tries to make conversation with Keanu by talking about Tottenham Hotspur football team, during dinner Reiss upsets Sonia when he makes a comment about her bisexuality. Keanu later gives Reiss advice and tells him he should apologise to Sonia which he does.

On 10 July 2023 Lisa returns to Walford alongside Peggy, Lisa runs away from her taxi driver after she is unable to afford the fare. Lisa runs into Sonia and she reveals that Louise has been struggling with alcohol and drugs since Louise and Keanu's break up in 2019, Lisa also reveals she is back for revenge on Keanu. Lisa then attempts to go and see Keanu but Phil runs into her and Peggy and takes them back to his house. Peggy accidentally blurts out that Lisa has brought her to see Keanu, Phil questions why Lisa would want Keanu anywhere near Peggy after what he did to Louise, however Lisa insist Peggy has got it wrong and she will not be seeing Keanu. Phil's new fiancee Kat asks Lisa if she is alright and Lisa tells Kat she is fine, Keanu runs into Lisa as she is leaving Phil's after he is told by Reiss Colwell that Lisa and Peggy are back. Lisa allows Keanu to see Peggy but blackmails him demanding £3,000 by the end of the day, to which Keanu pays up. When Phil finds out Lisa is letting Keanu see Peggy he is furious and threatens Keanu with violence if he hurts Peggy, after Keanu spends the day with Peggy he asks Lisa to see her again, Lisa tells Keanu if he wants another day with her then he needs to pay her £20,000 and £2,000 each month until she is eighteen. Keanu calls Lisa ridiculous and tells her hasn't got that money, Lisa suggests that he take the money from Sharon. Keanu tells Lisa that he's going to tell Sharon, however Lisa threatens to tell Sharon that the £3,000 Keanu had previously gave her came from his and Sharon's wedding fund. It is later revealed Lisa is blackmailing Keanu because she is broke due to a gambling addiction. Keanu steals £10,000 of Phil's money from his safe in Peggy's and gives it to Lisa. Phil is furious when he finds out his money is gone and blames Chelsea after finding out she deliberately turned off the CCTV to have sex when she was supposed to be working. Phil later finds out about Lisa blackmailing Keanu after hearing a conversation between her and Reiss, Phil then calls the police on Lisa. Sharon later discovers that Keanu stole Phil's and tells Phil. Phil is furious and demands answers from Keanu, Keanu explains that he did it for Peggy and insists Phil should understand because of missing out on Raymond's first few years. Keanu also tells Phil that Lisa told him that Louise was in money trouble, however Phil tells him that he pays for Louise and Peggy's bills in Portugal, When Lisa is released by the police she attempts to take Peggy and leave the country, however Phil refuses to give Peggy to her, threatening to have both Keanu and Lisa arrested for stealing his money as Phil, Keanu and Sharon also find out that Louise was gone on a spa week with Sam and didn't know Lisa had taken Peggy.

Sharon sees Lisa sleeping rough on Arthur Fowler's bench and bring Lisa to her and Keanu's house and tells her she can stop at theirs, causing Keanu and Sharon to argue. Sharon then looks at Lisa's phone and discovers that Lisa has a gambling addiction and that was why she blackmailed Keanu, Sharon agrees to get Peggy back for Lisa if she tells Keanu the truth and allows Keanu access to Peggy. Sharon tells Phil about Lisa's gambling addiction and convinces Phil to give Peggy back to Lisa and pay for her to get home, Lisa talks to Keanu and tells him the truth. Lisa tells Keanu she will speak to Louise about him having access to Peggy, however Keanu is furious when he discovers that Lisa is only letting him have video calls to Peggy and as a result Keanu steals Lisa and Peggy's passports. Keanu later seeks legal advice from Eve about keeping Peggy and Eve tells him she will speak top her mate for him, when Keanu gets back to the flat he finds that Sharon has found the passports, Keanu thinks that he has convinced Sharon to keep quiet but Sharon later betrays Keanu and gives Lisa the passports. Keanu is particularly devastated as he discover Lisa could of been kept in the country and he could of had an arrangement made by the courts to have access to Peggy.

