Jordan Johnson was the son Lucas Johnson and Trina Johnson, and paternal half-brother of Chelsea Fox.


Jordan was named after Lucas' deceased best friend, Jordan.


Jordan first appeared on 23 March 2008, when his father introduced him to his old fling and mother of his daughter, Denise Fox. When Lucas showed Denise, Jordan, she was shocked that Jordan was a well behaved and well-mannered boy, who was kind to all of the Foxes. After this, Denise changed her mind about Lucas and decided that he has changed. Later on they started a love life.

In later September 2009, he discovered the body of his mother, Trina, who was murdered by his father. When he found the body in Charlie Slater’s shed, he was with Abi Branning, but they didn't know it was his mother. Later on, in September/October 2009, Lucas Johnson told him that it was his mother and that the police had said it was an accidental death. In Late 2009, Lucas Johnson asked Jordan if he could be his best man in his wedding, and he accepted. On the wedding day, he was the best man and in the reception, he gave a heart-warming speech and accepted Denise Johnson as his mother.

When the Fox's where all going to go to the Christian rock concert, Trina turned up and said, can I use the toilet, she did and took a drug. She scared Jordan and then was asked him to leave. In 2010, after Lucas gets arrested, Jordan stays with his aunt Gloria MacDonald.


Almost five years later, Denise receives a visit from the police, who say someone in custody has been arrested and given her address as theirs. Eventually, Denise discovers that it is Jordan, and he has been involved in a knife attack and has been released on bail. After learning from Gloria that she hasn't seen Jordan in years and after visiting Lucas in prison following her concerns, Denise decides to track Jordan down. After she gets into contact with him, Jordan arrives in Walford and confronts her in the gardens, warning her to leave him alone. Denise's sister Kim Fox-Hubbard sees Jordan and hits him with her bag, cutting him, so Denise takes him home to clean his wound. Kim, Patrick and Kim's husband Vincent Hubbard are against him staying even though he owes money to people who want to hurt him. Angry, Jordan pushes Denise but then apologises, but Patrick says he is just like Lucas, so Jordan leaves. He is then kicked and beaten by a gang. The next day, Denise hears from police that Jordan is in trouble again, so tracks him down to his squat, where he reveals that it was his girlfriend, Amelle Ellington, who took drugs but died from an overdose, and now he has inherited her debt. When Denise returns to Walford, she has brought Jordan back as well and it is revealed that he has a son, JJ Johnson. Vincent pays off the drug debt and Jordan decides to enrol on a carpenter course at college. Jordan visits Lucas in prison when he finds a torn up visiting order and again with Denise, where Lucas tells Jordan he has a plan to get a job in the kitchens and then escaping. They persuade Denise to put in a good word so Lucas can get a job and on the day they plan to escape, Jordan takes Paul Coker's car and tries to get Denise to come. Denise tells Jordan that Lucas is poisoning him and she wants to protect him as he is her child like Chelsea and Libby. Jordan gets angry when he finds out the police have been called and Denise persuades him to tell them about Lucas. Jordan is then arrested and held on remand. Denise visits Jordan in prison, having discovered that JJ's mother, Amelle, is alive. Jordan convinces Denise that Amelle is a bad mother, but when Denise meets Amelle, Denise finds out Amelle is not a drug addict and JJ is actually called Jamie. Denise allows JJ to live with Amelle permanently. Jordan tells Denise that he is living on East Ham, Thatcher Estate, Denise immediately recognises this a rough area.


Just before Trina's death, Jordan gave her a bracelet, which Lucas took when she died. When he did that he didn't know the troubles he would be getting into.

  • Chelsea found it when it fell out of his bag - he blamed Denise.
  • Jordan got suspicious - where is the bracelet?
  • Lucas tried to put it back on Trina's wrist in the funeral home, but he couldn't see the body.
  • Whilst taking Jordan out & to put Christian leaflets in letterboxes, he took the bracelet, dropped it, and Jordan was round the corner he put his foot on it.
  • Owen Turner found out about the bracelet from Chelsea and he taunted Lucas - so Lucas killed him!
  • It was revealed by his father, Lucas, that he had died from a drug overdose prior to 2021.


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