Julia's Theme refers to an alternative version of the usual theme, which was named after one of the show's creators, Julia Smith. It has been used in place of the regular theme 60 times as of 22 May 2015. This theme sees a change to the way an episode ends. Normally an episode ends with drums which are known to many as Doof Doofs. Julia's theme ends an episode with a slow buildup played on piano, usually after the departure of a character or a particularly emotional event.

There have been a few different versions used during its run, the original used between 1985-1996, the second used from 1995-2008 before being revamped in 2009 and last heard in September 2013, a third version from 2000-2006 before a revamp in 2010 which was last heard in May 2015.

Simon May's 1984 memo to the producers giving a breakdown of the various versions of the theme he had prepared refers to this as the "romantic pre-empt". The full version of the theme was featured on the B side of the original 1985 BBC theme tune 45 and also included on the compilation album Simon's Way the following year.





Julia's Theme from EastEnders (1985-1996)

Julia's Theme from EastEnders (1985-1996)



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EastEnders - Julia's Theme into Extended Theme (2009 - )

EastEnders - Julia's Theme into Extended Theme (2009 - )



Eastenders - Julia's Theme (2010)

Eastenders - Julia's Theme (2010)

Appearances of Julia's Theme


# In Era Date Circumstances
1 1 11 April 1985 Ian Beale cries into the arms of his grandmother Lou after a heart-to-heart, because his father Pete disapproves of him becoming a chef.
2 2 20 June 1985 Sue Osman tells her husband Ali that she has a lump in her throat and cannot cry for their recently deceased son, Hassan.
3 3 1 August 1985 In order to make a despondent Sue Osman acknowledge her grief, Dr. Harold Legg forces her to hold baby Annie Smith . As she comforts the crying baby, she breaks down in tears.
4 4 3 October 1985 Michelle Fowler meets Den Watts at the canal to tell him that she is pregnant with his baby.
5 5 2 January 1986 Pauline Fowler has a heart-to-heart with her son Mark on Southend beach.
6 6 6 February 1986 Lofty Holloway asks a pregnant Michelle Fowler to marry him.
7 7 8 April 1986 Michelle Fowler agrees to marry Lofty Holloway.
8 8 17 April 1986 Whilst alone in the bar at The Queen Victoria, Lofty Holloway and Michelle Fowler share a kiss before she leaves.
9 9 22 July 1986 Sue Osman tells Michelle Fowler that she has had a phantom pregnancy.
10 10 23 September 1986 On the night before Michelle Fowler's wedding to Lofty Holloway, the father of her child, Den Watts wishes her good luck.
11 11 4 June 1987 Arthur Fowler returns home from prison and thanks his family for their support.
12 12 2 July 1987 Dot Cotton and Ethel Skinner reminisce about life in the war in a two-hander episode.
13 13 20 August 1987 Magda Czajkowski asks Simon Wicks to move in with her.


# In Era Date Circumstances
14 1 20 August 1992 Arthur Fowler reluctantly turns down Christine Hewitt's advances, but he kisses her passionately before he leaves.
15 2 25 December 1992 Mark Fowler rescues Mandy Salter from her mother's abusive boyfriend and takes her back to Walford, where they celebrate Christmas at the Fowlers' house.
16 3 18 February 1993 Pauline Fowler and Pat Butcher have a heart-to-heart after Pat runs over and kills a girl.
17 4 2 September 1993 Sharon Watts, Grant Mitchell and Phil Mitchell, Kathy Beale, Frank and Pat Butcher start their journey home from France after visiting Frank's pregnant daughter Diane. Sharon watches on as Phil and Kathy embrace.
18 5 5 October 1993 Debbie Tyler convinces Nigel Bates that she is not going to leave him, and asks him if they can go to bed together.
19 6 21 October 1993 Ian Beale begs his wife Cindy to return home after lies have spread and he thinks she has cheated.
20 7 22 June 1995 Nigel Bates tells his stepdaughter Clare that her mother Debbie has died in a hit-and-run accident.
21 8 20 June 1996 Arthur Fowler's funeral.
22 9 17 October 1996 Cindy Beale leaves with her sons Steven and Peter to live in Italy.
23 10 30 April 1998 Nigel Bates, his stepdaughter Clare, Julie Haye and Josh Saunders leave Walford to live in Scotland.
24 11 4 February 1999 Grant Mitchell, Peggy and Courtney scatter Tiffany's ashes at Peacehaven.
25 12 10 September 1999 Bianca Butcher leaves Walford with her son Liam to live in Manchester.