The next day Keanu tries to call Lisa but she doesn't answer, Keanu asks Eve for advice and Eve says without Peggy in the country Keanu has no chance of access. Eve tells Keanu. Eve tells Keanu his best chance is to ask Phil for help which Keanu does however Phil refuses to help him. Karen blames Sharon for the situation but Keanu defends Sharon insisting she's not to blame, Karen tells Keanu that someone must of helped Lisa find the passports and Keanu accuses Martin. Martin did help Sharon give Lisa the passports but Martin takes sole blame and Keanu orders Martin to move out, Keanu then goes home and discovers a voicemail from Lisa to Sharon revealing Sharon's betrayal. Keanu then goes to the Vic and plays the voicemail infront of Sharon and the whole pub. Keanu later dumps Sharon but makes her promise that she will still let him see Albie.

Keanu later discovers that Phil has cheated on Kat with Emma Harding after Emma tells him. Keanu blackmails Phil, ordering access to Peggy or he will tell Kat. However Phil lies to Keanu and tells him that he has already told Kat about him and Emma and that she has forgiven him, before telling Keanu he will never see Peggy again. A drunk Keanu reveals to Alfie that Phil cheated on Kat with Emma a furious Alfie goes to Peggy's and punches Phil and later reveals that he does have prostate cancer. Alfie agrees to keep quiet as long as Phil never let's Kat down again and agrees to keep quiet about his cancer, Phil agrees and then marries Kat. Phil later runs into Keanu and threatens to kill him if he tells Kat or anyone else about him and Emma.

Keanu goes on a night-out and returns the next day hungover, Keanu asks Sharon if he can look after Albie. Sharon says no at first but when she later agrees to a meeting with Dorian Gates she agrees to let Keanu look after Albie, Keanu later goes out to get him and Albie fish and chips but is angry when he spots Sharon and Dorian. To get back at Sharon Keanu doesn't give Albie back to her on time and instead decides to take Albie out for the day and get his ear pierced, both actions leave Shaorn furious when Keanu gives Albie back to her. Sharon and Keanu later argue in the Vic where Keanu confirms he took Albie out for the day to get back at Sharon for going on a date with Dorian, Sharon then realises Keanu is jealous. Sharon tells Keanu that she is not seeing Dorian and that if Keanu doesn’t give her back Albie on time next time he will regret it.

Sharon later talks to Keanu and tells him she wants to get a solicitor to arrange a parenting plan for her and Keanu, Keanu is on-board with the idea and later meets Sharon and her solicitor at the Boxing Den with Karen. Keanu and Karen read the paper work but Keanu notices a section that says Sharon will have the right to decide Albie's future. Sharon then reveals to Keanu that she has a job coming up in Abu Dhabi and she will be taking Albie for a year, Keanu is furious and doesn't agree to Sharon's conditions but due to Keanu not being on Albie's birth certificate the solicitor tells Keanu he doesn't have any rights over Albie. Karen later gets into a furious argument with Sharon and a humiliated Karen later suggested to Keanu that he should marry Sharon so he can get rights to Albie and take everything from Sharon, Keanu is reluctant but eventually agrees and sets out to seduce Sharon. Keanu wins Sharon around by revealing to her and Phil that Dorian has been match fixing the boxing matches at the Boxing Den, later on Keanu successfully seduces Sharon.

Dorian later returns and demands payment from Sharon but she refused and Keanu walks in and threatens Dorian with a baseball bat, Dorian leaves but warns he'll be back with heavies. Keanu later kidnaps Albie but when Albie keeps calling out for Sharon Keanu can't go through with it and calls Karen, Keanu tells Karen to take Albie to Kandice Taylor's. Keanu then goes to see Sharon and Zack who have both called the police, Sharon and Zack both grab Keanu and in a panic Keanu claims that he took Albie to the park and he turned his back to get an ice cream for Albie and someone took him. Sharon is devastated and the police interview Sharon and Keanu, Keanu suggests it could be Dorian but Dorian is found by the police in Birmingham and has an alibi, ruling him out of being a suspect. In order to cover his tracks Keanu posts a ransom note through Sharon's door demanding £50,000 in exchange for Albie to be returned. Phil and Kat later hear about Albie's kidnap and offers to give them the money and help, Sharon and Keanu later confront Dorian and he swears that he didn't take Albie and says he was with his daughter and even shows them a picture. Keanu and Sharon believe Dorian and he tells them he hopes they get Albie back, Karen posts another ransom note through the door and tells them to drop the money off tomorrow and they will get Albie back. Phil offers to take the money to the kidnapper and kill them, Sharon accepts leaving Keanu worried. Keanu later convinces Sharon to let Karen drop off the money instead of Phil and Sharon agrees, Karen then gets the Albie from Kandice's boyfriend Malcom and returns Albie to Sharon. Keanu then begs Sharon not to take Albie away from him and Sharon tells Keanu that she won't go to Abu Dhabi and Keanu tells her he also wants her back, the two then kiss and reunite.

Keanu later convinces Sharon to let Karen drop off the money instead of Phil and Sharon agrees, Karen then gets the Albie from Kandice's boyfriend Malcom and returns Albie to Sharon. Keanu then begs Sharon not to take Albie away from him and Sharon tells Keanu that she won't go to Abu Dhabi and Keanu tells her he also wants her back, the two then kiss and reunite. Karen does not approve of Keanu getting back together and visits Sharon and tries to convince Sharon not to get back with Keanu but Sharon tells Keanu, Keanu is furious with Karen and storms around to the house and demands Phil's money but Karem refuses to give it him. Telling Keanu that when him and Sharon inevitably don't work out again he will need the most expensive lawyer, Keanu then square's up to Karen clenching his fist. Two weeks later Keanu tries to get the money off Karen again but both are caught by Mitch, they both admit to Albie's kidnap leaving Mitch disgusted.

Mitch confonts Keanu and Keanu aggressively tells Mitch to back off, saying he will not lose Sharon and Albie because of one mistake. Phil gets suspicious when he sees Karen spending money in the Vic, when Karen gives Kat £2,000 to pay for damage to a car that Mitch accidentally crashed into. Phil checks the money and notices it is his marked notes that he gave to Sharon to pay off Albie's kidnapper, Phil is convinced that the Taylor's kidnapped Albie and he asks Sam to find proof, Sam later finds a picture on Karen's brother-in-law's social media with Albie from the day after he was kidnapped. Phil gains further proof when he sends Tommy around to Karen's and he finds Phil's money under her bed, before Tommy can take the money back he is interrupted by Felix Baker, Tommy takes a couple of the notes and gives them to Phil. Phil then goes to the Vic and confronts all the Taylor's and reveals the true circumstances behind Albie's kidnap infront of Sharon. Karen admits to being behind the kidnap and takes the blame for it to protect Keanu, Sharon slaps Karen and threatens to call the police on her. However, Keanu begs her not to insisting that despite what she's done she's still his mother, Phil angrily confonts Keanu and demands to know if he was involved in the kidnap and Keanu swears that he wasn't. Phil then storms over to the Taylor's and smashes their door down, Phil demands his money back from Karen. Karen grabs a baseball bat and they tell Phil that their kids are here. Phil then tells them kids or no kids he will be coming back for his money, Keanu goes to the Taylors t say sorry but they are all disgusted that Keanu let Karen to take the blame, Karen later tells Mitch she's going to take Phil's money and leave Walford, Karen asks Mitch to leave with her. Mitch is initially hesitant to go but after Tom Cotton and Harvey Monroe make Mitch realise that he still loves Karen, Mitch goes back to the house and kisses Karen. Karen, Mitch, Bailey, Mackenzie and Mia all leave Walford, however Bernadette decides to stay and tells Keanu that he is dead to her. The next day Phil tells Keanu that the Taylor's debt is now his debt and that Keanu owes him £50,000, Keanu later squares up to Dean Wicks twice after Dean calls Karen the public enemy number one.