# In Era Date Circumstances
26 1 20 February 2000 Frank Butcher and Peggy Butcher vow to stay in Walford and fight Dan Sullivan for ownership of The Queen Victoria.
27 2 28 November 2000 Sonia Jackson breaks down after giving Chloe up for adoption.
28 3 22 February 2001 Roy Evans and Pat Evans get back together.
29 4 10 May 2001 Ian Beale and Laura Dunn get married.
30 5 21 December 2001 Jim Branning proposes to Dot Cotton on the London Eye.
31 6 1 February 2002 Peggy Mitchell says farewell to Frank Butcher in Spain.
32 7 6 May 2002 Sonia Jackson and Jamie Mitchell decide to end their relationship.
33 8 21 June 2002 Anthony Trueman proposes to Zoe Slater.
34 9 16 August 2002 Little Mo Mitchell returns from prison.
35 10 14 February 2003 Pauline Fowler and her son Martin Fowler walk home just after Mark Fowler leaves Walford to travel the world before he dies.
36 11 14 November 2003 Alfie Moon interrupts the wedding of Andy Hunter and Kat Slater to declare his love for Kat. Alfie and Kat decide to get together, and Kat rejects Andy.
37 12 24 June 2005 Zoe Slater leaves Walford to live in Ibiza.
38 13 9 December 2005 Stacey Slater returns to Walford after her mother Jean's attempted suicide. She looks at a picture of her brother Sean and breaks down.
39 14 16 December 2005 Nana Moon dies in her grandson Alfie's arms.
40 15 9 June 2006 Grant Mitchell and Courtney Mitchell leave Walford to live in Portugal.
41 15 2 February 2007 Martin Fowler and Sonia Fowler leave Walford with their daughter Rebecca to live in Manchester.
42 16 1 April 2008 Frank Butcher's funeral.
43 17 27 August 2009 Garry Hobbs and Dawn Swann leave together on a boat.


# In Era Date Circumstances
44 1 5 March 2010 Rachel Branning and Dot Branning lay flowers on Bradley Branning's grave after his funeral.
45 2 26 April 2010 A secretly pregnant Amira Masood leaves Walford by taxi after it is revealed her husband Syed gay.
46 3 23 June 2010 Stacey Slater holds her baby daughter Lily after giving birth in hospital.
47 4 16 July 2010 Syed Masood admits his true feelings to Christian Clarke and they walk away together as a couple.
48 5 25 December 2010 Stacey Slater flees the country with her daughter Lily.
49 6 13 January 2011 After saying an emotional goodbye to his family, Charlie Slater leaves Walford by train.
50 7 11 March 2011 Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter leave for their honeymoon after deciding not to marry each other, but to stay together.
51 8 18 April 2011 Kat Slater and Alfie Moon are reunited with their son, Tommy, concluding the baby-swap storyline.
52 9 19 May 2011 Jane Beale leaves Walford after an emotional farewell to her adopted son Bobby.
53 10 26 May 2011 Jim Branning leaves in an ambulance to go to a care home as his wife, Dot Branning, and his family look on.
54 11 17 January 2012 Ricky Butcher bids an emotional goodbye to his family before leaving Walford by train. His wife Bianca and the rest of the Jackson family walk home devastated.
55 12 8 February 2013 Zainab Khan leaves in a taxi with her son Kamil Masood, to live with her mother in Pakistan, after her relationship with ex-husband Masood Ahmed falls apart.
56 13 17 September 2013 Jean Slater leaves Albert Square with new romance Ollie_Walters to live in Brighton.
57 14 30 May 2014 David Wicks finally leaves Walford after his relationship with Carol_Jackson comes to an end, ending their love story.
58 15 14 November 2014 During the final scene of the The Ghosts of Ian Beale episode, Ian Beale finally makes his peace with his deceased daughter, Lucy Beale.
59 16 24 February 2015 Peter Beale and a pregnant Lauren Branning walk away from Walford together as a couple to move to New Zealand.
60 17 22 May 2015 Kat Slater and Alfie Moon leave Walford with their three children, starting a new life in Spain.
61 18 2 October 2015 Carol Jackson leaves Walford for a fresh start.
62 19 7 January 2016 Kat Moon says goodnight to her father Charlie Slater, following his death from cardiac arrest.
63 20 5 February 2016 "Shabnam Kazemi leaves with her daughter, Jade Green, after ending her marriage with Kush Kazemi.
64 21 22 April 2016 Nancy Carter and Tamwar Masood leave Walford to travel the world.
65 22 7 October 2016 Pam and Les Coker walk home after finally getting justice for their grandson, Paul.
66 23 17 November 2016 Masood Ahmed and his son Kamil leave Walford to return to Pakistan.
67 24 16 February 2018 After Abi Branning's funeral, Donna Yates, Robbie Jackson, Jay Brown and others release white balloons in her honour, Abi's baby girl is officially named Abi Branning after her mother, and Lauren Branning walks off with her son Louie Beale to start a new life without Josh Hemmings. The credits roll over the ending shot of Lauren and Louie walking away, and the background noise of birdsong continues to be heard over the theme.
68 25 15 February 2019 Dr Harold Legg dies with Dot Branning at his bedside.
69 26 19 February 2019 Following Dr Legg's funeral, the residents of Albert Square light a candle in his memory.
  • Additionally a slightly distorted version of the theme plays in "The Ghosts of Ian Beale", a Children in Need special (14 November 2014), when Lucy Beale leaves and walks into the white light during her father Ian Beale's concussion-induced dream. It does not lead onto the end of the episode

Other Themes

Kathy's Theme

Used on Friday 10 April 1998 as Kathy leaves Albert Square behind for a new life in South Africa. As she departed London City Airport with Phil looking on, the theme started and Kathy took one final look at the place she called home, the East End of London; this theme is often mistakenly believed to be the "Jazzy" version of Julia's Theme which never got the chance to be used in 1993 however Julia's Theme was used twice in 1993 and neither time was this version.

EastEnders - Kathy's Exit (Kathy's Theme)

EastEnders - Kathy's Exit (Kathy's Theme)

Peggy's Theme

Peggy's Theme" is a new variation of Julia's Theme, written by Simon May. It was featured in Barbara Windsor's farewell episode, transmitted on 10 September 2010, where it replaced the entire theme tune, and has since been used on a number of occasions at the end of episodes in place of the usual Julia's Theme. "Peggy's Theme" features on the album The Simon May Collection and was also released as an EP along with other EastEnders songs including "Anyone Can Fall in Love", "Every Loser Wins", "Glory Be (To God on High)" & "EastEnders Theme".

EastEnders Peggy's Last Scene - Peggy's Theme - 10 September 2010

EastEnders Peggy's Last Scene - Peggy's Theme - 10 September 2010

Pat's Theme

On 31 December 2011, it was announced May had reworked the show's theme tune for Pat Evans' (Pam St. Clement) final EastEnders episode.The new version, called "Pat's Theme", played out at the end of the character's last episode broadcast on 1 January 2012. An EastEnders spokesperson told Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy "It's only right that as we say goodbye to the iconic Pat Evans we pay tribute to such a character with a wonderfully touching special theme tune. The theme features a piano and no other instruments. It was also used as the opening theme to a documentary show, EastEnders: Farewell Pat that aired on BBC1.

EastEnders - Pat Dies - 1st January 2012

EastEnders - Pat Dies - 1st January 2012


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