Bernadette asks Keanu to move in with him and Sharon, Keanu tells Bernadette to leave him alone and not to come to his and Sharon's wedding. As revenge Bernadette tells Phil that Keanu was behind Albie's kidnap, Phil interrupts the wedding and tells Sharon about Keanu being behind Albie's kidnap. Sharon then punches Keanu and tells him that Albie is Phil's son leaving both men shocked, later that night at the Vic Sharon, Stacey, Suki, Kathy, Denise and Linda have a heated argument with Nish. Nish is knocked out with a glass bottle by Denise when he attacks them, the women think they've killed Nish and Keanu enters the Vic and sees Nish's lifeless body. Keanu then demands to see Albie but Sharon makes it clear that Albie isn't his son and threatens to call the police on Keanu, Keanu in a fit of rage begins to strangle Sharon. The women try to get Keanu off of her but can't, Linda then picks up a meat fork and stabs Keanu in the back killing him. Sharon, Denise, Stacey, Suki, Kathy and Linda are all left in shock and debate what to do with Keanu's body. Stacey and Kathy want to call the police and ambulance but the rest of the women want to get rid of Keanu's body, The women then hide Keanu's body underneath the floor board of the recently burned down café. The six women then call an ambulance for Nish and he is rushed to hospital, the women then blame Keanu for Nish's attack when being interview by the police.

2024: Aftermath

On 31 January 2024, Denise has a nightmare in which a resurrected Keanu buries her under the café. The next day on 1 February 2024 Denise hallucinates when seeing Keanu in her curtains. On 5 February 2024 Denise hallucinates when seeing him in a mirror, staring at her.

Kill count

Connected murders and deaths

  1. Dennis Rickman Jr (25 February 2020) (accidental) - Although Keanu is not directly responsible for killing Dennis, during a fight with Phil Mitchell on the Smith-Holland (ship), Phil pushed Keanu onto the boat wheel, which then caused the boat to crash and Dennis drowned as a result.

Attempted murder victims

  1. Cody (14 August 2018) - Threw Cody into the pit of The Arches knocking Cody out, however Cody only suffered a minor knock to the head and woke up moments later.
  2. Phil Mitchell (21 February 2020) (defence) - Tries to make Phil shoot himself during a fight in which Phil is trying to kill Keanu, but Phil is too strong and deflects the shot which hits a boat window.
  3. Sharon Watts (25 December 2023) - Strangled Sharon in a fit of rage after she told him that Albie Watts wasn't his son however he was killed by Linda Carter.

Employment history

Occupation Years Active
Model Sporadic
Mechanic at The Arches 2017-2020
Criminal 2018-2020
Escort at Prince Charming Escorts 2018
Driver at Walford Cars
Unknown 2020-2022
Doorman at Peggy's 2023
Manager of Taylor's Autos


Address Years
Walford Towers Prior to 2017-2017
23B Albert Square 2017-2020, 2022-2023
55 Victoria Road 2019
43 Albert Square 2019, 2023
See background information 2020-2022

Background information

  • Their have been many inconsistencies about exactly where Keanu was during his almost three years away Walford (2020 to 2022). In an interview with Digital Spy Danny Walters said that Keanu has been in Portugal, however Keanu implied during a conversation with Karen Taylor on 15 December 2022 that he has been in Cornwall and again during a conversation with Sam Mitchell on 27 December 2022 it was revealed Keanu was in Spain. It is possible that Keanu was in these places sporadically during his time away.
  • After Keanu's apparent death at the hands of Martin Fowler on the orders of Phil Mitchell, Danny Walters was pictured on set by paparazzi playing Keanu revealing Keanu is not dead, Keanu was indeed revealed to be alive on the show in a flashback episode the following month. Danny Walters was also pictured on set by paparazzi again confirming Keanu would make a return in February 2020 for the shows 35th anniversary.
  • Keanu made an unannounced return on 13 December 2022, EastEnders put Keanu's return on a press embargo to stop the public finding out about Keanu's return early, however rumours began circulating amongst some fans after a fan stated they saw Danny Walters at Elstree studios. Producer Chris Clenshaw and Keanu's actor Danny Walters said Keanu is back because of unfinished business, the two also warned fans to expect fireworks when Keanu and Phil come face to face again.


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